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Imogen Heap – Oh Me, Oh My Lyrics 12 years ago
i like the way it ends, sounds very similar to "lay lady lay" by bob dylan at that part.

Sia – Sunday Lyrics 12 years ago
yeah i get a simple message from this song, and it's to give yourself a break. people can tear themselves apart without meaning to, people go through such self loathing addictions grief labour fear, and just give themselves some time to rest and enjoy life on the day of rest

really like the verses. and her voice.

Röyksopp – The Girl And The Robot Lyrics 12 years ago
i actually never heard of robyn before this song, but when i heard this track i thought i'd check her out, and i actually dont like her stuff very much...
i think this song is amazing, i love the lyrics, Sliver025, there's definitely heart. robyn's voice is so good for this song i think because she's so strong, but the lyrics show so much's nice to have a voice that doesnt sound melodramatic and whiny, but still admitting she's so alone without him.

amazing tune too!

Röyksopp – Remind Me (Someone Else's Remix Radio Edit) Lyrics 12 years ago
i think the line is "failing to recall, what i was missing all that time in england" not "prevailing"

i found another way to look at this song. i live with my boyfriend in the uk where i study and i dont get to see my family and old school friends until i go back home for the holidays. this summer i was really looking forward to going back and seeing everyone, but once i arrived i realized i missed living with my boyfriend and going home to him, and even though i was really excited to see everyone and having a good time, i still felt a bit lost knowing he was half a world away...
i was missing being back home, but when i got back i was always reminded of how nice it was before.

haha i dont think im explaining this very well, but that's the way i see it. the "brave men tell the truth" verse even related to me trying to explain to my boyfriend without seeing him face to face and the miscommunication (if that is a word) and the frustration because sometimes i can just be silent and he'll understand, but that's not how it works on msn is it.

lovely lovely song

Röyksopp – Miss It So Much Lyrics 12 years ago
does anyone know if the singer lykke li? it sounds like her

Röyksopp – Happy Up Here Lyrics 12 years ago
such a feel good song!!!
this is definitely one of my favourites. i think more musical tracks ought to include laughter. laughter is contageous!

Devotchka – Whiskey Breath Lyrics 12 years ago
yeh i thought it was drag.

my favourite part has to be "...drowning out the words you say, but go ahead get em off your chest"

"And I feel it in the marrow of my lazy bones
You're onto something better
And there's always someone better"
this part i thought was coming from the girl with whiskey breath, and then the "did i drag you down" part was the singer saying is it my fault you're not doing so good? and also kind of ironic coz she thinks he's moving onto better thing, but also thinks he's low "did i drag you down here to my level"
that part i definitely felt was sarcastic.

i dno how i came to the conclusion that the whiskey breath speaker was a girl, does anyone else feel that way?

Devotchka – The Oblivion Lyrics 12 years ago
this is one of my favourite devotchka songs. it seems kinda sweet, but then you get the feeling it's a little more sexual, and maybe that's the reason the girl wants to leave him, because his measure of love is through sex?
nick urata's voice is so engaging, i cant see how any other singer would make this song work.

King Missile – Detachable Penis Lyrics 12 years ago
KurdtTBO blah blah blah we can each interpret songs however we like dont go attacking people just because they see things differently to you.

when i downloaded this song it said it was by butthole surfers, now i am confused. is it for sure king missile?

Soul Coughing – Uh, Zoom Zip Lyrics 12 years ago
i have no clue what it's about either, but the line uh zooooom zip just does it for me.
such a chilled song :)

Gogol Bordello – Through the Roof 'n' Underground Lyrics 12 years ago
i love it when he sings disconbumbled
i didnt realise he was in the movie everything is illuminated until i watched wristcutters. he's a pretty good actor

LCD Soundsystem – Beat Connection Lyrics 12 years ago
i thought the line was "everyone thinks that it means too much"
lcd soundsystem rocks my socks

Cherry Ghost – Roses Lyrics 12 years ago
love the line "I have rumbled quite a feast"
yeh i thought it was the beautiful things like roses among the horrible things like the bitter end of blushing brides and cosmonauts.
there's kind of a kiddyish feel in the "blushing brides and cosmonauts" line, like his most precious childhood dreams or plans have been destroyed, now he has to pretend things are going to be ok.
i just cant get over his voice! it's really lovely but also so sad

The Decemberists – Clementine Lyrics 12 years ago
yeah the whole thing is lovely
i'd say my favourite parts are "..that will be there till after we die" and the ending "and i watch as you sleep" part
aiaiai cant stand how sweet it is. it's beyond beautiful!! and i hate cheesy sweet songs. for some reason i adore this one.

K'naan – In the Beginning Lyrics 12 years ago
my favourite verse is the "it's better to light a candle than to curse the dark..." one.
how strange that it makes you feel happy?
"and we keep holding on
and we keep being strong
and we keep holding on
and on and on and on"

K'naan – Voices in My Head Lyrics 12 years ago
this song makes me so angry and sad.

K'naan – I was Stabbed by Satan Lyrics 12 years ago
"this song is a poem and the whole poem is a tear
dropped in your ear"

my favourite line. what rapper is more poetic than k'naan?

K'naan – My Old Home Lyrics 12 years ago
i thought some of the lyrics were different:
"kids playin’ football with a sanded sock" as in a sock filled with sand?
these two lines need to be switched:
"The coral reef make you daze in reflection
The coastal line was the place of seduction" <----this line comes first
i think the line should be "Spoiled the parade, like rain"
also sounds like this line should be "The land vomits ghosts in my old home" but not sure.
and i think "nigga', fuck your plans"

not saying these are 100% correct, just what i thought it was.
so glad k'naan is finally up, ive been waiting for his lyrics for ages

Tori Amos – You Can Bring Your Dog Lyrics 13 years ago
hm i thought the "you can bring your mum" part was like a challenge, like she's saying bring what you got! and for humorous reasons, i thought.

Regina Spektor – Chemo Limo Lyrics 13 years ago
i couldnt be bothered to read al 4 pages of comments (sorry!) but did anyone else think that when regina sings about barbara being so much like her mum, was the whole thing something that happened to regina's mum? coz she repeats that line about barbara, i dno if her mum is called barbara, or maybe it's not the same name but could have parallels to her mum's life? i was just singing it over and over to myself and the idea sprrrung to mind.

Paul Simon – Everything Put Together Falls Apart Lyrics 13 years ago
i think this might be my favourite paul simon song and nobody's even commented! although, i thought it was just called everything put together.
love his voice, and all his lyrics and the ending is so perfect!

Paul Simon – Can't Run But Lyrics 13 years ago
ooooh this is one of my favourites. there's that chromatic run on, i dont know what it is, something like a xylophone? that's the best!
although, i confess im very confused about what it all means.

Andrew Bird – Minor Stab Lyrics 13 years ago
this song! it's one of my favourites by andrew bird. the strings really get me haha, and this line "quarter stick rocket and nails in his pocket" ahh.
to me i imagine an unhappy, bitter fella who struggles to make a living, driven mad by anger, plants a bomb, and afterwards everyone blames him for being a bad person or a madman, but it's not his fault because he was dragged into this torturous life he leads. all rather melodramatic, which fits with the style of this song i think.

Psapp – In My Head Lyrics 13 years ago
it's on the Grey's Anatomy soundtrack.

Fionn Regan – Be Good or Be Gone Lyrics 13 years ago
"the last verse is the singer showing us how he feels his life has been sort of swallowed and shadowed by hers, failed though it was. like all he really is now is a storyteller of her life, an aerial view. also this verse gives the feeling rose has passed on and hes left alone now and feeling alone and empty."

nitai, i agree about that. i wasnt sure how but i did get the feeling he was something not as meaningful or significant to rose, perhaps he has become a symbol of her old life, just because when he is around, she gets to retell and remember her past?
i dont agree about the lover idea though, i see rose as a much older lady who has possibly passed away.

Fiona Apple – Sleep to Dream Lyrics 13 years ago
"i say gimme mine back and then go there, for all i care"
ahh brilliant! an indirect "go to hell you fuckface!!"
the second verse is "i have never been so insulted in all my life" just rolls out of her mouth with so much weight. brilliant. brilliant. brilliant.
i always thought the line was "i could swallow the seas twice than all this pride", meaning she has had to swallow her pride and it was so tough she'd rather swallow the seas twice. but im not sure, what does everyone else think?

Fiona Apple – Tymps (The Sick in the Head Song) Lyrics 13 years ago
im curious about the title. i know what tymps are, but why did she wanna call the song "tymps"? because i actually dont think the piano sounds like a boinging drum, voiceofreason, if that's what you meant. tympani drums only play certain notes, the tonic and the dominant, and are very resonant. the high xylophone notes are so perfect, jingly but also kind of ominous to me. those dont sound like tymps either though, so what is this title about! i need enlightenment!

Fiona Apple – Please Please Please Lyrics 13 years ago
this is one of my favourite songs of hers. i just love the way the tune jumps and jerks in the chorus, i feel like it emphasises the harsh demands of whoever fiona apple is referring to (yes, the music industry is very likely, but when i first hear this song i thought it was about a romantic relationship. no more cliched melodies, no more trivial maladies, no more insincere apologies, no more trying to fix me, but at the same time she knows like everyone else she just wants some familiarity/comfort)

i also just like "please please please". it's desperate and exhausted.

Fiona Apple – Parting Gift Lyrics 13 years ago
the way she sings that "oh you silly stupid past time of mine", oh gosh bajeesa i just wanna break out into hopeless karaoke singing.
this song is brilliant. but im a little confused about these lyrics:

"Should’ve put ‘em, should’ve put ‘em on again
So I could see you see me sincerely yelling back"

does this mean she was arguing, but was in denial/not paying him any attention, or was she originally not yelling, but wished she had seen clearly/accepted what he really wanted and yelled at him for it?
haha er. am i just making this all very confusing?

Regina Spektor – Secret Stash (No One) Lyrics 13 years ago
i dont necessarily think it's about a prostitute, although it is plausible. i do agree with what everyone's said about being dependent on yourself. i really like how in the second verse she is so unaffected by the other person, "I might believe you next time, maybe give it another try" it's always her choice, she makes the changes.
her beatboxing at the end is lovely, it's so good without accompaniment.

Cherry Ghost – 4am Lyrics 13 years ago
this song always makes me smileeee.
i think it's how that image of his lover comes back to him all the time, on the last bus home, at the discount bend in the supermarket. when he has to do these things all on his own he feels like he has a hole in his heart, and he just misses the time at 4am when his lover was sleeping next to him.

Psapp – Calm Down Lyrics 13 years ago
it's awesome the way she sings "never never"
i think my favourite part is "we repeat forever, forever yeah"
my idea of the song is this person who doesnt appreciate the small things, the bees the wax, the fly and the rush, and gets caught up in anger or anxiety. it's frustrating because it goes on and on, repeating forever.
there's a resignation in her voice when she sings "you'll never calm down", like she's given up and has been disappointed. lovely.

M.I.A. – U.R.A.Q.T. Lyrics 13 years ago
are these lyrics correct? i always hear "is your dad a dealer coz you doped me"

Santigold – Pretty Green Lyrics 13 years ago
i thought it was "ive got a pocket full of pretty green" not bucket?
wasnt this made with mark ronson?
i really like her "HEY" it always makes me jump

Patrick Wolf – The Magic Position Lyrics 13 years ago
i really dont think it has sleazy undertones haha mainly because of the kiddies chiming in at the start (i have no idea what they are saying but shoot bang fire sounds about right).
"but come on get back up" is my favourite part.

Patrick Wolf – Tristan Lyrics 13 years ago
love the part "working for joy on overtime, oh ohhh"

Patrick Wolf – The Childcatcher Lyrics 13 years ago
i love the way he breathes in while singing "but you cant run run from a law giving hand". it always reminds me of...does anyone know the movie "house on haunted hill"? how the ghosties do that head shaking cracking shuddering thing (well they digitally do it) but haha yes that is the image.

i did think of chitty chitty bang bang, but i dont actually know the movie very well so all i got was the evil big nosed villains. which works a little, only now i think ive just turned that kiddies movie into a disturbing thing in my mind haha

Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds – Red Right Hand Lyrics 13 years ago
what about a politician? the faustian god seems like a very plausible explanation but i also was reminded of corrupt politicians, mainly due to the fact that i had recently read ben okri's famished road when i first heard the song, which has a lot to do with insane greed and spirits and people that turn on you.

the politician that rekindles your dreams with his words, lures you in, then takes from you "stacks of green paper" and murders and destroys.
just a thought.

Kate Bush – Babooshka Lyrics 13 years ago
haha yes i always thought the smashing glass was the wife throwing a tantrum and hurling plates at the husband.
this song is hilarious, i can just picture a manipulative, jealous, aging wife going crazy on her meek, submissive husband.

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club – Stop Lyrics 13 years ago
i thought it was just about all those people who dont stop and relax. it's all about getting more, "i try and i try and i cant get enough", being insatiable, and living materialistically. and then all the good deeds that people do get run over by the sins other people do.
i really like brmc.

The Bees – Horsemen Lyrics 13 years ago
ah i really like this song.
i think the "i have told you life's a worry and it's true" is the guy who's thinking like a madman. it's like the story of the guy during the verses, and in between is this quote by him, maybe his philosophy on life? he doesnt follow rules, doesnt think rationally, doesnt take life seriously.
i have no idea what the title means though.

Cherry Ghost – Dead Man's Suit Lyrics 13 years ago
these lyrics are so amazing! gets me every time. the ending is so perfect i think. really good.

Chad Vangaalen – Gubbbish Lyrics 13 years ago
i thought the lyrics were "im a headless corpse/made of fear and dust"
not sure.

Imogen Heap – Hallelujah (Leonard Cohen cover) Lyrics 13 years ago
nothing_-_special, you are hilarious.
no. let's not go down that road. it's not about sex, it was written by leonard cohen. the legend. the poet. dont turn beauty into nothing special.

Stina Nordenstam – Little Star Lyrics 13 years ago
yeh, it starts with "little star" not "wait or stay"
i love the way she says that.

Stina Nordenstam – Butterfly Lyrics 13 years ago
this song is brilliant! it's so well written, the tune, the words, the rhythms, plus her voice, so so good. kind of haunting, a little freakish and scary, but so hopeful.
this is my favourite of her songs.

Stina Nordenstam – Butterfly Lyrics 13 years ago
this song is brilliant! it's so well written, the tune, the words, the rhythms, plus her voice, so so good. kind of haunting, a little freakish and scary, but so hopeful.
this is my favourite of her songs.

Bat for Lashes – The Wizard Lyrics 13 years ago
i really really like this song! it's so haunting. and pretty. it floats and dances and makes you feel all magical.
what i got from it was just magic and electricity, something with power that's hidden behind that sweet voice. i was quite freaked out by the "drink his blood and he's our leader" part, and um im still confused by it.
one angle i got was that, there's this girl in trouble, she's fighting and being beaten, so she calls for help and a wizard comes and saves her. but. because of this she has to um...become a follower or something? swear allegiance haha? some ritual like drinking his blood. then she's let inside his head or world of magic, and it's filled with songs and slow arrows and burning and they become connected and fight together.

hum. i dont like putting a set story or set of events in an ambiguous song, this is just a fancy of mine. but. i definitely dont like connecting it to harry potter, all i have to do is imagine daniel radclyffe and cringe...

Sparklehorse – Hammering the Cramps Lyrics 13 years ago
why are the lyrics disturbing? i dont find them to be.
i not understand the song haha i just love the guitar though, the whole sound of it too.

Miracle Fortress – Next Train Lyrics 13 years ago
it is. makes me feel like smiling, but in a sad way. it's like he's given up, but then there's still the hope at the end, i love how it changes from swing to straight time (if that's the right way to put it)

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