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Meshuggah – Sum Lyrics 10 years ago
scary. if you take lemur's view.
i'm not sure if it's got so much applied meaning though... i might be inclined to agree with skafe.
it's almost like the key to the meaning of the rest of the album. apply the logic listed by skafe to the collected lyrics of the rest of the album.
actually, printing out a page with all the lyrics for catch thirtythree is useful, it lets you see the album as a whole, because each song has about one stanza of lyircs in it. they all join up.

Meshuggah – Mind's Mirrors Lyrics 10 years ago
i think this song might be a set of instructions...
like third eye, by tool, it seems to be a kind of riddle.
i'm going to listen to this on my next trip, i'll see what i find.

Meshuggah – Mind's Mirrors Lyrics 11 years ago
for a long time, i've been trying to find a band as enlightened and rhythmically complex as Tool.
i think i've finally stopped loooking.
i downloaded catch thirtythree a couple of days ago, and this song is absolutely amazing. i totally agree with sigvatr on the meaning of the song.

Deftones – Commanche Lyrics 11 years ago
um... guys?
you know this song isn't called commanche?
it's riviere. it was going round the internet as commanche before the release of the album though.

Deftones – Knife Party Lyrics 11 years ago
are you guys absolutely sure that the high pitched singing bit isn't chino's voice altered?
like, sampled then played back with a synth?
because it does sound like him...
just higher...

Deftones – Hexagram Lyrics 11 years ago
holyfuckingshit, you know, i've never known that deftones are this deep...
hah, i listen to tool for deepness, when it was right in front of me the whole time...
the israel/palestine interperetation makes alot of sense to me. but i don't know how the fuck someone worked out these lyrics...
he's a bit screamy on this track (in a good way).

Tool – Stinkfist Lyrics 11 years ago
ok, i wont insult your name.
(though i could)
but you are a cunt.
you're a homophobic imbecile.
shut up. shut up. shut up. shut up. shut up.
i go through this homophobic SHIT every day at my fucking school, and it's just not fucking on.
have you even listened to tool's lyrics?
they are AGAINST discrimination and violence to others. homophobia is as bad as racism, and it disgusts me. but then, you're probably a racist too.

eatmypiss bitch.

Tool – The Gaping Lotus Experience Lyrics 11 years ago
...a lazy boy is a chair.
like, joey's armchair in friends.
you dig?
it's a big comfy chair.
with an adjustable backrest and footrest.
and for fucks sake, i wish everyone would stop polarising their viewpoints.
tool are neither completely pro every drug, nor are they anti every drug.
they support use in moderation of drugs that are not addictive and soul destroying, specifically because use of drugs can help you to gain enlightenment.
they are anti using drugs for the sake of getting high. ok?
in fact, check out this wikipedia entry:

it explains alot about the way different drugs affect the brain, and although it must be taken with a pinch of salt, it is worth reading.
the eight circuits of the brain are each responsible for different aspects of consciousness.
the first 4 are pretty basic, being to do with finding food and shelter, having emotions, needing to be part of a group etc...
the drugs tool are against all affect these brain circuits: heoin, ecstacy and such.
but the next 4 circuits are inactive in most humans.
once used, they allow telepathy, higher awareness, and perception of reality in more than 4 dimensions.
the drugs that affect and can open up these circuits include cannabis, Acid, DMT, and other "psycoactives"
seriously, read the wiki article.

Tool – Reflection Lyrics 11 years ago
hmm, yeah, i really like the song brena, but i've never been able to work out what it's really about...
i didn't know it was about his soulmate...
that could be another layer of meaning in the song actually. i mean, there's never just one meaning in tool. (although it would be nice to know that this song did have one meaning; it would affirm my belief that this song, along with triad and disposition, is perfect.)
it does seem like those three at the end of lateralus (excluding faaiip de oiad, maybe. unless that has a deeper connection with the album than is obvious.)
are completely enlightened, the pinnacle of tool's music.

Tool – The Patient Lyrics 11 years ago
ah, it's called Foxy-T.
it's meant to be wuite good.
(i haven't read it).
you're right, the words themselves don't give much away...

Tool – Intension Lyrics 11 years ago
urm, i have some lyrical corrections for ya.

Pure as we begin.
Here we have a stone.
Gather, place, erase so. (i'm not sure about this line either)
Shelter turns to home.

Pure as we begin.
Here we have a stone.
throw to slay the stranger. (*)
shelter crushes bone. (*)

i dunno, that's what i heard them as.

i think it's about the way in which we use our knowledge.
knowledge can be used for good or bad, for instace, fire can be used to light and warm your home, or to forge a blade to kill and take what you want.
intension is about using our intelligence and skill at crafting tools responsibly.

Tool – Lateralus Lyrics 11 years ago
hah, kurse, you have the wrong idea entirely.
i think flankl has it.
thinking in the way we usually do, in fact have been conditioned to, is bad.
we've gotta think in different ways to see the world more clearly.
i love how this song is about seeing everything suddenly make sense...
seeing that the universe is mathematically beautiful, hence the fibonacci sequence and spirals: fibonacci spirals are present in all living structures.
check out this, i found a link to it on wikipedia.

Tool – Viginti Tres Lyrics 11 years ago
yeah, system has a good point.
how the fuck did anyone manage to make out the words? and are they completely correct?
toolfan99, the dude who posted it, are you here?
if so, give us your secret.
hah, i always thought it sounded like cars going by...
but at first i didnt even realise there were words! so i wouldnt trust anything i say.

Tool – The Patient Lyrics 11 years ago
ooh, are you serbian?
my dad got a book published over there.
(i'm english)
back to the meaning, what do you really really think this song is about?
i'd be inclined to say it has elements of his mother in there, in the same way as wings for marie...
it's like, she's a hospital patient, she's in pain, it's tedious, (she can't move or anything) for 10,000 days, but she wouldn't end it or walk away, because she thinks there's a reward at the end of her suffering.

Tool – The Patient Lyrics 11 years ago
i don't mind the bad english freshownage, your ideas are intelligent. i can't believe whoever said that shit about tool! like, oh my gosh, tool are subversive?
i SO didn't realise.
what a retard. what's his name?
and yes, i too hate the idea of sin.
immutable morality is the bane of rational thought, the very opposite of thinking for yourself.
in religious education at school, we are learning about "moral truths".
i'm refusing to do the work, on the grounds that the pretence of the lesson is a lie.
moral absolutes do not exist.
but that's not to say that i, as an atheist am evil.
it's actually rational and beneficial not to hurt anyone.

Tool – Reflection Lyrics 11 years ago
aenema, are you absolutely sure about the symetrical thing? shit...
i've never thought that, but you're right, there is something about it. by symetrical, do you mean completely symetrical, or just that the general pattern is? and snake doctor, why do you think that?
MJK is speaking at our level ENTIRELY. that's the point. this song communicates to us that we need to change, we need to realise that we are all linked, and start living life in a way that is beneficial to everyone, to see things clearly, to open the third eye. listen to it again, try and understand if you're not too much of an idiot.

Tool – The Patient Lyrics 11 years ago
ah, i melt aswell... but more so upon hearing the opening words: "a groan, of tedium escapes me..."
so emotional...
by the way, has anyone noticed the adverts that are at the sides of this page?
things like: "are you a vampire? be awakened, free" and "become a healer" etc... is that what google views tool fans as being like?

Tool – Third Eye Lyrics 11 years ago
allcaps man (bones666) seems to support that idea.

Tool – Jambi Lyrics 11 years ago
oh my days raggeddruid, i think you're fuckin' right!
and viginti tres... why particularly fear? i know there's a couple of words slowed down greatly, but what do they say? although yes, the general feeling of the song is fear. that could REALLY give you a bad trip.

Tool – Jambi Lyrics 11 years ago
emilythegreatduh: there was no fighting on this page, wtf are you on?
this is a very friendly area at the moment. i'm rather enjoying the interperetations. um, devilslittlesister, congrats on liking tool!
i'd never thought about the song in that way! it makes alot of sense as a love song, yeah.
but, as with all tool songs, tehre is never only one meaning.

Tool – The Patient Lyrics 11 years ago
i meant so, not son. sorry.

Tool – The Patient Lyrics 11 years ago
yo, icosahedron, wouldya care to explain some of this sacred geometry? you've piqued my curiosity.
i've always thought the art on the albums was very odd, and must have some sort of significance to the music, the lyrics, or their sense of spirituality. son please do tell. :]

Tool – Eulogy Lyrics 11 years ago
berserkerguts... this song is not negative.
in fact, i don't believe any of tool's songs are entirely negative.
no, in eulogy, there can be seen to be two sides to the song: firstly, there is the way the narrator seems to look up to this person, as we all have a need to look up to someone willing to take a stand for us and what we believe. but the narrator acknowledges that this martyr has flaws, "ranting and pointing his finger, at everything but his heart". he also implies that the martyr is not as brave as he seemed to be... he wasn't expecting to have to die for the cause... this song could well be about bill hicks, i don't honestly know yet. but there must be a deeper meaning to this song than just "bill hicks".

Tool – Vicarious Lyrics 11 years ago
yo, are these lyrics the full correct ones? for sure?
iu dunno, i was pretty sure the lyrics were different in one or two places... only a copuple o' words though.
i'm probably wrong.

Tool – Schism Lyrics 11 years ago
thankyou amonhorus!!
you fucking hit it straight on!
i'm glad i didnt have to write upi a long ass thing on it, you did it for me dude.
first person not to use the church split in their meaning. the splitting of the church is just so... obvious. you know? as is the lovers interperetation. that doesn't mean that those meanings aren't contained within the song, just that they are not the deepest possible meanings in there.

Tool – Schism Lyrics 11 years ago
ach, all the religious christy-christ interperetations...
depressing, as an atheist.
personally, i think the song ties in with the rest of the ALBUM on being about how humanity must unite and improve to survive.
on reflection, there is the idea that, if we realise we are all one force, and finally manage to unite, we will become something far better.
schism is also in the same vein, as it is about how we must give up our divisions, and unite. the grudge also has this strong feeling in it.

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