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Everlast – So Long Lyrics 11 years ago
Everytime i hear this song i think hes talkin about columbine or other related school shootings. hes decribing how it all goes down in the kids head and in acton. thats what sets everlast apart from other artist, he really feels the situtation out and matchs a powerful unique genre-mixed beat to go with it. fuckin flawless

Train – Drops of Jupiter Lyrics 12 years ago
i have a feeling its about a girl that left a guy that like her so she could "discover herself" and while she was out the guy wonder if she missed him while she was out. he also wonders if he'll be adaquate when she returns because of what shes seen or experienced. and he fear her return but still loves her. will she still have the same god values that everyone should have like love friendship and ofcourse fried chicken. this is an amazing song and im glad it was written the way it was

Hootie & the Blowfish – Only Lonely Lyrics 12 years ago
in my opinion i see the song meaning as almost love at first sight. you may not know the person verywell or you may not even know their name but you know there could be soming there. so you inmagine how it could go and how you would date. you would imagine what she looks like and how you would screw up and how you would appoligise. then you wonder in some way if she is thinking about you in the same way and if she were to pass you would she see something. and you want this so bad because you are lonley and you think this could be the cure to your sorrow. either way its an amazing song and thats how i interprated it.

Hootie & the Blowfish – Only Lonely Lyrics 13 years ago
in my opinon the song is about a love at first date or second.. he loves to see her and hear her voice and everything you should feel when in love yet he doesent even know her name. i feel the not knowing her name part gives the recently intoduced notion. he feels that this person could be the one he needs even thought he doesnt even really know her yet. either way its a great song

U2 – Elevation Lyrics 13 years ago
you either love or hate u2.. i have never heard anyone say there "ok." personally i love them and this song, it make me so damn happy when i listen to it no matter what

Tunng – Bullets Lyrics 13 years ago
god its so hard to say, and i it can be taken in so many differnt ways but i atleast know it is some type of metaphore (obviously right?). i think its about doing something that not many other people can do and someone taught them how to do it but it hard to remember. nonetheless, when they finally are able to do it, it feels great.

Hootie & the Blowfish – Time Lyrics 13 years ago
time is something that stays the same thoughout and it is somethng that cannot change under any circamstances therefore why think about it. basically time doesn't work out and people blame there shortcommings on time even through it never changes. so basically hes saying why worry about. its not changing, shifting or fixing anything by thinking about it,all it does is wastes time. therefore you need to live life and not pay attention to the deeper meaning. time can screw up manything including relationships. almost every relationship doesn't work out becaus of time in one way or another. and its not changing so its time to stop worrying about it. this i belive is what hes talking about in the song.

Jack Johnson – Sitting, Waiting, Wishing Lyrics 13 years ago
this song is strait up the most true and honest song i have ever heard. i can honestly say it is my favorite of all. i'm living through what he is describing right now... he is talking about how you like someone but they aren't show any signs back so you are torn and confused. basically the only thing you can do is sit wait and wish for her to like you. (or the other way around). and this completly sucks because waiting on love ain't so easy to do. right? basically you adopt thier traits, you do the things they do and get to know there friends and you put so much effort into it but it just seems to be a one way street. thats why your playing the fool because your adopting everything they do just so you can be with them. i cannot say i have ever heard of a song that descibed this better. i must have listened to this song 800 times and it puts me in this trance where i'm just litterally sitting wishing and waiting. this man should be a psyciatrist cause i would definitly go to him for advice.

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