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Iced Earth – Last December Lyrics 20 years ago
am the first to rocoment on this great song? Too bad because i can't say for sure the meaning of this song, but i know that it rocks.

Iced Earth – Dracula Lyrics 20 years ago
Wow i am the first to comment for this song. Great song, about dracula and his love for one chick, don't know more.

Metallica – Whiplash Lyrics 20 years ago
Best lyric ever
"But we will never stop
We will never quit
cause we are MetallicA "
Hope they remember this lyric every time they think about quiting.

Metallica – Wherever I May Roam Lyrics 20 years ago
Smasher you are going to deep.
Al Bundy i love your name.The song is simplle about the life of a band (this case metallica) which are constently on tour and every stop is their home.

Metallica – Until It Sleeps Lyrics 20 years ago
jus 2 question. Does james write all the lyrics?

Metallica – The Unforgiven II Lyrics 20 years ago
For the record Unforgiven 1 is better but 2 also rocks. Both songs have the most complicated lyrics ever. Have't understood yet the meaning.

Metallica – The Thing That Should Not Be Lyrics 20 years ago
They say it is the worst song of the album, only because the rest of the songs rule so much. The music of the song isn't so good but the way james sings it it givves you the chills. It rocks also for sure.

Metallica – The Four Horsemen Lyrics 20 years ago
i believe the number of the horsemen has nothing to do with the band. The song is simple talking about armaggedon.

Metallica – Nothing Else Matters Lyrics 20 years ago
You are all so worng. It isn't a love song. It is about a the band, that they do what ever the wont, don't mind the ctitcs and that nothing else matters. I saw it in Black Album Tribute DVD.

Metallica – Of Wolf And Man Lyrics 20 years ago
Again you guys go deep. It is about a warewolf. Every thing in life can be a metaphor of drugs. This song simply talks about warewolfs.

Metallica – Master of Puppets Lyrics 20 years ago
socken you are so wrong
Choping your breakfast on a mirror.....
Dedicated to....
Master of Puppets which is an excpresion for drugs...
Why do people always connect songs with the devil?

Metallica – Fuel Lyrics 20 years ago
You are all going too deep about this
It is simple about cars fules and NEED FOR SPEED!!!
Live on the edge, like the video clip.

Metallica – For Whom The Bell Tolls Lyrics 20 years ago
This song rules but i have to agree with some of you
This isn't about all wars in general, because some wars are about protecting your country, which is a very holy cause.

Metallica – Fade To Black Lyrics 20 years ago
metallican41 metallica lyrics are the best
This song couldn't be about cliff since cliff did 2 albums after

Metallica – Enter Sandman Lyrics 20 years ago
Trent493 fuck you
Less comments pls guys
If it wasn't for this song i would have listen of metallica also
I know that the intro was made by kirk at 3 in the morning when he could sleep

Metallica – Dyers Eve Lyrics 20 years ago
Like most of you i als suits me. Every time i was angry with my parents i heart this song or So Fuking What. Thnx James

Metallica – Disposable Heroes Lyrics 20 years ago
This song closes the mouth of all who say metallica have to deep meaning. Not like all the pop songs who talk about love and love and love. This is reality. I am not sure but the song can be against Bietnam

Metallica – Creeping Death Lyrics 20 years ago
Don't know how they got the theme, i just know kirk wrote the music when he was in his previous band and at the time he tranferred to metallica and gaved them the music

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