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Feist – Bittersweet Melodies Lyrics 7 years ago
What a sad and lovely song. Nice work - these lyrics seem almost perfect. I spotted one little mistake in the last verse, I'm pretty sure she sings "and it seems oh so long, since those bittersweet melodies played for me"

aKING – Safe As Houses Lyrics 9 years ago
It's an awesome song - I reckon it's about how people put on a facade and try to hide their true thoughts and feelings but how these inevitably escape and become know to others - it's basically saying we should try to be more like open books and not waste our lives pretending to be something we're not.

Wild Beasts – We Still Got the Taste Dancin' On Our Tongues Lyrics 9 years ago
What a great song - really captures that feeling of being young and irresponsible

Die Antwoord – Wat Pomp Lyrics 9 years ago
Agree with soggy pond (except it's ballas - balls)

Also I think:

I missed it, my numbers unlisted
Yo **** the system, I got my own system.
Cos I wont listen, my freaky deaky liedjies blow systems.
You can hear me coming from the distance.

My style is poisonous, a freak fucker gom

Now Max, (Or yo Max) fok jou ek dink jys n poes!

Definitely "geen fokken clue nie"

After "I'm not weird, you're weird" there's another line - something like "I'm just flipping new here"

John Prine – Lake Marie Lyrics 9 years ago
But how did the Indian tribe know the babies' names? :P

I love the way he uses sounds to emphasize the meaning of some of the words e.g. "some SHHHHarp object" and "they were sssssizzlin'"

This song is pure poetry to me with a mega-catchy melody thrown in for good measure. Awesome!

Spoon – Revenge! Lyrics 10 years ago
This song is the dog's fucking huge bollocks (and I mean that in a good way)

I reckin it's "I fucked up, now I just WANNA GET...revenge..."
And just before that, it seems to be "Got a blank CAMERA staring at me like a set" (when it's said the second time).

Graham Coxon – Bittersweet Bundle of Misery Lyrics 11 years ago
Think Tank is not shitty - it's fuckin genius!
What a load of bollocks to compare Coxon solo with Blur. Graham is great but Blur is one of the greatest bands of the last 20 years and if you don't agree you can suck it

Gemma Hayes – Ran For Miles Lyrics 11 years ago
My interpretation is that she has been really depressed (to the point of wanting to commit suicide:"Wanna tell you just how hard it's been trying to talk myself out of jumping"). She got through that and feels like she has a second chance to live her life to the fullest. Now she wants to push herself to the limits to try and feel something instead of the numbness of depression. I can relate and I love this song very muchly.

Martha Wainwright – G.P.T. Lyrics 11 years ago
What does G.P.T stand for d'ya think?

Martha Wainwright – How Soon Lyrics 11 years ago
How pretty

Martha Wainwright – How Soon Lyrics 11 years ago
How pretty

Spoon – Black Like Me Lyrics 11 years ago
My favourite song on the album - just like others have said, it fills me with the joy of being human. To me it's about having a temporary case of the blues and feeling a bit sorry for yourself and lonely. It happens to all of us. Despite this, the song feels hopeful to me. I LOVE THIS SONG SO MUCH I WANT TO DIE!!

Blur – Sweet Song Lyrics 11 years ago
It's natural to jump to the conclusion that it's about Coxon leaving the band but words like "I didn't mean to hurt you " , "stop crying", "I believe love is the only one. I deceive cos I'm not that strong" and "I wean myself off slowly" ( I would suggest this means weaning himself off a person he has been in a relationship with) make it seem like a romantic relationship to me. It sounds like he's left her and sent her into a dark depression. Whatever the story, this for me is possibly the greatest, most tender, bittersweet, human song I've ever heard. Probably my favourite song ever.

Grand National – Cherry Tree Lyrics 11 years ago
Awesome tune - Grand National kick ass. Obviously it's about young love and sexual desire. "Quite literally I want to move into you" is pretty self-explanatory.

Karen Zoid – Afrikaners is plesierig Lyrics 11 years ago
"Jy’s cool, jy spoel jou mond met Aquafresh" What a classic line!

Karen Zoid – Set of Wheels (Karoo Anthem) Lyrics 11 years ago
This song completely captures the feeling of driving through the Karoo on a mission somewhere upcountry. Awesome tune.

Grand National – Joker And Clown Lyrics 11 years ago
In all cases it should be "OR anything like that"

I really love this song. I listen to it over and over It's so atmospheric: melancholy and beautiful. The words aren't particularly remarkable but presumably it's about a difficult break-up. It seems like the girl is messing him around. She keeps ditching him and he still wants to be with her.

Nick Drake – Pink Moon Lyrics 11 years ago
I always thought the first line was "So it written and a-so it say" like a broken version of "So it's written and so it says". I may be wrong but I prefer my version.

Roisin Murphy – You Know Me Better Lyrics 11 years ago
Just a magnificent song. A few corrections tho:

"Have you ever known me BE to shy to jump in"
"We NEED TO take it further"
"I think we're more than friends" (not "I think I'm rolling free")

Simian Mobile Disco – Hustler Lyrics 11 years ago
I guess it's about a young girl whose dad (or possibly her bf?) refuses to give her any pocket money. She needs music to survive so she goes and jacks records from the record store. What an awesome song - play this in all my sets!

Cassius – Toop Toop Lyrics 11 years ago
There are a number of sites out there with different versions of these lyrics, but I think these are closer to what he actually says (although they make no sense at all!).

Springbok Nude Girls – Blue Eyes Lyrics 11 years ago
"We're gonna chain you in to steel"
"Nest your veins in slumber"
"Love you to death"
"For it'sa coming"

Spoon – Advance Cassette Lyrics 11 years ago
Love this song. It seems like he has lost a cassette tape that he really loved, especially "that sad song" (somehow it fell out of the window of his car on to the Texas highway?). He received the tape before its mainstream release, hence "advance" Presumably the album/cd was never released or had a very limited release and he can't find it anywhere. He seems to go back to the highway to look for the tape (I've been out here for so long). But this doesn't explain the beginning of the song. Anyone?

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