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Jay-Z – Hello Brooklyn 2.0 (feat. Lil Wayne) Lyrics 14 years ago
I love Jay and the AG album. I agree that Weezy has stepped his game up in the last four years even to the point where he and Jay should do a song together. But this one? Wayne's from LA not NY, New Orleans not Brooklyn. I would have hoped Jay would have found other BK natives to re-do this song with.

Jay-Z – Excuse Me Miss Lyrics 14 years ago
Pimp Romance 101

Jay-Z – The Ruler's Back Lyrics 14 years ago
Thanks for this song Jay. This was the song that I played after I drove home from my last exam of my last semester of school. It was the soundtrack to the thought that I will die educated if nothing else. Wayne State University holla back.

Jay-Z – Show Me What You Got Lyrics 14 years ago
This lyrically sparse song was the music equivalent to a movie teaser: not much detail but leaves us wanting more. Jay issue a warning at the end that his album is coming soon so competitors should get to work. Might be the classiest hip hop video ever set against a beautiful backdrop in Monaco and introducing the world to "Armand de Brignac" aka that "Ace of Spades."

Jay-Z – Parking Lot Pimpin Lyrics 14 years ago
This song reminds me of the days when we'd try to pull something in the club all night but come up empty. As a last ditch effort, we'd get back in the car at the end of the night and work the parking lot.

Now there may be some who run the parking lot flex all night and eschew the club, but I can remember many nights with the boys in the ride when a few choice words out the window of the car ensured that we didn't go home alone - Ah the good ole days... What's that baby? Take out the trash? Ok, right away boo... Ah the good very old days...

Jay-Z – What More Can I Say? Lyrics 14 years ago
This song was obvious and necessary for a "Last Album." Jay, struggling against the ghosts of two of the two hallowed fallen rap kings, is trying to assert that as long as he is alive there will be a certain allusive respect he will never get. While the falling of BIG and 2P were crushing, nothing could have been better for their legacy. They were never judged on a longer life time of work and "left" at the height of their fame. Whether they would have had their careers go the route of DMX or LL we will never know. This is indeed their gift and their curse.

Jay speculates that only when he's gone will he ever receive his true due of kudos. Of course the logic is circular, but that is the whole point of the song.

Jay-Z – Say Hello Lyrics 14 years ago
The middle verse is rather enjoyable. Jay-Z is making a very obvious yet under-appreciated point: whether you love or hate him, his accomplishments are "extra-ordinary."

He then goes on to criticize those you are perennially talking and complaining about what life, the system or their environment didn't give to them. Jay-Z isn't saying that this is not true, he's saying that this is only a description of the problem rather than an actionable solution. He suggests that instead of talking about what we lack, we should get up and work for what we want. And until you have worked toward your own goals, rather than complaining, you are in no position to judge anyone who has.

Jay-Z – Ignorant Shit Lyrics 14 years ago
If you don't understand concepts like irony or the use of satire then this song will not make sense to you. The song is tribute to the conflicting dichotomy in rap music. The hook is saying basically: these are the only words that seemed to get responses so let's bundle them up nicely for you. Read the title and then the intro and you'll understand the message better.

Jay-Z – Hey Papi Lyrics 14 years ago
In this song Jay showed some growth in his previously causal attitude towards female relationships. It is an honest account of his desire but maybe not his actual output to look at women as precious rather than temporary. Like many of us he had good intentions but trouble following up on them.

There's another version of this song where in the third verse Jay talks about being surprised and even confused by women who looked for what seemed to be negative qualities in men. Any true player knows that there are certain types of girls who you cannot get with kind words or romance.

Jay shows his disillusionment with this seemingly counter-intuitive logic but then does nothing to try and rise above it - except promise to try and change.

Very honest song.

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