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Stevie Ray Vaughan – Couldn't Stand The Weather Lyrics 14 years ago
Wooh, guitarplayers concerned about world-conflicts

Steely Dan – The Last Mall Lyrics 14 years ago
Pre-Apocalyptic shopping-song?

Tom Waits – I'll Shoot the Moon Lyrics 14 years ago
Tom Waits in a nutshell

High School Musical – Breaking Free Lyrics 14 years ago
The meaning of this song is in other words: DESTROY YOUR ENNEMIES!

Steely Dan – Green Book Lyrics 14 years ago
I meant "song", not book. Too much thinking messes up the system.

Steely Dan – Green Book Lyrics 14 years ago
I am very confused about this book, and i cannot make it fit entirely with the "green books" in real life (perhaps the cd-thing?). But nevertheless, this is one smooooooooth song.

Steely Dan – King of the World Lyrics 14 years ago
post-apocalyptic galgenhumor 4ever

Donald Fagen – Walk Between Raindrops Lyrics 14 years ago
This song is so incredibly sad, powered up by the insanely happy music in the background... In other words: Fagen in a nutshell.

That happy day we'll find each other on that Florida shore... you'll open your umbrella, and we'll walk between the raindrops back to your door...


High School Musical – Breaking Free Lyrics 14 years ago
It is not of my habits to write close-to hate-coments, but I am sincerely disgusted! This is sick.

I have nothing against the song itself, except from its unoriginality and aroma of fine-polished synthesis in everything vocal. But it is impossible to defend the amorality in the lyrics ; they sing about how being the most popular persons in school (to say basketball-star and sophomore-math genius) is not enough and how they have to be the stars in the School Musical (“Not a want, but a need”… what the hell?).
But of course, every teen-girl falls in love with Troy; give me a break, the guy barely sings in the song.
Yet again Disney manages to make a smashing success out of their reused plots and polished ugliness. Read between the lines, you fairies.

To cure myself of this constant want to throw up, I intend to listen to instrumental fusion-jazz for at least two-three months, solely.

P.S. GeorgeRuk92, just because you like a pretentious give-impression-of-being-rebel band doesn’t mean that high school musical is good. In fact, High School Musical and Slipknot are driven by the same motif: money, lots and lots of money...nice interpretation, Spray.

Donald Fagen – The Nightfly Lyrics 14 years ago
Well, I suppouse it is about an independent station called WJAZ which has jazz and conversation. Hmmm, a bit too obvious perhaps?

Donald Fagen – Ruby Baby Lyrics 14 years ago
Personally, I get a weird feeling about this song. I am under the impression that the narrator actually as some sort of obsessive, one-way relationship with a prostitute.

"Each time I see you, baby my heart cries
I'm gonna steal you away from all those guys
Got some loving money too
Gonna give it all to you"

I don't know, it might be far off (and yes, I know this is not a Fagen-song), but that was actually my first impression of the song.

Pfff, Fagen makes anything sound tragicomic... even old Rock 'n' Roll classics. Respect

Steely Dan – Godwhacker Lyrics 15 years ago
"Yes we are the GodWhackers
Who rip and chop and slice"


Donald Fagen – Maxine Lyrics 15 years ago
I suppouse it's about a couple planning their fantastic future full of happiness while they try to last till graduation.

Love the song, the piano-intro, the lyrics, the general fagen (steely dan)-soud. I just miss a bit of variation in the drumbeat... gets a bit monotone and boring. But exept from that... splendid

Donald Fagen – The Goodbye Look Lyrics 15 years ago

Steely Dan – Fire In The Hole Lyrics 15 years ago
I love the piano-solo in this song, each time i hear it i get an orgasm

Steely Dan – Show Biz Kids Lyrics 15 years ago
I'm pretty shure steely dan invented the wheel and fire too.

love the song, a bit Frank Zappaesque; reminds me a bit of "trouble every day", just a bit more smooth (like each and every steely dan song)

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