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Elliott Smith – Let's Get Lost Lyrics 13 years ago
Agreed with Lydgate, there is nothing optimistic about this song. What on earth could be so positive about 'burning every bridge that I cross', He is bluntly admitting fault here, right now getting high(beautiful place to get lost) is his only priority even if it means that sacrifices (relationships) have to be made.
Ironically, the upbeat-ness is what makes this song even more tragic; His attempts at conquering this addiction (in order for his relationships to work) have failed. He now accepts that this will always be he's cross to bare. It's as if he's cried about it so much to a point where he can't anymore and now he's just kinda singing in the rain about it (a response to ‘Twighlight’ perhaps?). Of course the song has a happy sing along feel to it, but that’s only cos its mimicking his high spirits in anticipation of the immanent (drug induced) high
I’m sorry but I struggle to see how this song could be about anything else but drugs (and so is the song ‘Twighlight’ btw). I don’t know why this upsets people so much. He’s never glorifying drugs and addiction, even when it appears like he is.

The Cure – Friday I'm in Love Lyrics 13 years ago
Lol do you honestly think Robert Smith is the kind of guy that has to wait til Friday to drop a pill?

The Smiths – Last Night I Dreamt That Somebody Loved Me Lyrics 13 years ago
'The story is old - I KNOW But it goes on' You gotta love how Morrisey even at his most sullen can mock himself
Everyone calls him The Pope Of Mope but I swear it, the first time i listened to a full length Smiths' album I laughed my ass off ... and THEN I cried

The Smiths – That Joke Isn't Funny Anymore Lyrics 13 years ago
I could never hear the lines he repeated at the end, regardless I still found it incredibly moving and powerful, and now that I know, well lets just say NO WOW!
As for the meaning I think pretty much everyone's interpretation here holds water.
I don't know about you but there's been nights where I've driven home feeling very self satisfied and thought 'Fck imagine I get hit by a truck (or a double Decker bus;)), it happens so fast that I won’t even know it happenned… how weird would it be if I died with a smile on my face'. - I guess Morrissey is just commenting on the irony of irony's, imagine HE died with a smile on his face!

Elvis Costello – Waiting for the End of the World Lyrics 13 years ago
Apparently the guy in the opening verse is famous rock critic Nick Kent. El saw him on a train one night He was too 'out of it' to even notice that everyone on the train was fixated on him. He found it fascinating that someone can attract so much attention and yet remain completely oblivious to it all. So he went home and wrote this song

Weezer – El Scorcho Lyrics 13 years ago
I blew it, i know I did, last night, my big chance, bird in the hand, but my stupid ass pride... only a matter of time now, some juice junkie douchebag will sweep her off her feet, build her candy castles, she'll realise that this rebel rebel thing is just a stupid phase, jet black hair will go back to being blonde, the piercings will have to go too, and the fact that she may have found a scrawny geek with dirt under his finger nails attractive becomes nothing more then an embarressing admission, cos thats the way the world works, ainit? the story of my miserable pathetic existence ... fck i wish i wrote this song .... wtf happened to Weezer btw , stop hanging out with Heff and his bunnies, churning out facitious throw away radio friendly staples and write us another emo epic please!!!.... and when I say EMO I don't mean that generic my chemichal romance taking back sunday 30 seconds to mars etc. bullsht

Ramones – Needles And Pins Lyrics 13 years ago
My play for today ... god it hurts!

Grant Lee Buffalo – Fuzzy Lyrics 13 years ago
Yesterday I got home from work, picked up my guitar and for some unknown reason, (apart from the fact that I was feeling a bit low) played THIS song. Aside from the name I’ve never pondered over what the words actually meant until after I finished playing it this time. I must say I’m a bit relieved that there are no definite interpretations given here, so allow me to offer you mine…. I’d say this song is about the disillusionment of growing up, a lament for days no more. The word ‘Fuzzy ‘is rather childish and whimsical - now could ‘Fuzzy’ perhaps be Grant ‘s imaginary friend he had growing up as a kid, someone he would confide in, someone who would always assure him that things would be alright (Ok, admittedly I never knew that he said ‘NOW I’M Fuzzy’ I always thought he was saying ‘OH Fuzzy’, although these lyrics could be wrong, and hey I’m only giving you MY interpretation)? Cries of ‘I’ve been lied to’ are so heartfelt and can only mean that things are not okay…. The opening line ‘Bring me home to this house of many days’ already suggests a longing to return to years of your childhood – in most cases the house you grow up in as a kid feels very permanent, the first 10 years of your life seems like a lifetime, as opposed to the 10 years between 20 and 30 which feels inexplicably shorter. A few lines down ‘You know I love it more and more than before I ran away’ reflects how we as humans find it easier to only appreciate things when they are gone. When we are kids we wish these days away as quickly as possible, we can’t wait to become independent, when we eventually earn these rights we see the world for what it really is, a rather scary place, and then we realise there’s no turning back, so we tend to romanticise these days through nostalgia (which interestingly enough is a common symptom of a quarter-life-crisis, another important theme of this song worth mentioning). … The Second verse alludes to the notion of the soul mate. We believe this person is out there somewhere and destiny will somehow (‘All and all the world is SMALL enough…’) always bring us together. Although this verse is truely beautiful it is not as optimistic as it appears, because don’t forget Grant will once again utter the line ‘I’ve been lied to’… The final verse still has me stumped but if I must, I’d say its more grounded in reality then the first two. In fact it’s probably the most optimistic of the 3. In the last two lines; ‘We hunger for a bit of faith to replace the fear’ suggests a desire to stop feeling so cynical and the part about ‘water like a dead bouquet’ could be self-mockery admitting to being over sentimental…….. I hope this all made sense, I guess its more of a reflection of how I’m feeling as opposed to what Grant was feeling when he wrote it, but that’s the beauty of music
P.S. I never had an imaginary friend;)

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