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Weezer – Can't Stop Partying (feat. Lil Wayne) Lyrics 12 years ago
Man I really hope you guys are right about this song being ironic because if Rivers is serious this song is complete shit. It's everything I hate about pop music and to think that one of my favorite bands has sunken this low is extremely disheartening.

At first I thought this is a joke for sure, but then again Lil Wayne is in it so I don't know what to think.

I feel like even if it is ironic Rivers knows there will be a ton of people who take it seriously (much like what happened with the Beastie Boys' "Fight for Your Right (to Party)") so either way I've lost a ton of respect for him.

The Secret Handshake – Last Song Lyrics 12 years ago
I'm thinking the weak radio signal at the beginning of this song is a homage to The All-American Reject's similarly-named song, "The Last Song."

Watashi-Wa – At Its Finest Lyrics 13 years ago
Tru dat about the negativity except there's a lot more to it. It's pretty much a bible lesson put to song. Live humbly, not pridefully or selfishly, and serve God. (I promise if we'd all serve humbly life would be all right)

Snow Patrol – You Could Be Happy Lyrics 13 years ago
true, Em_mie, that's probably the best guess yet. But I think it's way too clean and accurate to be a real music box. Those things are hard to keep on beat. I'm going to say it's synthesized. I rejected this notion at first because of the flam-like quality that indicates sloppiness (purposefully or accidentally). I suppose sloppiness could be programmed into a computer, though.

The Used – Find a Way Lyrics 14 years ago
Here's my take on the beginning (since no one seems to like it). First of all, it reminds me of Stomp, what with making everyday noises into catchy beats and rhythms. Check Stomp out if you're not familiar with it. For sure. Going off of what I said earlier, to me these "everyday noises" (not that ripping duct tape off of someone's mouth is necessarily everyday noises) represent the daily grind and everyday life that sometimes just gets repetitive and boring. But then the beautiful guitar riff enters with a little bit of kick drum to reinforce the beat and it's like the song is saying to me, "see, you can find beauty in the most unlikely places!"

To match with the song's theme, it's kind of like someone is just bored and tired of their life except for this one gleaming jewel that happens to be the girl that he loves. She is the diamond in the rough so to speak.

Perhaps that's way too much analyzing for a "food loop"... but that's the explanation I formed in my head before reading any other explanations. Don't be hating on the beginning.

Limp Bizkit – Intro (Significant Other) Lyrics 14 years ago
I burped the other day and it reminded me of this song

Punchline – A Beautiful Green Lyrics 14 years ago
Oh no, I feel like this song's greatness is being underestimated. The slick electronic drumming combined with the forceful acoustic drumming is just a beautiful combination. The beginning guitar part is just really clean which contributes to the electronic feel I think, whereas the undistorted guitar part as well as the background vocals give it a sense of distance. All this and the repetitiveness make it so easy just to sink in to; it may be my favorite song on the album.

Speaking of background vocals, I would also like to know what is being sung at 1:18l

Punchline – Caller 10 Lyrics 14 years ago
I'm thinking of getting a shirt that says Caller 10 on the front and perhaps 37 on the back. You know, because the song's all about fate and by wearing the shirt it would be like giving fate a bit of a nudge. At least for people who are also familiar with the song. Which isn't very many people... but still.

Also "This represents" needs to be changed to "A misprint presents".

Straylight Run – I Don't Want This Anymore Lyrics 14 years ago
I've always liked this song. I know there aren't very many lyrics and those lyrics are very broad, but I've always felt like those lyrics are coming directly from my mouth. Though it does make it a little harder to relate to as the singer is a woman (sorry to all those female fans of this genre who invariably are forced to relate to the words of a male vocalist). There are male vocals during the second time around though. He's not really singing as much as he is screaming, though. I picture myself as those male vocals, however, because I am frustrated and can't sing worth a crap; suddenly I can relate to it that much more! I also like how the same male vocals seamlessly fade into a wailing guitar.

That's just one of the reasons I like it so much. The song often just pops into my head during my most depressing moments.

Snow Patrol – You Could Be Happy Lyrics 14 years ago
Does anyone know for sure what that child-like mallet instrument is that plays throughout the song? The one that gives the song its lullaby quality? Despite all of your guesses I am positive it's not a xylophone. I am just extremely curious as to what it is.

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