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Five Finger Death Punch – Burn It Down Lyrics 9 years ago
Two things:

1. Who cares if they are "Mainstream?" if they still fucking rock who cares?

2. OK so it sounds like an album that kicked alot of ass, your problem is? A CD can sound the same as the last as long as it does not bore, I've heard half the songs on it so far and they all sound great and something I can put on repeat for awhile.

The Offspring – Let's Hear It For Rock Bottom Lyrics 11 years ago
Seems simple enough- it is about a guy who really does not care about anything and most if not all his problems are his own fault/in his own head yet he won't take any responsibility.

Nine Horses – A history of holes Lyrics 11 years ago
This song is all about how the singer (or person the singer is talking about) became exactly what they hated when they were young, this song is a perfect representation about how we all have justice and right in our hearts when we are young but when we grow up we realize we have to do things less than honorable to get ahead in life.

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