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Ghostface Killah – Shakey Dog Lyrics 13 years ago
What a great storyteller. When and where is this continued? I want to hear to conclusion.

Lil' Wayne – Mrs. Officer Lyrics 13 years ago
The lyrics to this song suck, but the beat is filthy. It's so positive and upbeat. The other night I was walking around Queen Anne tripping on mushrooms freestyling to this beat.

Ol Dirty Bastard – Brooklyn Zoo Lyrics 13 years ago
Saturday night, I was tripping on some mushrooms. I stopped to take a piss on a fire hydrant in the middle of a sidewalk in plain view of everything. One of my friends said, "Hey, there's a guy over there." I go, "Where?" I see him standing about half a block down, sort of looking over, and I go, "Pssh, he ain't sayin nothin, fuck him."

Eminem – Just Don't Give A Fuck Lyrics 13 years ago
"Slim Shady, brain dead like Jim Brady"

When I first listened to that I didn't get the reference. Then I looked it up and saw that Jim Brady was the White House press secretary under Ronald Reagan. He was nearly killed and was permanently disabled in an assassination attempt on Reagan in 1981. My reaction was "Jesus Christ, Eminem is fucking rude." But I guess that's pretty obvious. He just don't give a fuck.

Kanye West – Graduation Day Lyrics 13 years ago
This and the previous track "We Don't Care" remind me of the book by Ralph Ellison, "Invisible Man." In the book, the hero is supposed to take this white man on a drive and just show him around the college campus, but he ends up bringing him by the old slave quarters and the rich white man sees some of what the deep south is really like. The hero gets expelled from his college. I don't know, it just reminds me of the book, how he's going, look here's what it's really like, and then he gets expelled.

Liars – Drum And The Uncomfortable Can Lyrics 13 years ago
like war drums...

Portishead – Silence Lyrics 14 years ago
this song just cuts off. it's building up, building up, building up, and then...silence. intentional, i suppose?

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