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City and Colour – The Girl Lyrics 11 years ago
Aw.. This song is super adorable. I feel like I could cry.


He's in love with a girl who does everything for him to keep the relationship working. Even though he's off doing his own thing and what he wants, he promises to be faithful to her and he hates to see her sad because he think it's his fault. He can't see himself with anyone else but that and he loves her because she's not materialistic and she's the real thing.

City and Colour – What Makes a Man? Lyrics 11 years ago
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City and Colour – Constant Knot Lyrics 11 years ago
His song is so sad. Like that mistake is weighing down on him forever and he just wants someone to turn to.

The lyrics are beyond lovely and it's so heart felt.

City and Colour – What Makes a Man? Lyrics 11 years ago
It's all about regret and the past, along with not wanting to face it.

The first part with the train and his mind are his thoughts and memories. The second part is about his disguise and the people he met and wanting to hide from them. The third part is about loneliness which is why he talks about how cold it is and the light is fading into a darkness hence the sunset part. Then the last part is where how he can't escape and so he prays knowing in the end nothing can change it and only one person can forgive it. The chorus all ties in about how he's gone through those feelings and understands why people would run, hide, pretend, and ask to be forgiven.

All in all, it's a beautiful song.

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