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Iced Earth – Waterloo Lyrics 12 years ago
Open a history book and read a bit about how wars were fought, then come back to us again mister "iron miaden" (sic)

Blind Guardian – Fast to Madness Lyrics 13 years ago
Its about the character Elric of Melnibone, from the book of the same title, by Michael Moorcock. (Quest for Tanelorn takes its theme from the same author)

Sabaton – Nuclear Attack Lyrics 13 years ago
and the songs that arent about war, are about heavy metal :)

Sabaton – Purple Heart Lyrics 13 years ago
Very powerfull and moving song

Sabaton – Panzer Battalion Lyrics 13 years ago
Its indeed about Iraq. In Swedish, tanks are referred as Panser (from the German Panzer) so it makes sense, I figure

Sabaton – A Light in the Black Lyrics 13 years ago
I recall reading, possibly on the bands forum, that its about UN peacekeeping forces. Hence the references to rules of engagement and whatnot

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