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Cake – Wheels Lyrics 12 years ago
I agree, pakistani man. Asain's love their karaoke too!

Cake – The Distance Lyrics 12 years ago
I heard that this song was about masturbastion back it when it was released as a single however many years ago. It very well could be but i've thought of a few things other it could be about as well.

- A guy who is relentlessly persuing a girl who wants nothing to do with him, but he is blind to the fact and persistently trys at winning her over.

- As cliche' as it sounds, a speed freek of some sort who drove the person who loved him away but still trys to keep in touch with her.

-A workaholic who devotes more attention and effort to his profession than his significant other.

It could be anything any of us have said...those are just some possibilities i hear.

But if this song was about murdering babies i might would still dig it . Fuckin Love CAKE

Moe. – Rebubula Lyrics 12 years ago
first moe. song i heard and still one of my favorites. i doubt anybody listens to alot of styx(nor do i) but did anybody catch the 'goin down for the third time' part bein from the styx song snowblind? funny

Moe. – Plane Crash Lyrics 12 years ago
it could be about fucking the gutarists mother for any of you know about. I'm sure alot of you on here write music and agree that just about every song has some special meaning held to the writers knowledge only. But i'm sure the guys of moe. burn one down on occasion. they are musicians and most musicians do. good song regardless of the meaning though.

Cream – White Room Lyrics 12 years ago
pretty sure this wasnt about was written in 68 and coke wasn't even on the scene then. I'm almost positive that this song is about a bad trip and maybe with some reference to the war and the drug use that took place over there....?

Eric Clapton – Cocaine Lyrics 12 years ago
man clapton definitely performed this with a pro cocaine attitude..i have a video of him playin this song, weighing about 150 lbs., sporting a shirt that reads, "NO SNOW, NO SHOW"....hmmm.

Modest Mouse – Truckers Atlas Lyrics 12 years ago
definately about coke...durh

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