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Crass – Crutch Of Society Lyrics 13 years ago
yeah i like it

Leftover Crack – Gay Rude Boys Unite Lyrics 13 years ago
man fuck you where'd you see them at?

Leftover Crack – Rock The 40 Oz. Lyrics 13 years ago
My favorite song too...

Leftover Crack – Homeo-apathy Lyrics 13 years ago
pretty much sounds like it IAmARevenant92... it's just what they do down there with the squatters and shit i assume... fuck man... that's just how 9th & C rows i guess

Leftover Crack – Infested (Re-Loaded) Lyrics 13 years ago
im not sure, i don't think its on an actual album. im sure they play it at shows all the time anyways though

Leftover Crack – Rock The 40 Oz. Lyrics 13 years ago
on the political correctness etc... and drug stuff. Well, don't they do crack and dope anyways?

The shoot the kids at school part would be the only issue I thought.

man, i hope they're not being completely sarcastic about all their drug songs, i mean i don't do them but now i feel like a dumbass if they were completely sarcastic about them.

LoC fucking rocks btw

Indk – Killing is Contagious Lyrics 13 years ago
fucking awesome, i love the chorus
"Whao ohh 1234 tag you're it"
"Whao ohh spreading around the epidemic"

its stuck in my head and thats fuckin fine because im stuck punk

Blink-182 – Marlboro Man Lyrics 13 years ago
Yeah, that last comment was the right lyrics for my Marlboro Man version...

Anyways Marlboro Red's are awesome... so this song kicks ass... Not just cuz of the cigs, I think the songs funny...

And screw all of you who can't hear it... you just suck, listen up! Gritty punk rock is where they started, and that's where I fucking love blink-182...

That was an exaggeration, I love all blink, but older is sick as hell... But I just can't take the mother fuckers who only have the latest Self-Titled / Untitled album... God dammit, go buy their actual albums!!!

The Offspring – Bloodstains Lyrics 13 years ago
Where does everybody get all the Offspring covers? Cuz I've only found a few...

Misfits – Skulls Lyrics 13 years ago
This clearly is not about Jeffery Dahmer because the album came out in 1981 and his first known murder was in 1978, his second being in 1987 and his string of murders in 1991. The string of murders would be brought to the public's eye, so Danzig probably never knew about Dahmer when the song was made.

If it was about any serial killer, I think it would have been Ed Gein. It makes most sense to me, because he had skulls and shit around his house. And the one women was found decapitated in his shed...

But who knows, maybe Danzig made the fucking thing up... :P

Psychostick – Jagermeister Love Song Lyrics 13 years ago
haha this song is hellarious

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