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Ciara – Next to You Lyrics 12 years ago
It sounds like her and this guy are dating she thought she was ready to take it to the next level but she changed her mind hope I don't make you mad, with what I'm about to say boy
Here we are once again, and I'm havin second thoughts boy she want the boy but she scared of being next to him cause she want him so bad and afraid of what she might do but she don't want to do that just yet cause she don't want to move to fast and mess up what they have This moment is so temptin', right now it's not what I want boy Boy . you turn me on right now, I can't get down like that right now
I don't want to disturb the flow this is not my M-O,Hold up, wait a minute, we're movin way too fast
I want some like this here to last

Ciara – Promise Lyrics 12 years ago
I agree with iheartmusic17. This is how I feel now I've been single for a while and I'm lonely need someone to call boo Ciara knew what she was saying when she sung this song

Janet Jackson – Someone To Call My Lover Lyrics 12 years ago
This so sweet and sad too cause looking for someone to call her lover. I love this song so much this is one of my favorite Janet Jackson songs I love the second verse I spoil them when I'm in love
Given them what they dream of
Sometimes it's not a good thing
But I'm blind

I love hard with everything
Giving my all
More than they
I'll take my friend's advice this time
I'll do it differently

Cause it's like u put so much into a relationship and give your all and don't get the same in return love this song

Janet Jackson – Again Lyrics 14 years ago
I love this song it's so sad I can relate I've been broken up with my boyfriend for about 4 months now out of the blue he called me recently saying he miss me and think we need to build up our relationship again I told myself I would never fall again cause he gave me a wounded heart but from talking to him I'm falling in love with him again

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