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of Montreal – Dour Percentage Lyrics 9 years ago
I've murdered so much of myself here
just to try and accommodate you

The Extraordinaires – Neighborhood Watch Lyrics 11 years ago
and making noise
with a *broken* branch

I can't begin to comprehend
a thing like *payin' rent*

Dan Deacon – Snookered Lyrics 12 years ago
"Still got my SHAPE but not for long"

"Heard all the rain, but the rain all turned to piss"

Big Business – The Drift Lyrics 12 years ago
Are we sure about the "honey" line? If so, I guess I don't understand the metaphor. How would that happen even once, let alone thrice?! Who would someone try to draw a map with honey? Can someone explain? At first I heard "money" but that doesn't make sense to me either.

John Vanderslice – They Won't Let Me Run Lyrics 12 years ago
Reminiscent of Tom Waits' "Frank's Wild Years". Same sentiment.

Man Man – I, Manface Lyrics 12 years ago
It's about a werewolf. The man is in love with a woman, but knows that the wolf will kill her. He cannot resist her so he visits perhaps a gypsy or voodoo practitioner to cure the curse who gives the advice "bury deep in the hot hot sand..."

Melvins – A History of Bad Men Lyrics 12 years ago
I'm hearing
"Did you hear that? I gotta real bad feeling..."

Big Business – I'll Give You Something To Cry About Lyrics 12 years ago
"Bring me an axe to grind. Look its not hard to find..."

Big Business – Grounds For Divorce Lyrics 12 years ago
I agree with Captain Famous. Also, its "Your stables will burn, And your harvest will crumble, Your fields will lay fallow for years"

This album is about mental illness, superstition, death, savagery, hardship and other such rottenness that one faced in the old west.

Sleepytime Gorilla Museum – Puppet Show Lyrics 12 years ago
No. What's the guy on second base.

Smog – The Well Lyrics 13 years ago
I love this song, but I must admit that I have trouble interpreting the metaphor.

Smog – Let Me See the Colts Lyrics 13 years ago
The great thing about good lyrics is that they can mean vastly different things to different people. I would have never drawn the same conclusion as gueveralives, but there is no wrong answer.

I saw Bill Calahan a week or so after my grandfather's funeral. I wished I would have choose this song to play there. My grandfather owned race horses and was also a tough-as-nails paternal figure. I love the line "the all knowing all seeing eye is dog tired and just wants to see the colts". Also, the metaphor of the future is very powerful in the context of death.

Pantera – The Badge Lyrics 13 years ago
For some reason most metal covers of punk songs miss the point completely, but this one is perfect. I think its because they pretty much left it alone (except for the extended guitar solo).

I wonder why these lyrics aren't also listed under Poison Idea.

Animal Collective – For Reverend Green Lyrics 14 years ago
I just read that in the original UK version of the classic board game Cluedo, "Mr. Green" as he is known in the American version is "Reverend Green".

More than likely, the song is a reference to Rev. Al Green or nothing at all. In response to sean1058, I'd like to think that AC is above making a goofy pot reference.

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