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Oasis – Digsy's Dinner Lyrics 13 years ago
what a tuneeeee!
"these could be the best days of our lives"

liams vocals are amazing

Oasis – Stay Young Lyrics 13 years ago
the masterplan is really a mega album.
Those b-sides blow me away.
Liam's voice is top

Oasis – Shakermaker Lyrics 13 years ago
If you listen to Noel's acoustic version of this at the end he goes
We all drink...Pepsi.
Classic haha

Oasis – The Hindu Times Lyrics 13 years ago
Whenever I listen to this song, the guitar gets inside of me. It's just amazing all I want to do is stand on a stage and play lead guitar for this song. Its so mega and sounds like it came from a completely different generation.

Oasis – Listen Up Lyrics 13 years ago
I love this song. One of my favorite Oasis songs! I LOVE the tune, I can walk to the beat of this so easily. The lyrics are also killer, like always.

Oasis – Hey You Lyrics 13 years ago
I love Oasis don't get me wrong.
But this songs lyrics look a lot like Hey You by Pink Floyd.....??

Oasis – Hey Now! Lyrics 13 years ago
This song is SO UNDERRATED. It's one of my favorites. The lyrics are just brilliant.

Oasis – Half The World Away Lyrics 13 years ago
this song is amazing
i think it sums up a feeling everybody has felt.
i'd love it to be played at my funeral
noel gallager is brilliant

Oasis – Don't Look Back in Anger Lyrics 13 years ago
dig this song
i love it
it changed my life
my favorite oasis song
noel gallagher is a genius
hes my inspiration
dont look back in anger will live forever in my mind

Oasis – Live Forever Lyrics 13 years ago
when i first heard oasis claim to be better or just as good as the beatles i was like you have to be kidding me, no freakin way.
but i started listening
and reading their lyrics.
noel's lyrics are better than the beatles.
hands down.
more meaning for sure =]

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