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Screeching Weasel – The Girl Next Door Lyrics 14 years ago
Ben Weasel I love you.

The Broadways – Natural Disaster Lyrics 14 years ago
My favorite song of all time.

The Lawrence Arms – Lose Your Illusion 1 Lyrics 14 years ago
It's about that feeling over being lost with a girl and how you're "never anywhere, never coming or going" just lost.

Green Day – Longview Lyrics 14 years ago
A song about jerking off all day. ;P

Dillinger Four – D4 = Putting the "F" Back In "Art" Lyrics 14 years ago
It's about how stupid all the "punk rock kids" are and how they tell other kids who go to shows about how they're "posers" and such.


Blink-182 – Toast & Bananas Lyrics 14 years ago
From the words of Tom Delonge himself, it's about two things that don't quit go together, (Toast and Bananas) but were suppose too like Salt and Pepper. It's an amazing song.

Also, Tom rips of the first line from "Marriage" by the Descendents. Oh well. They WERE there biggest influence. ;)

Blink-182 – Romeo and Rebecca Lyrics 14 years ago
I can't remember where I read this, but I remember reading from a reliable source that this songs about how Tom used to date a girl much younger then him, and how he would always ask her for sex and she would always say no.

"Your words are kind
The kind that repeatedly say no
But that's alright
I'm older than you so I've got time"

The only thing that doesn't make sense is when he says "I'm older than you so I've got time." Technically, he would have less time since he's older, unless that's a personal reference to the girl or something, or it could just be Tom being an idiot. Ha ha. Anyways, this is a great song, but the Buddha version is MUCH better than the CC one.

Blink-182 – 21 Days Lyrics 14 years ago
It's about trying to get over a girl who's gotten over you and moved on, and you're just left there trying to mend the broken pieces but you can't. There's also some personal reference to the girl...

"My emotions are something that I will always hide" ...that only Tom and the girl the songs this about knows.

In any case, it's an amazing song, perhaps the best on the demo.

Blink-182 – Pathetic Lyrics 14 years ago
Nah, you guys are all wrong (No offense). According to Tom, this songs about the feeling that you're going nowhere (because he did shitty in high school, and then dropped out of a junior college to pursue blink), and the "girl" in the song is actually his Mother.

"I know I'm pathetic, I knew when she said it
A loser, a bum's what she called me when I drove her home
There's no more waiting and sure no more wasting
I've done all I can but she still wants to be left alone"

From the words of Mr. Delonge. :P

The Lawrence Arms – Porno And Snuff Films Lyrics 14 years ago
I love Brendan Kelly. He uses the weirdest words and they sound amazing. After looking up a bunch of the words in the first verse, it appears as if the first part of the verse is about trying to fix themselves up and trying to impress the person, I think, and then the third verse...

"there's no good taste, in this art space, straight porno and snuff films, I should be disgraced" ... is obviously a refrence to the music business today, and about how much crap it is..

"well, I'm titillated.
it's tantalizing,
and as i move to the movement," ...I'm not sure about this part, BUT...

"I'm self-aggrandizing.
I'm filling with air," ...this part is about how corporate music is all just fluff and...

"I'll float it up there.
a chairman sitting easy on a big easy chair." him some refrence to him giving the "fluff" to Fat Mike (owner of Fat Wreck Chords).

So, all in all, this songs about crappy corporate music, Fat Wreck Chords + Fat Mike, and how much he hates how it's all fluff. :P

Slapstick – Nate B. Lyrics 14 years ago
According to Brendan Kelly, "Nate. B is the person he wrote every Slapstick song about." I don't think he meant literally, but that's what he said. This songs about how Brendan did something to his girlfriend/the girl he liked or something like that, and he got really mad and stopped talking to him, and Brendan doesn't think it's that big of a deal, but is sorry for what he did.

Slapstick – February One Lyrics 14 years ago
It's about being homeless. Slapstick/The Broadways/The Lawrence Arms (Brendan Kelly's other bands) seem to write a lot of songs about the homeless. This song is personally about how everyone turns the homeless away and treat them like shit, when all they want are to be treated like people again.

Slapstick – There's a Metal Head in the Parking Lot Lyrics 14 years ago
It's about that feeling that you're going no where with your life and how you need to leave the place your in, otherwise you're going to rot there forever...

"Some day it's gonna be my old body walking through snow if I live to get old."

...I personally believe that this is one of the top three songs of the album. It's amazing. :P

Slapstick – Broken Down Lyrics 14 years ago
I can't believe I'm the first one to comment on this song. It's so catchy.

This songs about meeting someone and thinking that they like you back, and that you're going to be perfect together...

"Run away, this time it's just you and me."

...and you try your hardest to reach them but they never respond back and you feel hurt.

"You broke down the door to my heart."

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