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From Autumn to Ashes – Delusions of Grandeur Lyrics 12 years ago
I'm not understanding the reference to pigeons, but in general, this song is definatly deep. Full of emotion, its my favorite on the CD.
I think its talking about the present situation in the world today, where there is a huge unfilled gap between comfortable living and poverty. Somone is either living at a fairly good quality of life and able to afford the extras they appreciate, or they are living in poverty and barely able to live day to day. "comfort is getting too expensive"
Sometimes I wonder if the pigeons is referring to the general richer or more comfortable public, such as black suit workers and such. Or if it is the oppisite, someone who is living in the manner they choose which is often against society "hot shots for the pigeons with a death sentence". If anyone has any ideas on that, please add them.
As for the chorus, it reminds me of feeling lost and alone and needing to find something that makes you feel every so slightly steady and alive again. But at the same time "To be alone is to be alive" reminds me of isolation and someone who's living in it appreciating their loneliness but unable to ever be comfortable or happy with it. It's like some peoples depression.
"harbouring Delusions of Grandeur" I believe is someone who has bloated dreams, and is unable to make more realistic ones, possibly. They feel like all these huge things could happen, and when they don't they are so devasted and disapointed. Maybe due to this disapointment they live in isolation in hope that less of these exagerated dreams will become, and therefore less disapointment will result.
Those are my guesses, some please do this song justice and explain it descriptively and well!
- dancing_skies

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