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Noah Georgeson – Angry Afternoon Lyrics 11 years ago
"Heat beats me down" I suppose does make more sense, since it makes it fit more with the second verse.

I think that the song is about a kid being tied between his parents after a divorce, one parent on the mountain and one on the coast. When I thought it was "he beats me down" I thought he was just straight out saying that his father beat him. Hope I was wrong about that.

Yacht – I Believe in You Lyrics 11 years ago
I guess this is YACHT's 2nd song where he uses lyrics from David Shrigley's Worried Noodles. It don't get why he would use someone else's lyrics for the song his album is named after. He did write the opening bit, though. This song is just YACHT's interpretation of David Shrigley's poem, with his thoughts about it being the 'your magic's real' chorus.

The Prayers and Tears of Arthur Digby Sellers – Shepherd's Song Lyrics 11 years ago
Sounds to me like a former Christian who longs to believe again, but cannot because he knows that god doesn't exist.

I've been there and just as the songwriter found, you can't go back once you know the truth.

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