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Iron & Wine – White Tooth Man Lyrics 10 years ago
I've been meaning to comment on this since I first heard it two years ago, and I finally came around to it.
Basically, I find it a clear political critique of the United States and it's forigen and domestic policies. Hear me out here:

The plain clothed Cop, I think, represents the US in general, as it's sometimes sarcastically referred to as the policeman of the world and such. His patronizing, unapologetic and dismissive attitudes reflect the US's own self distanced stance. The cop says to Indian it was just an 'honest mistake' referring perhaps to the great displacements and ethnic persecutions over the whole of white American history. He ignores the pleadings of the Holy Ghost, he berates and belittles Beauty itself.

The White Tooth man is without a doubt a politician, or maybe even the president (I *ran* with him). The Map of Canaan line reflects the government trying to 'sell' the war(s) in the middle east, In Iraq, Afghanistan, and those by it's proxy Israel. 'Money already spent' reflects the huge deficit, caused by reckless policies and aforementioned wars. His hypocrisy in the 'I love this town' line is already mentioned above.
I'm not sure about the Postman, but it could be talking about increased government surveillance. Postmen deliver the mail, they aren't meant to read it, him crying might mean he's ordered to do it against his will.

Overall, I see it as a highly politically charged song.

Leonard Cohen – By the Rivers Dark Lyrics 11 years ago
Cohen uses religious motifs, figures and symbols as allegories to relationships between man and woman, man and himself, and man and man.
Seems to me the song is an amalgam of the two interpretations above. In the bible. God himself equates his relationship with the Israelites as that of a married couple, and accuses them of 'cheating' on him, so to speak.
Whether Cohen uses the religious imagery as an allegory for an infidelity within a relationship, or whether that allegory in itself represents man(or a man)'s falling with God, I really can't say.

Therion – The Perennial Sophia Lyrics 13 years ago
Adding to the well informed comment above me,
The Shekinah (Shechina, Shekhinah, etc.) is a known concept in Judaism that, much like the Gnostic/Hellenistic Sophia, refers to a feminine aspect of God, that exists in all things. Originating in Jewish writings of the early middle ages, The Shekhinah was mayhap (read: likely) borrowed from the Idea of Sophia, or perhaps older eastern concepts like Shakti (also an omnipresent female embodiment of divine energy).

Nevermore – The Psalm of Lydia Lyrics 14 years ago
Can't say much about the meaning of the song; I can, however, point out the the last three lines of the first verse seem to be based on a poem by Edgar Allan Poe, named "The Conqueror Worm" (my favorite poem of his, actually [: ) particularly the last verse of which. (Look it up)

Actually, now that I think about it, one could draw comparison between at least some lines in the song and Poe's story "Ligeia" (Ligeia? Lydia?), in which the aforementioned poem appeared, as recited by it's title character...
Or might be I'm way wrong. Still...

Nevermore – Inside Four Walls Lyrics 14 years ago
On various interviews the band stated that this song was dedicated to a friend of theirs who got a ridiculously long sentence for possession of drugs, despite it being his first offense.

Leonard Cohen – Night Comes On Lyrics 14 years ago
I reckon the second verse ("We were fighting in Egypt..".) is a reference to the Yom Kippur war, specifically the ceasefire imposed by UN resolution 338, which was broken by the Egyptian armed forces.
I know Cohan toured and played shows for Israeli soldiers during the war. Stands to reason.

In any case, it's a very good song. The last two lines really get to me sometimes.
It seems to me as being about dealing with the world, with reality, and with growing up and aging.
I'd love to read other interpretations, though.

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