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Serj Tankian – Baby Lyrics 9 years ago
Personally, I think he's making a reference to George Orwell's book, 1984.
What finally brought me to this conclusion was the line, "splitting planets into thirds." In 1984, Earth is domnated by three major Communist Superpowers who perpetually fight each other, but will never defeat the other.
Also, "kill time as the book reads" could be a reference to Goldstein's book in 1984, which explains the meaning and existence of the superstates.
Lastly, his "baby" is the Winston's love interest Julia. He misses her, but he also realizers that the two of them together is always, suicide.

Cradle of Filth – The Death Of Love Lyrics 10 years ago
Morbid is right.
Gilles de Rais was one of Joan of Arc's captains. The song decribes Gilles and Joan as she is led of to be brurned at the stake. Joan says (the female voice) "Where will you be when they light my pyre?" "The Death of Love" speaks to Joan and Gilles alleged romantic involvement. (Most historians believe that this was not likely, but it makes a good story.) When Joan is excecuted. Gilles in a sense becomes mad and thus loses his capacity for love, making him the person that he later becomes. Hence, "The Death of Love".

Five Finger Death Punch – Salvation Lyrics 10 years ago
Altough it is anti-religiious, it may not be anti-God. It seems to me that he's sick and tired of everyone religious sect claiming that they are right. He finds that he doesn't have to be a follower of one and only one way. He can believe in any way he wants and still find his salvation. He doesn't belive everything at face value, and would rather find his own personal faith.

Kamelot – Soul Society Lyrics 10 years ago
To me it seems not if he's contmplating life, but death. Especially in the first portion of the song, he refernces many different views on life after death.

"If my soul could revive from my carnal remains.."-Resurection

"If it all fades to black..."-Atheism, no life after death

"If i'm born once again..."-Hindu reincarnation

"How could I be condemned, for the things that i've done?..."-Chirstian Hell

He finds that no matter how hard we try, or who we listen to, no one really knows. In the song he seems to be be debating life after death. On the one hand "Human reason counters all, ideas of a soul society". but in the next chorus, Our lives are just a fragment, of the univers and all, there must be more than we can see".

This is one of the most meaningful songs i've ever heard, and it really shows many of the emtions that people, at least i've felt. Science tells us the life does not exist after death, but there is so much in this universe that we do not know, is it possible?

Nightwish – 7 Days to the Wolves Lyrics 10 years ago
Could it not also reference a coming invader? Scandinavian armies at one time employed fighters called berzerkers, who went into battle on adrenaline rush and would not stop until they were killed, or the enemy obliterated. They were said to be imbued with the spirit of bears or wolves when they fought, and often times they wore their pelts into battle. To me it seems as if he's waiting for an invasion. "Seven days to the wolves" Seven days until the enemy arrives and we're all killed. "This is where heroes and cowards part ways". Some will stay and fight, while others will flee.

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