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Poison the Well – You Will Not Be Welcomed Lyrics 9 years ago
this song makes me think of a fancy banquet and elegant dancing....idk why

Poison the Well – Pamplemousse Lyrics 9 years ago
this song is about Jeff going on the road and leaving his gf behind. its so personal tho. i almost dont wanna comment. lol im not the only one who has a hair thing. i love this song sooo much.

Poison the Well – Antarctica Inside Me Lyrics 9 years ago
oh man you got the meaning spot on. awesome song

Poison the Well – Without You and One Other I Am Nothing Lyrics 9 years ago
idk why but i think this song is about drowning in the least at 1st read and few listens

Poison the Well – Are You Anywhere Lyrics 9 years ago
these lyrics are the thoughts of a little child with horrible horrible nightmares every single night of his life. scary as hell....this song is so angry i cant even explain

The Ladies – Non-Threatening Lyrics 10 years ago
pretty simple meaning, really enjoy this song

Isis – Gentle Time Lyrics 11 years ago
i know that this isn't the theme or concept to this album.
but this song made me thing of vampires feeding on blood, one way in, meaning that they gotta keep on feeding. they feel high when they are satisfied w/ blood. and they have to feed their cocoon. that this way of living might be hallow but that its the only way. they want some type of gentle time, a better way of living, w/ more meaning to it than just living to be fed and to feed.
this song is so freaking good, i just love it.

Isis – Swarm Reigns (Down) Lyrics 11 years ago
incredible song.
it always gets me.
Isis kick so much ass w/ such few words.
i love this whole album along w/ SGNL>05

Isis – Backlit Lyrics 11 years ago
some of you probably said this in one way or another but ill let you guys know what i think.

we are the object, we aren't treated as humans, just as something material.
but we are never the subject(at least what the being or person thats watching us thinks and believes or even enforces)so our opinions don't really matter to the watcher(s) for whatever reason.
the prisoners being watched are paranoid and even question if they really exist, its like they are asking (to the person thats watching them) if they exist, because it seems that they keep everything under control and have all the authority over the whole system.
the last part is the prisoners talking to themselves or to each other.
its saying that the 'light' (which to me means the power to keep watching the prisoners) never stops. it freaks them out, it never stops, gets them paranoid, it makes them lose self-worth, and even though they might die the light will still be there.

its a really....well just flat out scary subject. even though this idea is or can be simple, the complexities that come with it signify that everything that is human-felt can be lost in such a system.
whats even more scary is that this shit is actually real. these are real ideas and the government is trying to do more and more to keep the 'light' upon us.
be paranoid.

Isis – Celestial (The Tower) Lyrics 11 years ago
umm i just bought this cd like 3 days ago and i listened to it w/ the lyrics from isis' official website and this song doesn't have the right lyrics to it
the lyrics go

Remit the signal

The flood is coming down
I can't hold it back
I can't see her
I can't even breathe

Even breathe

The Individual
Will drifts into space
And the signal
Fills its void

Black hole

The eyes of greater size
Than all the oceans
Do you ever get that feeling that you're sinking?
I do

and if you disagree just give it a listen w/ the lyrics i just gave and you'll see

badass song btw

Pig Destroyer – Natasha Lyrics 11 years ago
this song or track or dvd w/e u wanna call it is so freaking good.
some ppl might not be patient enough to listen to the whole track but you guys should give this a listen.
and if you cant get it into your mp3 player just DL total video converter and make the dvd into a song on w/e format so you can put it on your mp3 player.
great song by pig destroyer.

Eagles of Death Metal – Stacks O' Money Lyrics 11 years ago
badass song .
i was actually gonna write what it meant but i think that its pretty obvious

Fantômas – Experiment in Terror Lyrics 11 years ago
lol oh man the lyrics on this on, at least i thought, were pretty simple and easy to hear. but heres the whole thing.
This luck you can't buy
Won't touch you this time
One day this dirty stool pigeon will fly
Halos and charmed lives
I'll help you next time
One day this dirty stool pigeon will fly
And hear the angels sing
Reach out and spread my wings in hell
Your luck has run dry
Caught in the bulls-eye
Today this pretty little birdy will die
Will die
Will die
No singing tonight

Fantômas – Delirium Cordia Lyrics 11 years ago
just like Invader Z? said "The music could be described as the score to a horror movie and/or concept album centering on the theme of surgery without anesthesia" straight outta wiki. i think that this whole album is about all the pain, suffering and emotions that one might endure while having surgery w/out anesthesia. even the more mellow parts can mean when the body becomes dumb and you can no longer feel the pain so u feel a bit relaxed but still really paranoid and scared of what might come next. i think that the length of this album adds to this suffering, cus when ur in pain it feels like time goes by really really slow.
incredibly awesome album, cant live w/out it.

Eagles of Death Metal – I Only Want You Lyrics 11 years ago
when i 1st heard this song it sounded like it was talking about a guy who would date one girl exclusively and that he wanted her and only her, but when i read the lyrics i started to laugh so hard ahah i think im the only one that this has happened to tho ahaha. these guys rock man.

Neurosis – Belief Lyrics 11 years ago
damn i was hoping someone would tell me what they thought this one meant

Sunn O))) – Decay2 (Nihil's Maw) Lyrics 11 years ago
thank you very much for posting this up

Pig Destroyer – Crippled Horses Lyrics 11 years ago
id like to think that i know what hes talking about when he says "push my fingers past her ear watch them disappear into her brown hair" cus i have like a thing with girls' hair and so hes saying that he wants to disappear with them, to just get lost with her hair. and that even tho her room is quiet that hes still very nervous about being there with her, and his heart is beating really really fast cus of it, but he wants his heart to stop beating so damn fast so he says "begging for a rifle to come and put them down".
kinda reminds me of when i was alone with my gf in her room for the 1st time.

Pig Destroyer – Dead Carnations Lyrics 11 years ago
these are the lyrics that just wow, they really get to me. its about him giving up on the world, and that he could care less what happens to it cus hes dead to the world, all that he cares is about the girl that he loves, and he wants her to embrace him. i love this song so much, its exactly how im feeling right now.

Pig Destroyer – Downpour Girl Lyrics 11 years ago
hes dead, she killed him, hes thinking about her, he wants it to pour so that he drowns, cus the grave still open. and like hyper said, he thought she was a good person healing him, but she was really just killing him faster

Pig Destroyer – Restraining Order Blues Lyrics 11 years ago
some girl got hurt by a guy, the girl told her boyfriend to go kill that person. the narrator(boyfriend) feels great that the guy is almost dead but wonders how the guy can still be alive, so hes looking down at him thinking that around this time his gf knows that the he has probably killed the person who hurt her so much and laughing because she wanted him to die. lol idk i probably confused you guys but ive sorta been in a situation like this so umm yea, but i didnt kill no one ahahahah

Pig Destroyer – Torture Ballad Lyrics 11 years ago
its obvious that he knows that shes not gonna love him like the way she loves the guy thats being tortured, i think that hes just restating that to make the point that hes not doing it to torture him or to hurt her, but for the sake of his jealousy, so that he doesn't forget about his own jealousy and what it could cause

Pig Destroyer – Song of Filth Lyrics 11 years ago
SS = was a major Nazi military organization under Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Party. REGALIA = the ensigns or emblems of royalty. but thats all i can get out of this song. kinda sounds like war is going on, and theyre dead and vipers crawl on them.....wait maybe it means that some nazi was dead and dressed up in a SS uniform, and that someone is giving him a hug and a kiss as the dead person is laying down. or the other way around, that the SS soldier just killed someone and that his giving him a kiss with a "forked tongue" which snakes happen to idk what it means, but w/e it means its a great song, i never thought a song so short could get me going like that

Pig Destroyer – Sourheart Lyrics 11 years ago
what i get outta this songs is that the narrator is having sex with a girl. 1st he touches her face "with trembling fingers I trace her jawline" then he counts the freckles on her shoulder, well if uve ever been on top while having sex w/ a girl, youll know that your face will be right by her shoulder. then he says "'tween her thighs" which just kinda gives it away, at least for me. it really depends what mood im on when i listen to this song, sometimes i think that its just sex and sometimes i think that hes raping her, or that she might be dead cus he says "spite the sour heart within"

Pig Destroyer – Gravedancer Lyrics 11 years ago
i love the convo at the end, especially that creepy laugh from that hot-sounding chick, i got the Natasha dvd.

Pig Destroyer – Pretty In Casts Lyrics 11 years ago
i agree with chriswantstocry. this song is about a girl who comes to the narrator when shes hurt. thats why he wants her to get hurt, so that she comes to him and he can kiss her and hold her. the 'hurt' could mean physical or mental, i like to think that its both. Pig Destoyer rocks either way

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