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Take the Crown – Somewhere Waiting Lyrics 14 years ago
I can NOT believe no one has commented on this song yet. It's so wonderful in so many different ways. I especially love that it starts off really mellow ad then gets really intense. Perfect.

Anyway, I get the feeling it might have some sort of afterlife meaning in the sense that someone is going to be waiting for someone else. At the same time, though, I feel that it's about living life after the death of someone close and carrying on in a way that makes you happy.

That's just my opinion, obviously everyone would have their own, which is why I love music so much; there are so many different ways to interpret everything.


Coldplay – Violet Hill Lyrics 14 years ago
Not that anyone is going to read this... BUT, I think it has a bit of a historical meaning. Just like Viva La Vida has to do with Louis XIV, I think this has something to do with the spread of Christianity. "When the banks became cathedrals and the fog became god" I interpret that as his town or village or whatever excepting the Christian religion.

Back when Christianity was like a new fad, people were obsessed. The song also has a bit of a war theme going on, but I think it ties in with the Christianity aspect. It's a little earlier in history than Louis, but I feel like Coldplay incorporated historical events and themes in many of the songs off of their new album.

Scary Kids Scaring Kids – Holding On Lyrics 14 years ago
Hmm, I don't really think that she said something to HIM. In my opinion, she started to lose it--or at least that's what it seemed like to everyone else.

"There goes the sun; Just trying to find your way anywhere, But you’ve come to find you’re alone; It's getting dark and you’ve lost your way" She got sick mentally or depressed, or something like that. He was just trying to be there for her because he loved her and wanted to get her through it all.

I don't think that "as long as you know that" is continued with "I'm losing what's left of my dignity". The whole line "I haven’t let you go as long as you know that" is together. The chorus isn't connected.

What he's trying to get across is that he was sticking with her through her issues, even though everyone else around him thought it was pointless. The girl must have said something that caused everyone to label her insane or something and therefore he was losing his dignity by hanging around with her.

He's fighting to save her because there's still a possibility for her to get better, but she doesn't and in the end she dies or gives up or something.

Scary Kids Scaring Kids – Degenerates Lyrics 14 years ago
I personally don't think I could connect an actual event or physical idea to these lyrics. To me, it's more like an inner battle over something, or maybe bullying. Well, that's sort of a physical idea... Anyway, in my opinion it's just about fighting yourself and trying to regain ground you may have lost while being depressed.

Scary Kids Scaring Kids – Watch me bleed Lyrics 14 years ago
By far my favorite song on the entire album. Love it to pieces.

Now, in my opinion, it's about someone dying metaphorically. He isn't actually dying, he's just describing what he's feeling. It's like he's committed everything to someone and they only let him down. And now he's realizing that it all went to waste and they just watched as he fell apart, not caring in the least. Basically, they killed him.

Not to say this is about a relationship between two lovers, it could be about family issues too. It's almost like now that he's as good as dead to them, he's leaving...

Maybe I over-analyzed, but that's how I feel about this song and that's why I love it.

Above & Beyond – No One On Earth (Vocals by Zoe Johnston) Lyrics 14 years ago
One of my favorites from them without a doubt. I agree mostly, except for the whole alien thing. Definitely not. I'd rather think that if she was in fact speaking of some inhuman creature it'd be a vampire or something.

Completely stupid, I know, but it beats aliens.

Moses Mayfield – Element Lyrics 14 years ago
This song is beautiful and has some of the greatest meanings. It's by far my favorite by them and definitely on top of my list.

Scary Kids Scaring Kids – Watch me bleed Lyrics 14 years ago
my favorite song on the entire album. LOVE it. it's so morbidly beautiful.

Sullivan – Tell Me I'm Wrong Lyrics 14 years ago
I love this song. I could care less if it doesn't mean a thing, it's AH to the MAZING. I'm really sad that they broke up though... great, now I'm going to be sad again... :(

Meg & Dia – Monster Lyrics 14 years ago
you're all doing good with the explanations. I feel the same why. just one little side note though:

xFaith, it's JOHN Steinbeck. not GEORGE. trust me, I would know, I've read all of his novels.

Les Miserables – On My Own Lyrics 14 years ago
it's so beautiful and romantic. I love it. I'm so excited to preform it at solo fest. EEP! SOOO excited.

Dear and the Headlights – It's Gettin' Easy Lyrics 14 years ago
I agree to an extent with the anti-depressant thing, but I personally think the song is more about lying. he's destroying himself, but not with suicide, he's living a lie and it's getting easier and easier because he's getting used to it.

and I LOVE this song. the Jay E remix is even better.

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