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George Jones – She Thinks I Still Care Lyrics 13 years ago
A song that deals with irony. Obviously on the surface the person is trying to say taht they do not care about the other person, but infact, due to the amount of times he 'accidently' keeps bumping into her or her memories shows that he is infact still in love with her, and does care about her. The person is trying to self-delude themselves into believing that they are fine, where in actual fact they are being torn apart.

Dr. Hook – When you're in love with a beautiful woman Lyrics 13 years ago
A song that deals with paranoia. It is narrated from the boyfriend's/husband's perspective and is simply to keep an eye on your beautiful woman. This is because of the simple fact that due to the fact that she is so beautiful, it is very easy to attract other men, who may be better than the husband/boyfriend. It talks about keeping an eye for anything suspicious, such as "lies" and keeping a close eye on his friends.

Tim McGraw – Last Dollar (Fly Away) Lyrics 13 years ago
If there is one thing that confuses me about the song, it's who "you've" is? Could it be a girlfriend or friends? Because it mentions "From happyville to lovingland I'm gonna tour from coast to coast" which means he is going to keep on loving perhaps different people, so friends perhaps?

Alabama – 40 Hour Week (For a Livin') Lyrics 14 years ago
voodoochilde could not have given a better post. I agree completely. Fantastic song.

Josh Turner – Long Black Train Lyrics 14 years ago
Yeah, the message is about not doing anything sinful and to trust in God. Even as a person who hates God, I love this song.

Brooks and Dunn – Honky Tonk Truth Lyrics 14 years ago
Right, seems pretty straight forward, but it needs to be clarified for some, and those who havn't seen the video

When he's talking about how he "ain't thinking, ain't drinkin', ain't crying, ain't moanin' in the blues" he is lying, as the video suggest. So the whole song is vefry ironic

Alan Jackson – Don't Rock The Jukebox Lyrics 14 years ago
Country music is indeed the story of my life too. Some of my friends still do not see that, but oh well >.>

"I ain't got nothing against rock 'n' roll, but when your hearts been broken you need something slow"

I use that quote everytime someone asks...

Sawyer Brown – The Race Is On Lyrics 14 years ago
"And the winner loses all"

Thats the only bit I do not understand, unless it speaking of a race where the winner is the most heartbroken. I think the rest of the song is self-explanitory. His wife/girlfriend just brokeup with him OR he has asked out a girl and she has declined. I like the second one better personally, as I can relate to it more xD

Gary Allan – Smoke Rings in the Dark Lyrics 14 years ago
I think thats a pretty well summed up interpretation of the song. I even found the song at the right time...I've asked out 3 girls in HighSchool last year, and they all declined. Gawd ths song gets me emotional. I nearly cried in College lmao.

And oocaptainoo, Your choices are half chance, so are everyonebody else, remember that.


Alan Jackson – Chattahoochee Lyrics 14 years ago
I do think JPettit is right about this, fantastic song, no doubt about it, but it is about him growing up probably in his teens, and trying to exlpain how he killed time. It does, like most Country songs, have a message: Live by the minute, and definately have a relaxed lifestyle.

Alan Jackson – Here In The Real World Lyrics 14 years ago
notmj20 be nice.

Yeah this is a very good song, definately about how media potrays life based events in a differnt light to what it really is.

Tracy Byrd – Ten Rounds With Jose Cuervo Lyrics 14 years ago
lmfao. Why on earth did you have $300+ in your damn wallet?!

I've never drunk Tequila, but I'll definately eb back to tell you how many I can lol

Oh and by the way. Right towards the end when they're talking and he is re-counting, one of the singers mention "Hell you can't even drink 5 rounds"

or something like that.

Fantasically humerous song

John Anderson – Country 'Til I Die Lyrics 14 years ago
I think it's "call in the orders" and not "call in orderves"

Anyways. I think this song kicks ass. What the song is definately straightforward.

I like this song, becasue I was similar to this at the most recent party I went to, which is now about 7 weeks ago. Stupid DJ, Stupid Rap, Stupid weight watching food, Champagne and Wine -.-

I was tempted to walk out the damn door after the first 10 minutes, had my lift home not have fucked off lol

Alan Jackson – It's Five O' Clock Somewhere (with Jimmy Buffet) Lyrics 14 years ago
I love this song. I didn't have the song at the time a scenario happened like this to me at college with the headteacher. Had a massive arguement with her at college, stormed out on her without saying anything rude and didn't return for the rest of the day. Just went home and had some....Pepsi -.- lmao

Oh, and I definately had hell to pay the next morning, but it was ok. I got my own back :D

George Thorogood – One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer Lyrics 14 years ago
But notice how this how comments and the John Lee Hooker one does not. I looked at the lyrics of the other one, and although it is the original, I do not like sogs that do nothing but repeat the Chorus. George does not mention it ONCE until towards the end. I prefer this version much much better. kkhx3 I also love how he sings it, the whiskey strained voice adds to occassion. As I'm from the UK I don't think anyone else in school will like this song even as close to as I do >.>

Baz Luhrmann – Everybody's Free (To Wear Sunscreen) Lyrics 14 years ago
I'm a bit confused with that the dude above me said about the Sunscreen aspect being what it is actually about. I heard this song exactly 2 days ago and changed the way I view everything! For the first time (Year 12, College) the teacher/tutor has given me something of use outside the national cirriculum itself.

This is indeed truly inspirational, and I agree with whoever said that if people think that this is a boring song, they havn't actually listened to it. That is a fantastic saying in itself by the way.

I love the lines about parents, makes me very emotional, having only just lost my Grandad about 4 months ago, and realising that I still had much I needed and wanted to ask him.

The bit about jealousy stands out a mile. Whetehr we like it or not, everyone in this world feels some jealousy, and for those who do not I bow down to you. Only recently jealousy has entered my mind slightly.

but by far the best lines in this song for me are:

"Don't be reckless with other people's hearts. Don't put up with people who are reckless with yours."

Peace Everyone.

Garth Brooks – Longneck Bottle Lyrics 14 years ago
Yep, definately blaming the alcohol for his mis-behaviour and possibly flirtatious behaviour. Whether he drinks intentially or unintentionally is a mystery though..

Garth Brooks – Do What You Gotta Do Lyrics 14 years ago
A motivation song, to tell you to keep on going through life, no matter what gets thrown at you

David Bowie – Suffragette City Lyrics 14 years ago
Both Drugs and Sex. I don't think the two are linked in this song, the drug reference is just a drop in line....or he had to put in the name simply to make the song work in rhythm...It might not be so insightful. I think it is definately abouta woman coming over to have sex but he gets rid of all his friends in order to have sex with her

Toby Keith – Beer for My Horses Lyrics 14 years ago
I only started top listen to country songs, and I came across this song, I agree with him completely. Fuck jails being overcrowded (UK), just hang the bastards that did injustice. I think they should all go to Hell much faster and suffer there. Hang them up high so everyone can see, refers to anyone thinking about doingh any wrong-doing, they will definatrely think twice about it. Beer For My Horses refers to an old cowboy cavalry type scene setting, where they would hunt down a baddie and hang them when they were caught in a typical horse chase. Hence one the baddie is caught Whiskey for the men that caught the person and beer for the horse as a congratulations for keeping in high speed pursuit. I really and honestly think there still needs to be Capital punishment.

Johnny Cash – I've Been Everywhere Lyrics 14 years ago
I love it though, despite it being an Australian song....Johnny Cash kicks ass in this song

Johnny Cash – The General Lee Lyrics 14 years ago
This song is written from the cars perspective, Johnny Cash IS The General Lee in this song, so yeah Eltigre, it is indeed piston pumping and it is not 'steel belted cavolry' it is "steel beltin- cavolry" referring to the speed at which the help arrives.

I love: 'and the law is at your heels'

Funeral for a Friend – Hospitality Lyrics 14 years ago
I have more of a feeling that DeadxLikexMe has a very good take on it. I am almost 100% sure it is about depression.

"please forgive me,
'Cause I'm no martyr,
Is this the cause I'm looking for?"

Ok...I have a faint idea about that, marytr means hero according to my friends, so I reckon this is about him not wanting life, he cannot handle it. He is asking God for forgiveness becasue he cannot take on the challenge of life.

"Turn off this machine,
'Cause this is the only thing thats keeping me alive"

This might be metaphorical as well as literal, as he could be reffering to life as a machine. If it is the only thing keeping him alive, then he could also be reffering on "fate" (for those who believe in fate)

"Cause I'm not angry, tired or sore,
More of a man than I was before"

This could mean that he is not a coward giving up on life, all the past experiences has made him tough but come face to face with the truth on the maning of life.

"A seed won't grow from this soul" and "despair has devoured me whole" are linked as I also think that he is talking about past expereinces, perhaps family deaths. Due to dispair and sadness and the huge amount of it 'weighing' down his sould, even in the afterlife it will not be happy.

This is perhaps far far far to insightful on this song, and in some cases the views may be completely and utterly wrong, but this is what the song means to me


Soulja Boy – Crank That (Soulja Boy) Lyrics 14 years ago
I will listen to the screamo one, and I also think SlitWrist is a bigger douche than SouljaBoy. Sure as hell the tune is catchy, sure as hell the dance is also quite cool. But as far s this site goes, ON LYRICS AND THAT THEY MEAN, it is fucking disgraceful.

Thin Lizzy – The Boys Are Back In Town Lyrics 14 years ago
It is defiantely about a group of young boys going away for a long time leaving a few mates behind. Definately a link to war, as you need to go away for some time. I reckon the singer is singing from 1st person about all his mates coming back and glad that they have not changed in anyway. (still childish)
Stereotypical male perspective on what they would do on a evening.

Deep Purple – Burn Lyrics 14 years ago
Now that we've all established that this is a brilliant song, what is this song all about? I have a faint idea that it is about a woman that was being mistreated. Was a good as a angel and due to dispair she turned evil and her hatred showed through the fire that was 'burning' through cities.

Twista – Hope Lyrics 14 years ago
Hmmm....For someone who listens to everything I don't know what to think about this song. I switched from R&B to Rock becasue all modern R&B is about sex, violence, drugs and hoes. This one is one of the only ones I still isten to and it is becasue its much better than the usual shit that rappers rap about. The general 'gist' of the song is about the world living in doubt and violence and to stop it...but please all of you remember there are many more important people that have died than the majority of the ones mentioned :@ I love how he mentions "dissin lessons from a grown man" and yet you listen to some songs that he has written like verity mentioned...Slightly hipocrytical...Ah well...Still a fantastic song...

Robert Palmer – Simply Irresistible Lyrics 15 years ago
So is this song about true love or is the singer, as most do, once again talking about sex? "I'm backed against the wall" and "theres no telling where the money went", sould that refer to a hooker?

Status Quo – Whatever You Want Lyrics 15 years ago
Thought it might have been about a golddigger. I mean you know, she likeds to gambkle she can have whatever she wants etc. and then after spending all that money on her she could not even say goodbye. Also he could have taken her home on the midnight train again, would that not sound slightly gay if it was about his 2 best male friends?

Whitesnake – Here I Go Again Lyrics 15 years ago
In my opinion this song is related to how in life he falls in love and keeps chasing girls, but then comes to terms with how he was born to live alone for the rest of his life and that he is not "wasting no more time" chasing girls... "Here I go Again" probably refers to him falling in love and chasing girls but here he goes again losing the relationship and being alone again

Oasis – Champagne Supernova Lyrics 15 years ago
F'ing hell thats a good interpretation of it serenity. I reckon 70% of that is true, but you can sense some elements that are made up in the song.

Golden Earring – Radar Love Lyrics 15 years ago
BloodReign, I don't think the driver is suffering from anything else than love...

Motörhead – Ace Of Spades Lyrics 15 years ago
It's about him not living forever and he loves the thrill of gambling. And has a fascination for the Ace of Spades lol

Motörhead – Ace Of Spades Lyrics 15 years ago
Lmao. I am 16 and play poker at school. I always have this song playing for me and my other friend has diamonds are forever playing, hilarious. Anways...I think this song is about when he gets old he's gonna gamble his money away. when you're dead money will not effect you at all. He loves the thrill of gambling, most likely playing Blackjack or Poker.

Ram Jam – Black Betty Lyrics 15 years ago
Bam-a-lam I reckon is just a bunch of silly words that rules, I think they have a point on it being about a drug biut I also think it would be abotu a woman. Overall a good song, and for the others a good "cover" song.

The Killers – Somebody Told Me Lyrics 15 years ago
"A boyfriend that looked like a girlfriend". This is not about a sex change at all in my opinion. He tryed to hook up with a girl and probably succeeded but was then told that she had a "boyfriend that looked like a girlfriend". She is actually a lesbian and going out with a girl that he must have previously gone out with. This is important becasue then his previous relationship with the girl could have all been a fake. E-mail me if you think my opnion is wrong.

Razorlight – America Lyrics 15 years ago
Skarlett and MuslimPhilosipher are fantastic to the points on this song. We touched upon this in English in England. America in general can be related to London in the UK. He is indeed talking about the isolation of the individuals and of 9/11. "disgusting America" relates to how nobody has the time to talk to each other. Many people but a sort of tension in their lives. A loved one in hospital due to 9/11?? "don't let me down". "need you tonight"

Sniff N The Tears – Driver's Seat Lyrics 15 years ago
This Song is on the Top Gear CD and is fantastic. I think it is also meeting up with soem friends to go 'jiving' on a Saturday night, but then he sses someone called Jenny and has a one night stand with her? But falls in love, sad aboiut the fact he has to leave her, but the drivers seat I think reflects on the Driver ' steering' his life and the new opportunities? Not bad for a 16 year old writing this, eh? lol

Rascal Flatts – My Wish Lyrics 15 years ago
This song could be used for a relative or any loved ones if you change the context ever so slightly and put it in the past tense. If it's in the past tense do you not think that it would be the best funeral song!?

Def Leppard – Pour Some Sugar On Me Lyrics 15 years ago
Right back to what this site is about....What does this song mean?!

Garth Brooks – Friends In Low Places Lyrics 15 years ago
When it says that he is as high as the Ivory Tower I think he is reffering to when he is drunk :S

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