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Bibio – The Palm Of Your Wave Lyrics 6 years ago
I think it's about how almost every old person looks back to their childhood and to those warm sunny days and yearns. If not to childhood, then to someone they loved and lost somewhere during the lived life like tears in the rain.

This brings me back memories of childhood long gone and my dear grandfather who passed away years ago, but still it was too soon for me.

The Dillinger Escape Plan – Chinese Whispers Lyrics 9 years ago
It might be about people who break someone's psyche/self-respect, kill him and use his corpse and remaining bodily fluids to create a badass chemical weapon.

The Dillinger Escape Plan – Room Full Of Eyes Lyrics 9 years ago
HASJ is right, though these seem to be the lyrics from the booklet. It has been an issue with almost every DEP release this far, some lyrics are missing or wrong in the booklet. I can't make out anything else but the end of the missing part "there's a price to pay". It's a hectic part so mad props to the fellow who can figure it out. I'm not a native speaker so I'm not even going to try.

But other than that, it's a kick ass song. I love the insane guitars at the beginning of the song. I think it might be about people who are whoring themselves on webcams, but I really haven't taken the time to analyze this one so I could be totally off.

Awol One – Rhythm Lyrics 9 years ago
thanks for the hint, funny how i never saw it that way. it's corrected now.

Baroness – Isak Lyrics 9 years ago
Zachee kinda nailed it. Though, I think when he sings "hands in the ground, buried traces of sound scream" he means that Isak killed someone on the field and buried him/her on the spot, perhaps the victim was still alive while being buried. And to make it look like nothing ever happened Isak spreads seeds all over the burial/murder site and then waters the area hoping the seeds will start to grow.

Other than that it's really hard to tell since I'm not a native english speaker. The salt part and the last part are mysteries to me. The barrow can be a "large mound of earth or stones placed over a burial site" or it can be a "pig that has been castrated before reaching sexual maturity" which kinda makes senses since Isak is told to tender the swine.

Maybe someone else with more insight will be able to clarify the whole song.

Cult of Luna – Finland Lyrics 10 years ago
finland is bleak and barren, the people here are quiet and melancholic, but still we would stand up for our swedish brothers if the need turned urgent and real. sure we might fight over icehockey matches, but if another country would try to fuck with sweden, we would be there to kick that country's ass alongside with the swedes.

so from the prologue to my view on the meaning of the song: i think it's about how swedish people might experience finland in comparison to other nordic countries like norway, danmark and iceland. the finnish language isn't a germanic language like swedish, norwegian, danish or icelandic and this is why they feel lost here, but still we share a connection that somehow binds us, so our swedish neighbours don't feel alone, but amongst their brethren.

i could be totally off, but this is how i see the song.

P.O.D. – Abortion Is Murder Lyrics 10 years ago
This is a comment.

P.O.D. – Asthma Lyrics 10 years ago
this is pod's best song. nothing compares to it. though i never really associated religion into it, i thought and still think it's about breaking out of a vicious circle. the religion-theme seems to work too and since pod is one-of-those bands it's likely to be correct, but nevertheless my original view on the song stays unchanged. joe bless you all.

Stolen Babies – Spill! Lyrics 10 years ago
I think it's about oil and how the humankind is depending on its existence. We're so desperate to get it, we suck it out with "our lips pressed to the ground". And it's all for nothing, we're acting as it was water (read: crucial to our survival).

At least that's what I came up with my little thought potato inside my head.

Scary Kids Scaring Kids – Snake Devil Lyrics 10 years ago
is maiden the biggest dump of a band ever to have oozed out of the butthole of a diarrhea-diseased manbearpig or is it not? who cares? nobody cares about anyone's opinions on the internet, so best to just cool it and focus on what's relevant. it's not

anyway i'd say the song is fairly self-explanatory if you've read the lyrics, but just to sum it up: it's about a girl who uses other people for personal gain and blames them for her own mistakes and she's so good at using people she even gets them to believe her. i once knew a girl like this and i'm so happy she skipped town: they're leeches.

Stam1na – Kadonneet Kolme Sanaa Lyrics 11 years ago
In addition to MissNeurotic's fine translation. I'd like to add that the title "Kadonneet Kolme Sanaa" (The lost three words) might be a bit elusive for people who don't understand finnish. The three words in question are "vihaan sinua ihminen" which translates in to "I hate you human". So the title is "the lost four words" in a sense.

And here's my ten cents:

The spring of my life is like total insanity
I walk under the morning sky
With my eyes blind, feet blistered and
Heart beating two thousand times per minute

I had to - I changed the direction
I retrace the steps of my path, I'm in a hurry
The day is rising after all...
Now I know what to say

The only landmarks in the landscape of my mind
Are the deep scars I've caused
I'm running and trying to find my way back home
But I walk crossed, a lost boy

The melting feelings are freezing again
Nasty words and heavy steps
In to the world black and white
I still want to return and scream:

"I hate you human"
I traced it, I traced the lost sentence

I hate you human
The lost three words, it was about the time to change the direction

The door is locked
The threshold has been crossed for the last time
Everything is snow of the last winter
Slowly disappeared to the thin air
The day is turning into night
I turn my back and strike a fire because
My feet are still cold... but not for long

Not a step, not a word
I have no longer a need to run away
If the truth doesn't burn in fire
My return was right and talk pointless

I hate you human
I traced it, I traced the lost sentence

I hate you human
The lost three words, it was about the time to change the direction

I hate you human
I don't need anything anymore, this is how we're going, nothing is going to change

I hate you human
The lost three words, I'm not going to change the direction anymore

Awol One – Rhythm Lyrics 11 years ago
Thank you losthn!

I was sure I had loads of stupid mistakes in there when I first posted this and I'm sure there still are. And I'm sorry to boast about this, but given that I'm not a native speaker, I think I did pretty good at least IMO.

Nonetheless, help is much appreciated to get these lyrics as perfect as possible. So if you got the time and energy, give us your ten cents.

Puscifer – Sour Grapes Lyrics 11 years ago
"eight BRANCHES to east"

that's what I could dig up with Audacity's noise removal tools from the song..

and it's "the blind BY dogma"

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