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Plug In Stereo – Oh Darling Lyrics 8 years ago
thanks for posting these lyrics. I love this song

Bloc Party – Blue Light Lyrics 11 years ago
This song is so beautiful. I love it so much and hold it close to my heart. It could go towards a love meaning but someone who recently lost thier grandma told me to take a listen to the remix and I started crying because my father was sick and the next time she played it we just left the viewing. My father passed and everytime I hear this song I think about those two times she played it and its meaning I think about the moment and how it made me cry. I think it could mean the person you loved the most (not necessary a lover but a father,mother, grandparent) you miss them and you think about them all the time and you feel them wherever you go. and the blue light is what walks with you at night and they are making sure you get wherever you are going safely. I think this song can represent love or missing someone and just remembering everything you loved about them

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