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That Handsome Devil – Mr. Grinch Lyrics 11 years ago
really its just a remake of the Mr. Grinch song from How the Grinch Stole Christmas...

That Handsome Devil – Miss America Lyrics 11 years ago
I think this song is about how in Upper-Middle Class America, everything is screwed up beyond belief (trust me I live in it) but it still presents this suburban 1950's perfect world because we all choose to ignore this crazy shit and pretend like it dosen't happen...

Bad Religion – Atomic Garden Lyrics 11 years ago
Well The CD that this song was released on (Generator) was released in 1992, and the soviet union was disbanded on December 26, 1991. A day after Gorbachev resigned Christmas Day 1991., soooo 1. This song might have been originaly writen before the fall of the soviet union that would make sence for alot of the subject matter. and 2. When the song says and we'll pretend its christmas day, I wonder if that is a reference to Gorbachev's resignation and fall of the soviet union, but I don't know I'll let you guys ponder that.

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