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30 Seconds to Mars – 100 Suns Lyrics 11 years ago
if you read the books by Eckhart Tolle it seems that Jared actually subscribes to those beliefs (eg belief in BEING & NOW and the GOD WITHIN as opposed to an external or higher power). that is the truest, non-judgemental "religion". most spiritually discontent people that have read these books (which strip away the extraneous matter that the bible and 10000 years of misinterpretation currently lent to the bible or the teachings of Buddha & JC) tend to see the truth in it. in fact a lot of 30stm songs share the sentiments of these books.

Deadstar – Deeper Water Lyrics 14 years ago
i think me and you should get married

Anna Nalick – Breathe (2 A.M.) Lyrics 14 years ago
this song is awesome. i love how its called breathe, but you have to have the lungs of a deep sea diver to sing the verses.

"May he turned 21 on the base of Fort Bliss
Just today he sat down to the flask in his fist
Ain't been sober since maybe October of last year
Here in town you can tell he's been down for while
But my God it's so beautiful when the boy smiles
Wanna hold him but maybe I'll just sing about it..."

i think every girl has that Fort Bliss guy. the tragically flawed yet simultaneously perfect dream guy.

waiting for my next one. ;)

Black Lab – Keep Myself Awake Lyrics 14 years ago
this song on the BTVS soundtrack introduced me to Black Lab. i think im the only person in the southern hemisphere who has their albums lol ;) totally awesome

Kristen Barry – Ordinary Life Lyrics 14 years ago
i like what Bri said. all the songs i comment on at songmeanings are songs that actually evoke a unique state of mind/sense of feeling within me. it sounds like complete naff, but its true. this song is one of my favs of all time. it just takes me somewhere else, i can listen to it for hours.

Aimee Mann – You're With Stupid Now Lyrics 14 years ago
4 words: dream for an insomniac.
i would rewind the bit with this song in it over and over until i busted the video. LOVES IT.

Aimee Mann – It's Not Lyrics 14 years ago
I heard this song on some random ep of dawson's creek and loved it stright away. bought the cd so many years ago (i think i was like 16 at the time). it still stands as one of my favs. i sung it to my baby neice the other day, not the lyrics just the melody and she totally stopped fussing and calmed down. it was weird. aimee has an awesome effect on those of us lucky enough to let her in.

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