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Xiu Xiu – Bishop, CA Lyrics 7 years ago
I believe it should be "Cavalier" as in Chevy Cavalier. "in the fading yellow ribbon
on your fading wine colored Cavalier" He's talking about one of those "support the troops" ribbons people have on cars. Jamie makes references to someone with a loved one (probably brother) died in the air force and it's sort of a theme to the album, I think.

Animal Collective – My Girls Lyrics 12 years ago
It sounds like "social stats" to me..

And whoever keeps saying it's "Adobe slats" -- that doesn't even make sense.

A Silver Mt. Zion – God Bless Our Dead Marines Lyrics 12 years ago
er.. that should read "...and it's possible that he might NOT be here if no one stepped in intervene in WWII."

A Silver Mt. Zion – God Bless Our Dead Marines Lyrics 12 years ago
I pretty much agree with the above poster when he/she says that soldiers are also responsible for the war by choosing to be in the military. Though, nowadays I guess it's not unheard of..that there are soldiers actually opposed to the war, possibly in the military beforehand, and hope to, an ongoing war that they can't single-handedly stop, serve in an honorable way and minimize civilian casualties/etc.. But I guess they are still responsible, and being rather self-conflicting and hypocritical by staying in the military, probably choosing to stay in the military because of financial reasons. Though I guess with the say that system is set up nowadays, many are "trapped" once they sign up, unless they are wounded, or do something to get themselves discharged.

I really like this song, and I admire this band for making such bold statements in a time like this-- when questioning america's policies would often get you eaten alive... but I think some of the lines of the song are a bit cruel and vindictive; "There's fresh meat in the club tonight / God bless our dead marines" I interpret that as him sardonically saying he's looking hit on newly-deceased soldier's girlfriends/widows. But I could be misinterpreting that. I guess the band members believe that soldiers killed in an unjust/unneeded war got what they deserved, and I understand where they are coming from. but to me it seems a little conflicting to wish for peace and for the world to be pacifistic, but at the same time sort of gloat over the deaths of those who you oppose.. Though, again, I can see why one would believe that the soldiers themselves are as guilty as George Bush or whomever.
I guess I don't know for sure if the band themselves consider themselves pacifists. I've read before that most of them would consider themselves anarchists, and I guess true anarchy would probably require violent revolt by the people. I guess with so much conflict and war in the world, it's easy to be come disillusioned to the point where you wish those willing to fight for unjust reasons to "thin their own ranks" so to speak.. but the band often seems to have very positive/peaceful messages at one point, then make sort of barbed statements like the one I mentioned.
I guess I would consider myself a pacifist, but I don't believe that is always the answer, and sometimes conflict or war is the lesser of two evils .. WWII or the civil war for example. I think in WWII the atrocities happening could not have been resolved in a peaceful way... though one could argue that Germany was left in shambles because of WWI.. I guess evil begets evil, and it's unrealistic and overly idealistic to expect that all evil in the world will just vanish because of wishful thinking.
I personally think the allied forces were the rather rare example of 'war heroes'.. my grandfather for example was in one of the first groups of american soldiers to enter the concentration camps, and I assume, saw the most awful things that most anyone could ever imagine. He never bragged or told 'war stories' and I am sure he was not proud of killing other men, but felt it needed to be done for the greater good of the German/Jewish people and the world in general.
I would love to hear Efrim's take on this topic (I'm assuming he's the one who wrote the songs lyrics)... especially considering the fact that he is of Jewish ancestry... and it's possible that he might be here if no one stepped in intervene in WWII.
Anyway, I really love this band, and mean no disrespect to them, or what they stand for. I am glad that there is a band out there with enough guts to say something powerful like this, and get people such as myself thinking about the state of affairs and really questioning the morality of what their country is doing with their tax dollars and military.

Bright Eyes – Hot Knives Lyrics 12 years ago
I really don't think he's talking about smoking weed. People use hot knives with harder drugs like hash/opium/etc when they don't have a pipe. It's a ghetto-est way of doing drugs, short of using a lightbulb.

The Mountain Goats – I Think I'll Just Stay Here And Drink Lyrics 12 years ago
this song is by Merle Haggard.. so it's kind of pointless to list it here

The Mountain Goats – Cold Milk Bottle Lyrics 12 years ago
I doubt that it's about god when he says things like "you must'nt forget you see, what you mean to me"
I think he's talking about a fucked up relationship.. The first bit seems like he's talking about seeing every little thing as a sign that he should be with this person, despite how cruel she is to him.

Nirvana – Negative Creep Lyrics 12 years ago
For some reason, the "Daddy's little girl" line always made me think of a sex change. probably way off

Modest Mouse – Truckers Atlas Lyrics 12 years ago
truckers do not have automatic driving trucks.. goddamn that's ridiculous.

Modest Mouse – Convenient Parking Lyrics 12 years ago
this is definitely about selling/buying some type of drugs.. Hence the "convenient is way back." A parking space in the back of the lot is only convenient for dealing/buying drugs.. Who would want to walk so far otherwise?

The Smiths – Meat Is Murder Lyrics 12 years ago
I think they were brave for even writing this song.. I mean look at the backlash just on here..
I admit that the song is a bit melodramatic, but it makes a point that most are afraid to make. I think the lyrics work because they suggest that eating meat is not necessary, therefore it is unneeded cruelty. Though I wouldn't consider it to be "unnatural".. I'm not really too strict with my vegetarianism, and often lapse, but I admire the Smiths for making this song.
I think Tolstoy said it best:
"As long as there are slaughterhouses, there will be battlefields."

CocoRosie – Madonna Lyrics 12 years ago
I think everybody is taking this too literally.. I think this is more of a love song..They are singing about a godly, straight-laced woman who is like the Virgin Mary, and is afraid of 'acting out' or whatever. I think Madonna is really a metaphor... They are describing a 'perfect' woman who is afraid to rebel from the way she was brought up, etc., by smoking cigars, loving other women, etc.

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