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Mike Doughty – The Pink Life Lyrics 12 years ago
i think the pink life refers to desiring sex with lots of different women

Super Furry Animals – Slow Life Lyrics 12 years ago
if it hasn't already, this song will kick your ass someday when you're least expecting it

Super Furry Animals – Frequency Lyrics 12 years ago
a sfa classic

Super Furry Animals – Cloudberries Lyrics 12 years ago
whatever it means it's brilliant

Super Furry Animals – Bleed Forever Lyrics 12 years ago
this is one of the prettiest songs i've ever heard, gruff should get a medal or something for best vocal delivery

also, i read somewhere it's about chernobyl

Elliott Smith – Color Bars Lyrics 13 years ago
here's what i think:

I see color bars when I come
(he sees himself as unfit for TV, they put color bars up when he comes on)
Sergeant Rock broke the key off in the lock
(sergeant rock is mainstream, mainstream can be simplified as being rigidly in favor of beauty on tv)
To where I come from
(smith's culture/character)
Sir, no sir
We have no power in the air
(air is stuff that's different from mainstream)
The battle's on the ground
(ground is mainstream, grounded stuff so to say)
Laying low again
(first hook, smith's staying out of the limelight...)
High on the sound
(...deriving pleasure from writing his music)

Bruno S. is a man to me
(welles-radio sums this up)
You're just some dude with a stilted attitude
That you learned from TV
(mainstream culture contrast to bruno s.)
You'll undo
But I'll be connecting everything
(figuring out the complexities and staying true to himself)
The traffic in my town
Riding high again
High on the sound

Everyone wants me to ride into the sun
(also see welles-radio comment, smith's pegged as a loner-indie hero, like cowboys, but he doesn't want to play a character in hollywood and portray himself without the complexities)
But I ain't going to go down
(he's putting up a fight to above comment)
Laying low again
High on the sound
(third hook)

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