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Pearl Jam – Even Flow Lyrics 17 years ago
TBone732, i think the lyric are talking about how when people are homeless they don't always have the mental ability to cope with it, and so thoughts enter his head (they come out of nowhere and sort of float around - like butterflies) but he can't deal with them and doesn't understand them and so he "chases them" out of his head...there is an "even flow" of thoughts in and out of his head...thoughts enter his mind, and leave unchanged because of his inablity to cope. that is just my view...

The Get Up Kids – Regret Lyrics 17 years ago
this is a cover of a New Order song...i think it is about someone who is going through changes...they used to be a little messed up and they are trying to reinvent themselves...start new...and they have found someone they love to help them...

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