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Iron Maiden – Prowler Lyrics 11 years ago
hahaha this two last guys are brilliant hahaha, especially "theonetheycallnundy", man, you don't care and you came here and even registered yourself hahahah and you dont care about song meaning haha

Iron Maiden – Rainbow's Gold (Beckett cover) Lyrics 11 years ago
I don't have a clue what this song means, but sounds very optimistic, very good piece

Iron Maiden – Sign of the Cross Lyrics 11 years ago
this song is about a Sign of the Cross, how cross looks like :-) hehe

Iron Maiden – Space Station #5 Lyrics 11 years ago
this is some deep shit song

Iron Maiden – That Girl (FM cover) Lyrics 11 years ago
and what is so bad in writing love songs sometimes? They showed us their other side of metal music, you guys seem so hot on war, death, hell, satan songs... Song is great, just like an Juanita is great

Iron Maiden – The Pilgrim Lyrics 11 years ago
No.. You are wrong.. All of you... This song is about Arnold Shwarzeneger, I'm tellin' ya

Iron Maiden – The Nomad Lyrics 11 years ago
Yeah right, "they borrowed instrumental from some blizzy flizzy Beckett", yeah of course it is, yeah... Listen man, do a favor to the world - go jump through window

Bruce Dickinson – Tattooed Millionaire Lyrics 11 years ago
great song

Bruce Dickinson – Tears Of The Dragon Lyrics 11 years ago
Unbelievable mumbo jumbo meanings... yeah right, sure it's a song about how he felt when he left maiden, blah, and hell yeah these are tears of man (LOL), he mentions dragon as for a symbol not for a nonsense replacement for a man... I don't know about what is he saying in this song but sure it's not anything you said, this song is very fucked up (sorry but it's true)

Bruce Dickinson – The Alchemist Lyrics 11 years ago
No... You are not right... this song is about Bananaman

Bruce Dickinson – The Tower Lyrics 11 years ago
These two guys are right, there is nothing else meaning exept astrology and her mistical shits

Bruce Dickinson – Wicker Man Lyrics 11 years ago
FreeFragSGS is right, you have even film with Nicolas Cage "The Wicker Man"

Bruce Dickinson – Zulu Lulu Lyrics 11 years ago
song about a blowjob hehe :-).. I am serious :-)

Bruce Dickinson – Sacred Cowboys Lyrics 11 years ago
Maybe he little stinged americans and their way of developing from begining :-)))

Bruce Dickinson – Omega Lyrics 11 years ago
don't worry, Sun is never gonna burn out, it's simply impossible, and if it still burns out - till then we will find other sun, there are plenty of 'em, as for the song's meaning I agree with all of you

Bruce Dickinson – Navigate The Seas Of The Sun Lyrics 11 years ago
Maidenfun is right, "seas of the sun" is space, what do you think why is he mentioning Einstein... My opinion is that he is singing about how we came here (human beings), and how we thought that earth is a flat plate and we new nothing about our planet until "new frontiers opened up our eyes" (ex. Gallileo...).

"So we go and will not return,
To navigate the seas of the sun
Our children will go on and on
To navigate the seas of the sun
" 0 it's obvious that one day we will leave this place forever and imprint to space to find other harbour and so our children will do the same thing, and on and on and on...

"Purple gold and blue,
Living colours every hue,
Flowers in the garden of the gods
No one can ever know
If you never saw them grow
This darkness, is really full of light"
here he is describing picture of space, he means on stars coloured in every possible hue, milliards of gallaxies and stars as God's flowers in His garden which is space...

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