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Taylor Swift – The Best Day Lyrics 9 years ago
"God smiles on my little brother
Inside and out hes better than I am"

What do these lines mean? Obviously she's praising her brother, but "he's better than I am"?

ABBA – Slipping Through My Fingers Lyrics 10 years ago
This song is so beautiful, but I hate it because it makes me cry every single time. It perfectly describes the relationship between my mother and myself, and makes me feel incredibly guilty by reminding me of all the wasted time we could have used, and just thinking about having to grow up and leave home and everything. I'm crying just thinking of it now!

Still, that just shows what a brilliant song it is - having this effect on people. :) Also I should say when I say 'hate' I don't mean 'hate'. I just don't like it making me cry and that. :P

The Black Eyed Peas – My Humps Lyrics 10 years ago
Aside from the fact that this song is used in a humorous scene in Blades Of Glory, I despise it. And this is why...

Firstly, I assume Fergie is being satirical. That's fine. I love satire, especially when it's poking fun at empty-headed sluts or others on their level. I'm only mentioning sluts because it fits with the theme of the song. Anyway, so even if you assume it's satirical, you still have to get past the second point - that teenage girls are going around singing this in a non-satirical way. As in, they are actually singing about their "lovely lady lumps" rather than mocking people who do.

Why is this a problem? Well, because in my view girls should not be exposed to things like this which are encouraging them to behave like sluts. No one should be exposed to things like that actually, but I'm trying to keep this relevant. Exposing them to songs like this which so many people are too thick to "get" doesn't promote respect for themselves. It encourages them to sleep around to get what they want.

Hopefully not too many people will be dumb enough to actually "live out" this song, but you know what I mean.

And before anyone tries the "but men sing things like this all the time.." line, I know that and I think it's equally disgusting for the above reasons. But that does not mean women should lower themselves to that level. That is not the equality we should be fighting for. But that is another story.

The Black Eyed Peas – My Humps Lyrics 10 years ago

Britney Spears – Baby One More Time Lyrics 10 years ago
This is a song about an abusive relationship.

Obviously the girl (Britney) has been in an abusive relationship with her cousin, and she loved every moment of it. When he left her after she stood up for herself, she realised that all she wanted was to be with him, regardless of the abuse. Hence the lyric "Hit me baby one more time".

Lily Allen – Everyone's At It Lyrics 10 years ago
Hm...this isn't really true is it?

It's a great song, don't get me wrong, but everyone is NOT at it. I'm not at it! :P

Spice Girls – 2 Become 1 Lyrics 10 years ago
I don't think it's necessarily about safe sex. In my opinion, that's really stretching it.

The lyrics are obviously about sex, but I'm not convinced using contraception comes into it. :P

Paris Hilton – Stars Are Blind Lyrics 10 years ago
I like this song. I doubt Paris Hilton sounds this good really (I'm sure everyone's aware of the fact that her voice has been enhanced!) and I agree, the lyrics aren't the best.

Then again, I don't think anyone is equating this song to flipping Mozart are they? No one is saying it's a good example of song writing or even singing. No one is saying it should be winning awards or that all artsts should aspire to be like Paris Hilton.

It is a great pop song, no more, no less. There's nothing wrong with a bit of pop once in a while!

Stephanie Mcintosh – Mistake Lyrics 10 years ago
friscle - two years on and this song is still on my playlist. ;)

Madonna – Don't Cry For Me Argentina Lyrics 10 years ago
This song is about Eva Peron, after she rose from the working classes to become the first lady of Argentina. She's telling the people of Argentina that she is still one of them even with her new status, and she will do everything to keep her promises to them.

It's a beautiful, emotional song - and I absolutely love the movie 'Evita'. :D

Kylie Minogue – Can't Get You Out of My Head Lyrics 10 years ago
The lyrics are self-explanatory really. xD

The same lines repeated over and over..

Katy Perry – Faith Won't Fail Lyrics 10 years ago
I don't think her faith has prevailed...

Girls Aloud – Love Machine Lyrics 10 years ago
Battle of the sexes. :D

It doesn't need any more explanation. It's just good old cheesy nonsensical pop!

Girls Aloud – Love Is the Key Lyrics 10 years ago
It's pretty self-explainatory!

They don't have anything in common, but somehow they are the perfect couple.

I love this song. I'm not quite sure why, but it is definately a favourite of mine!

The Corrs – What Can I Do Lyrics 10 years ago
I love this song. It's so simple, and the meaning is plainly obvious to anyone who has ever been in this situation.

She knows that despite her feelings for someone, they will never feel the same way for her, regardless of what she does. It perfectly describes a part of my own life.

Samantha Mumba – Never Meant To Be Lyrics 11 years ago
This song means a lot to me right now. A guy I know (and love) is moving away, so I've had to accept the fact that we were just never meant to be. :( But I know I'll always feel the same way about him, regardless of everything.

S Club 7 – I Really Miss You Lyrics 11 years ago
yeah, to me this song isn't necessarily about a love interest. It reminds me of a brilliant friend from work who left ages ago-I really miss him because he was always a brilliant laugh and I rarely see him now. So yeah, this song reminds me of him..and all our memories..:(:(

Charlotte Church – Call My Name Lyrics 11 years ago
Well...obviously, it's about a lustful sexual relationship xDD
But it's very catchy. Not as good as Crazy Chick, but still a good pop song!

Charlotte Church – Even God Lyrics 11 years ago
Even when you post 'examples', I fail to see any connections to homosexuality.
To each his own, I suppose.

Anyways, in my opinion, it's just another song about breaking up with someone because of something that happened in the past-one partner lying to the other or something maybe?

Charlotte Church – Crazy Chick Lyrics 11 years ago
Why do people insist on calling that Spears woman Brittany? Her name is *BRITNEY*.

Anyway, I like this song. I know how she feels in this song xD

Britney Spears – Don't Let Me Be The Last To Know Lyrics 11 years ago
So there's only two/three reviews which actually try to analyse this song? Seriously, if you want to post crap about Britney Spears and your opinions on her or her videos, go to one of the message boards on imdb or somewhere.
Anyway. This song should have some meaning for anyone who is in the position where they don't know how someone feels about them-I've been there many times! Even when everyone insists that this person feels a certain way about you, it's difficult to be sure until they say it themselves. And that is what the song is about xD

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