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Rachelle Ferrell – Too Late Lyrics 13 years ago
"Dad, don't you love me?" is sung so beautifully and is yet so heartbreaking. What a tearjerker.

Prince – Family Name Lyrics 13 years ago
These lyrics refer to a certain religious/ethnic group that endured a horrendous travesty but maintained its cultural integrity (i.e. family name) whereas another ethnic group who endured a horrendous travesty as well lost just about all apsects of their culture and have been required to assimilate and take on names that are inherently meaningless.

Nas – Purple Lyrics 14 years ago
I think the 2nd verse is an open letter to Suge Knight. "Yall ready to kill his momma" I think is referring to 2Pac's mom.

Prince – Don't Play Me Lyrics 14 years ago
My only competition is, well, me, in the past and...

Perhaps one of Prince's truest lines ever

Prince – Computer Blue Lyrics 14 years ago
Although I'm a huge fan, it took me years to figure out that when he's screaming at the end, he's actually saying "Com-pu-ter Bluuuuuuuue."

Erykah Badu – A.d. 2000 Lyrics 14 years ago
This song is written as though Amadou Diallo is speaking from the grave in the year 2000, hence the title AD 2000. Amadou Diallo was a Guinean immigrant killed by 19 shots from NYC police officers in February 1999. Look it up...this is Ms. Badu's explanation.

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