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James Vincent McMorrow – We Don't Eat Lyrics 9 years ago
This song is fantastically beautiful. Someone earlier mentioned that they didn't understand the line:

"Never once has any man I've met been able to love, so if I were you I'd have a little trust".

This is a very eloquent way of saying that humans will always let us down. We are not perfect, and we are not capable of loving the way God does. So, it's important to trust the Lord who loves us unconditionally and will never let us down.

Never Shout Never – Sweet Perfection Lyrics 11 years ago
This song just makes me happy. His joy is contagious, and I love that he looks for people that appreciate the silliness and the little things in life. Not too many guys out there that truly love the romance of life.

Never Shout Never – Lousy Truth Lyrics 11 years ago
I think the song is pretty self-explanatory. I can't stop thinking about this song, though. I feel so bad for her. and for him. I sense that he's written a bunch of his songs about this girl...

Putting myself in her shoes, it breaks my heart to think that someone you love can physically leave you and become someone else entirely, let you down, etc. Being on the road is hard, and staying grounded is harder. He says if she leaves, he can guarantee he won't break her heart, but my guess is that if they've been in this long-distance "thing" for over 3 years... this song would break her heart.

He obviously really cares/cared for her because this is a hard decision and a carefully worded song. On the other hand, he also hints that she's not perfect either.. maybe they're just not meant to be. He doesn't really leave the door open. He doesn't say anything like, "Maybe one day, we'll work it out." Such sad sentiments, but what an honest song. Beautiful, really.

Say Anything – High School Low Lyrics 13 years ago
this song has some hilarious lyrics, but my favorite part is definitely:
"the best years of my life, oh my god i hope not"

i was so ready to get out of high school... and i remember people telling me to cherish those days because they're "the best days of your life" .... and i just remember thinking, 'shit, i hope not.' and for the record... college is way more fun.

Jack Johnson – Enemy Lyrics 13 years ago
wow, thanks itisshaggy. I would never have guessed that's what it was about. man, jack's had some hard times lately.

I love this picture -
"I put hatred in a box then I locked it
The strongest one I made
I buried it all grew a tree without thorns
And sat beneath its shade"

It is such a good feeling to rise above something like this and be at peace.

Jack Johnson – Sleep Through the Static Lyrics 13 years ago
Jack really has a way with words. This song has some particularly brilliant lyrics - I love the sarcasm. And I love the way he blends two ideas together in one line.

"Stuck between channels my thoughts all quit
I thought about them too much, allowed them to touch"
After he sings this, he has a verse or two that are all constructed this way... at first listen, you might only pick up on a few key phrases, not realizing what he's done. depending on how you listen to it and what you're listening for, you get a different impression. and that in itself is just reinforcing his whole point. what the past two people have said about the bumper stickers has completely followed through in the lyrics of the song.

jack is my hero.

Jack Johnson – Losing Keys Lyrics 13 years ago
i got something very different from this song. this whole album was dedicated to Danny Riley (Jack's cousin who died), and every track is a little darker than his other work. anyway, I think this song is maybe just about him dealing with his cousin's death.

it sounds like the first part is about his wife making things seem better than they are - so people don't think he's depressed or something. she's trying to get him out, possibly overcompensating for his depression with her "lovely stories" - but he wants her to chill out a little. he's not even sure he believes them "i'm hoping some of them are true," but the problem in this song is not their relationship.

in the chorus, he talks about how this (his cousin's death) is affecting him, and he says, "See you reaching to me, gonna save me" - he knows she's just trying to help. As for the part about losing keys, I think that sort of thing happens when you're really distracted and depressed - he's just drawing us a picture.

And if you listen to the rest of the song with this in mind, it just talks about how he feels. Pretty somber for Jack, actually. "The world has its ways to quiet us down" - Sometimes, life is just painful. :(

John Mayer – Say Lyrics 14 years ago
hey rileycat, i know exactly what you're saying about the movie trailer... i wasn't excited about the movie until i saw the video.

smallvillefan4, ... by "say too much", he could literally mean talking too much, saying something too often, or he could mean that you tell this person more than you mean for them to know.

But, for example, it's generally better to tell someone too often that you love them than to lose them and suddenly never be able to to tell them how you feel again.

John Mayer – Say Lyrics 14 years ago
the video is free on itunes right now, too. be sure to pick that up... the movie looks good!

the chorus is my ringtone right now.... it's kinda perfect for a ringtone, i think.

Matt Wertz – Somedays Lyrics 14 years ago
It's one of those days that is so gorgeous, you can't help but thank God for his creations. Appreciating days like this can give you such a spiritual high, and you can't help but sing His praises all day long. Who wouldn't want a day like this to last forever?

Unfortunately, sometimes it rains... and the other side of it is hinted at through his clever lines about saving sunlight and green for a rainy, brown day. You can't live from spiritual high to spiritual high. You have to keep that faith with you from day to day... which Matt is depicting in his line "I can't be letting joy depend on the sun rays".

Definitely puts you in a great mood! LOVE him :)

Matt Wertz – This Moment Lyrics 14 years ago
"Bring peace and heal me." such a powerful line, and he does such a great job of making this sound like prayer. so good to hear Matt show his faith... beautiful.

Citizen Cope – Sideways Lyrics 14 years ago
this is, perhaps, one of the easiest songs to lose yourself in.

i've actually applied these lyrics to my life in several different situations which you have all described above already, so i won't repeat them... but those feelings that you just can't shake... sound exactly like this.

Matt Wertz – Heartbreaker Lyrics 14 years ago
guaranteed to put you in a fantastic mood.

it's actually kinda sad... i mean, it's about a girl who played games with him, broke his heart, and he explains that he's completely devastated.

and yet...

the song is incredibly upbeat. complete with happy claps, silly background vocals, and and all-around good vibe.

it was awesome live. Matt is my hero.

Nickel Creek – Doubting Thomas Lyrics 14 years ago
guys... great interpretations. i have nothing more to add except that this song is so powerful, it actually brings tears to my eyes. i think there are times when everybody probably feels this way... his delivery is beautiful. respect.

Tally Hall – Smile Like You Mean It Lyrics 14 years ago
their harmonies are brilliant.

good to hear them do a "normal"ish song, if that makes sense. but i love how they added their Tizzy Hizzy flavor to this cover... and now i never wanna hear the Killers sing it again.

Tally Hall – Spring and a Storm Lyrics 14 years ago
this is probably my favorite TH song.

the first couple times i heard it, i didn't make it much past the first verse because i got bored..... but the first time i heard the Mr. Moon part, i giggled to myself for maybe 5 minutes straight.

They are SUCH goofballs.

Tally Hall – Good Day Lyrics 14 years ago
is it just me, or do they not kinda sound like OK GO in this one? maybe a little Queen, too.

Glen Phillips – Easier Lyrics 14 years ago
"i wanna be the toy in your cereal box" -- i love it. the whole idea of it.

terrific song. he does amazing collaborations, but i always forget how much i like him on his own.

Nickel Creek – When You Come Back Down Lyrics 14 years ago
i think this is definitely one of nickel creek's finest.

i would like to agree with whoever it was that suggested it's about letting someone go chase their dream of becoming a musician and touring.

"i'll be the harmony in every lonely song
that you learn to play"

there are a million songs with this same premise, but this one is certainly one of my favorites. it's always hard to let someone go, but to put someone else's dreams ahead of your relationship is the truest kind of love and should never be forgotten.

i absolutely love all the interpretations y'all have posted. i never thought of it as a parent/child situation, but i think it works. i'm about to graduate college in december, and my mom is going crazy.

Nickel Creek – Somebody More Like You Lyrics 14 years ago
ooooooooooh bring on the BITTER! ......this is a collection of "best" wishes for the ex that left you because you're just too different. and by "best", i mean "bitter and spiteful." this piece is packed with brilliant, sarcastic lyrics, including "i hope you meet someone your height so you can see eye-to-eye with someone as small as you." beautiful harmonies, clever lyrics, and as always, gorgeous music. definitely one of my favorites from nickel creek. i saw them play at Merlefest last year. they're even better live.

Matt Wertz – The Way I Feel Lyrics 14 years ago
in the beginning, he kinda has that same feel that John Mayer used to have (back when he was acoustic).

anyway, the song is just about how good this new relationship feels.

i love when he sings:
"They say this happens nearly every day,
But not to me and that is why I wanna say.."
It's not every day that you fall in love... or even meet someone who gives you butterflies... and he's just so excited. it's adorable.


Matt Wertz – Red Meets Blue Lyrics 14 years ago
i can't wait to see him sing this live... or at least I hope it's on his set list Thursday.

Matt Wertz – Counting To 100 Lyrics 14 years ago
This is sort of his equivalent of John Mayer's "Love Song for No One" .... I'm not going to say either one is better. They're both awesome songs, but it was just the first thing I thought of. Different spin on it though, kinda. I like how he turned it into a kind of game. Nice job, Wertz.

Matt Wertz – Even The Streets Lyrics 14 years ago
he wants to forget her, but he can't. or more than that, he feels like he needs to forget her because their relationship won't work for some reason.

this is about what it's like to leave someone. literally. to pick up and leave so that you can get your mind on something else and clear your head. but when you have loved someone the way that he loves her, he hears their story everywhere - whether it's in a song on the radio, in a movie you saw, or just out in the rest of the world.

"even the streets they speak your name out here" - could be a couple different things. at first, i thought about what it's like when you think you hear someone say your name but you don't know them, and they weren't calling you. sometimes when you're thinking about someone, you hear their name all the time.. just because you're so focused on them.

another possibility is that the road reminds him of her... maybe he is driving a familiar route that they used to take. or maybe he just sees her in other people that he comes in contact with out on "the streets". like i said before, when someone is on your mind, you see them everywhere... even if they're nowhere around.

and bonus - he has to go home sometime. and all the pictures of her are waiting for him there.

Matt Wertz – I'm Sorry Mary Lyrics 14 years ago
One thing about Matt Wertz is that when I listen to his voice, i really believe him. In this song especially... spectacular job.

This girl just drained him emotionally, and he's through. Good for you, Matt. Good for you.

Matt Wertz – Everything's Right Lyrics 14 years ago
sometimes it's just about being somewhere familiar with people that make you smile.

Matt Wertz – Falling Off The Face Of The Earth Lyrics 14 years ago
"i keep forgetting to keep you an arm's length away"

it's hard to push someone away when you really like them.

Tyler Hilton – Our Time Lyrics 14 years ago
"i'm leavin behind
the you in my mind
though i know it's new
it's something i'll try"

gorgeous. it sounds to me like he's been without this girl for a while, and he is just now committing to getting over her. sometimes it takes a while.

Tyler Hilton – Up Late Again Lyrics 14 years ago
no idea why this song has no comments, cause it's beauuuuuuutiful.

this song is a perfect description of what happens when you get to thinking about an old lover... and good memories fill your thoughts, and you can't sleep.

i love the lines
"I know I'm stepping way out of line
But you're the reason I sing"

he knows they're not getting back together.. but he will always carry her memory with him, and she continues to inspire him.

Tyler Hilton – Meant Something To Me Lyrics 14 years ago
this is my absolute favorite tyler hilton song.

i've definitely felt this way before... he's worried that he's taken her affections the wrong way maybe, or more likely, he's just thinking maybe he cares a little more than she does.

i'm thinking the 22nd day in november is probably his birthday, and that always means something.

Tyler Hilton – The Letter Song Lyrics 14 years ago
this tune is one of my favorites from tyler hilton. it just makes you happy.. great for summertime road trips, or just when you need a little pick-me-up.

the song is about him kinda being in the doghouse for not putting enough heart into his relationship. he's trying to win her back with a love letter, and he's hoping she'll forgive him.

"I admit I take advice from more romantic minds, But I can proudly reassure you this idea was all mine.
I'm gonna write you a letter"

...he's so proud of himself, who wouldn't forgive him? and it's a little silly because he thinks that this single act is exactly what she's looking for.

also, i wonder what it is that he was thinking about that got him in trouble... i love the lyrics because my thinking gets me in trouble too sometimes.

"My thoughts belong in a book in a store
Where they're silently read, but spoken no more"

i swear, these nashville boys.....

Matt Wertz – 5:19 Lyrics 14 years ago
they're at least on a break... she says "baby, don't worry"

normally when you're broken up, the pet names disappear. he wants to tell her that he's not trying to smother her, but he isn't ready to give up on their relationship.

great song. i love his style.

Matt Wertz – Carolina Lyrics 14 years ago
I love this song... I think you guys are right about the general meaning of the song...

I love that he starts out with the setting
"Tennessee, January,
Everything, ordinary"

and in walks this girl (from Carolina?) as if he's referring to her by where she's from. At least that's what I take from it.

I'm gonna see him play in october - yayyyyyyyyy

Jack Johnson – No Other Way Lyrics 14 years ago
Alright everybody... I just read an interview with Jack Johnson from HARP magazine, and this is straight from the horse's mouth. He explains every one of his tracks on the album, and here's what he had to say about this one:

“No Other Way“

"That one starts out, “When your mind is a mess, so is mine/I can’t sleep because it hurts when I think.” I think anybody who has been with the same person for a long time-whether it’s a girlfriend or boyfriend, or if they’re married-and when you care about somebody enough, if they’re going through something heavy in their life, you can’t just block it out of your mind and be happy and go about your day. When they’re sad, the waves affect you as well."

So, most everyone was right. except for you outliers who thought it was about cancer or death or pregnancy. But that's the great thing about this song. It means whatever you need it to mean. Jack is especially gifted in that particular area.

This song is very personal to me. I have been on both sides of this struggle. And then there's this weird little scenario... One of my closest friends had just gotten out of a kinda messy break up. He had the first verse of this song up on his away message for days after the break up... i guess just dealing with it. processing it. When I read over the lyrics, it seemed so perfect... this girl was horrible.

She was manipulative and dramatic.... so the part "for somebody's sake, please close your eyes woman, please get some sleep"
was kinda showing his frustration with her but at the same time, he loved her more than anything even for all that she was. It took him a long time to get over that girl... but he finally did. It just kinda had to happen... sometimes there is "no other way".

The Holloways – Generator Lyrics 14 years ago
i'm addicted.

it's impossible not to love this song. i agree with the first comment. it's infectious! great word!

plus... i definitely used to tape songs straight off the radio... over and over til the tape didn't work anymore. goooood times.

Hellogoodbye – I Saw It On Your Keyboard Lyrics 14 years ago
sophielou90, oh my gosh i totally agree with you on that last line. "i didn't mean to scare you, you just seem really nice" .... stalkerish... but adorable.
iloveforrest. he's presh.

Holiday Parade – Crimson Red Lyrics 14 years ago
ok, i hate to be like everyone else, but i love the SoCo references.

"You always make me feel like July" - Perfect.
there's something about summertime, you know? those days when the weather is perfect and nothing can go wrong...

also... i've been addicted to this song for the past couple days because i can't get the one line out of my head:

"i think i've found something ama-aaaa-zing"

i love the way he turns his voice when he sings that part. the emotion is definitely believable.

John Mayer – Tracing Lyrics 14 years ago
"i mean come on,
its not like we've known ourselves that long" - i love this. i mean yeah, they probably haven't known each other very long - but more than that, he's just saying that they're way too young to be in this deep aka we're not actually in this deep.

"the shape of calling home" is a big deal to me. these days it's rare to be able to dial someone's number with your eyes closed. and when you're in love with someone, it's like they are your home... especially once you're out on your own.

John Mayer – Untitled Song Demo Lyrics 14 years ago
my world would be a very different place if he HAD given up. i'll tell you that.

John Mayer – Hummingbird Lyrics 14 years ago
"in fact i quite depended on her" ... as much as i love johnny, that line almost makes me mad. i guess just because it sounds like he's been taking her for granted.. maybe even hoping she wouldn't notice. well... i guess she did.

of course, i can't stay mad at johnny. haha. no way. he's my hero.

John Mayer – Stitched Up (With Herbie Hancock) Lyrics 14 years ago
oh johnny.

he's such a smart lyricist. i don't really think this song needs an explanation, but I am surprised to see it with so few comments.

i love how he spends the whole song talking about how he's not going to pursue this girl because of this and that, but then at the end he repeats "stitch me up, string me out, trap me in, lock me down" ... cause even though he says he's too smart for her games, he still wants her. of course he does.

Jason Mraz – Better Lyrics 14 years ago
"and i want to say that it's not always easy
but it's simple that way" - i love this. he's saying, yeah i know it's hard, but it's always hard. you can always expect that.

"so you say it gets better
it only gets better
better this way
better, maybe it's better this way" - have you ever had someone fight with you over a break up? they're telling you this is just a rough patch, and they want to work through it... it will get better, they promise. but you've had it... and you don't want to work through it anymore. at this point, it's just better this way.

and then when he says "it only gets better" ... to try and comfort her, my heart breaks. cause you know that girl is not hearing him. but it's true. no point in staying with someone that doesn't love you... such a sad song... but it's addicting.

this is definitely my favorite mraz tune. well, this one and I'm Yours... which is the total opposite, actually, now that i think about it. haha.

jason mraz is my hero.

Jack Johnson – Dreams Be Dreams Lyrics 14 years ago
This song hits home for me in a big way. I used to date this guy who was very controlling and very jealous. When I went off to college, he was in college back home - he had all sorts of restrictions on me as a girlfriend, and i let him do it. but it wasn't enough for him to hold me back, he decided to transfer up here. I kept trying to leave, but he just kept following me. When I finally ended things for good, I just played this song on repeat... finally being free, and having the strength to get away from such an unhealthy relationship is very empowering.

Jason Mraz – I'm Yours Lyrics 14 years ago
mr. mraz never ceases to amaze me. there's no way to listen to this song and not smile. i love the line "open up your plans and, damn, you're free." ...that completely describes the way i used to be. once you've been hurt, it's hard to open yourself up again... but at some point, you have to just give in and give somebody new a shot.

my favorite line is when he sings "it's your godforsaken right to be loved" ... his words have a way of making you feel special even when you may not always think you are.

The Rocket Summer – Goodbye Waves and Driveways Lyrics 14 years ago
this was the first Rocket Summer song i ever heard, and i have two of his albums now.. but this one is still my favorite.

the line that gets me is: "We just want know if this, is this over?"

he sounds so scared when he sings that part... and it's that very moment that is the scariest. when one of you says something so mean or hateful that you think that one comment might just have ended things... and your heart drops to the bottom of your stomach and all the blood rushes from your head, and you just stare at each other because you almost can't even believe it.
very powerful. respect.

The Rocket Summer – Goodbye Waves and Driveways Lyrics 14 years ago
this was the first Rocket Summer song i ever heard, and i have two of his albums now.. but this one is still my favorite.

the line that gets me is: "We just want know if this, is this over?"

he sounds so scared when he sings that part... and it's that very moment that is the scariest. when one of you says something so mean or hateful that you think that one comment might just have ended things... and your heart drops to the bottom of your stomach and all the blood rushes from your head, and you just stare at each other because you almost can't even believe it.
very powerful. respect.

Third Eye Blind – Motorcycle Drive By Lyrics 14 years ago
3eb's debut album is one of my favorite albums... ever. and that's a lot to say. in fact, to this day, this very song is my absolute favorite song... i could listen to it a million times and never get tired of it.

when this cd first came out and i was rockin out to it with my middle school friends at the beach, i had no idea what i was listening to. we memorized the lyrics to all the songs, and we still had no idea. but even then, this song made me feel something. there's a bittersweetness to it accompanied by such a calming acoustic guitar that it starts to make you miss places you've never been and people you've never known. now that i'm older, it's surprising to listen to this song and understand it so personally.

Matt Nathanson – Curve Of The Earth Lyrics 14 years ago
this is definitely one of those situations where he is trying so hard to be bitter towards her, but he can only put up the front for so long.. because the truth is, he still cares about her in spite of it all. once he breaks with that line, "tell me does he look like me at all/cause they're all an awful lot like you", it is such a revealing, heartbreaking moment.

why is it always the assholes that hook us?

Paolo Nutini – Last Request Lyrics 14 years ago
I think everyone kinda gets the song, so I won't offer any more insight really... but this song means so much to me. i definitely know what it's like to know that there's no future with someone, but you don't want it to end. My ex fits the description perfectly.. and for some time after we broke up, he would still come up for the weekend and stay with me. We both knew we wouldn't work out, but some part of me couldn't let go of him - but this song is exactly what that feeling sounds like: lyrics, tempo, melody, and his beautiful raw voice. the emotion is definitely there.

Holiday Parade – Success Story Lyrics 14 years ago
It didn't print all of my comment... but I also wanted to say that I kind of hear a Hellogoodbye influence... maybe a little Ben Folds with all the ba da da's at the end. Good song. Check out Mixdown, too.

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