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Bee Gees – Woman in Love Lyrics 13 years ago
I first noticed this romantic,bittersweet song when it was played in my crush's house.i happened to be there because i am friends with his sister and it stayed in my mind.Nice,very nice song.

Tori Amos – Smells Like Teen Spirit (Nirvana cover) Lyrics 13 years ago
It reminds me of a day when me and some friends went to a house of another and got drunk and i did some things i regret.Though I always tell people that this day i had a nice day and everything is allright.
"Bring your friends"
"She's over-bored,self assured,oh no i know a dirty word"
This girl was me.And i acted like a real s l u t
that day.
"With the lights out it's less dangerous"
Yea,we turned off the lights too.
"I feel stupid and contagious"
Yes,I feel so stupid even now when i recall these memories.
This song in my heart will always be about that day.

Manu Chao – Bongo Bong Lyrics 13 years ago
It starts with the monkey-guy boasting about himself and being so very arrogant and he gradually loses confidence as he sees that the other people don't think he is something special.Then at the end he understands that no matter how few people like you,if you do what you like you will be happy.

That is my point of view...

Manu Chao – Desaparecido Lyrics 13 years ago
I like the concept of it so much...And it is nostalgic...

Evanescence – Lies Lyrics 13 years ago

Nightwish – Passion and the Opera Lyrics 13 years ago
Well,my name is Aphrodite and here in my country(Greece)we have many English schools.I attend one so that I can take the Proficiency examinations.Unfortunately,the exams also involve Listening exercises,and songs are used too for practise.One day we did this and I was COMPLETELY embarrased.It is obvious why.
"An Aphrodite for mortal souls
Playing hide and seek in lecherous roles
Their erotic hour, my tearless weep
Their saticfaction, my infinite sleep..."
Agh! My face gets so red everytime I remember!

Utada Hikaru – Sanctuary - Backwards Lyrics 13 years ago
It is soooooooo freakin' weird that the backwards version actually has a meaning....I have never heard it.Where can i find it?

Bruce Dickinson – Tears Of The Dragon Lyrics 13 years ago
I first heard it in the summer camp.A best friend of mine sent it to my mobile and now when i hear it i remember him.It is also my lucky song,because it was playing when i bumped into my amore out in the streets in a windy Saturday.Good.

Underdog Project – Summer Jam Lyrics 13 years ago
It's Heaven described in words....the complete freedom of summer...BRONZE SKINS AND CINNAMON TANS....PARTY....MOONLIGHT.... I wanna move to Hawaii and become a waitress in a tropical beach...serve coctails to famous people and play the ukulele all day....find a sweetheart and spend every night together...this is the life I would like for me.

Bob Sinclair – rock this party (everybody dance now) Lyrics 13 years ago
(Dancing to it till she drops dead)
And only for this,sadly.

Nirvana – Drain You Lyrics 14 years ago

King Africa – La Bomba Lyrics 14 years ago

Santana – Black Magic Woman Lyrics 14 years ago
It is brilliant.A mixture of African music and rock.
It speaks about being in love with a femme fatale.
It totally reminds me of Lulu from Final Fantasy X.Her style combines Gothic and Ethnic elements.

Helena Paparizou – My Number One (Eurovision 2005 Greece) Lyrics 14 years ago
Well,a great dance success of the year 2005.
No wonder we came first place.

Susana Baca – Maria Lando Lyrics 14 years ago
It is about a black woman who works all the time.Susana Baca did an excellent job on this one.The first version of the song was quite a sad,dramatic,but really flat one.Her version is unique and beautiful,because there are traditional peruvian instruments in it,and her voice is divine.

Sunrise Avenue – Fairytale Gone Bad Lyrics 14 years ago
It is a man who got tired of being with a certain woman so he asks her to break up.In a rude and decided way.

Céline Dion – My Heart Will Go On Lyrics 14 years ago
If it had different lyrics...
It would have been SO great.
I mean,the lyrics are POINTLESS!
And Celine Dion sings it without a tiny drop of emotion!
But the music is so beautiful and calming.

Pedro Aznar – Maria Lando Lyrics 14 years ago
Well,this is the translation of the song,done wrong!

Mazz – Macarena Lyrics 14 years ago
I learnt do dance it when i was 7 years old.It is a silly yet fun dance.

John Lennon – Imagine Lyrics 14 years ago
"Nothing to kill or die for"?This means no ideals and aims,and a pointless life.But I like the refrain of the song.It is cheerful.

Bob Marley and the Wailers – Buffalo Soldier Lyrics 14 years ago
It is about a black man who was enslaved and forced to fight for America,and he won,because he was fighting in order to survive.

Madonna – Frozen Lyrics 14 years ago
It sais about a guy who is spoiled and selfish,and sees love as a means of obtaining things.Maybe he has suffered something in the past.He does not open his cold heart to anybody.
Then a girl fell in love with him and tries to change him.

Disney – Hakuna Matata (The Lion King) Lyrics 14 years ago
IT IS TRULY DIVINE!!!!!!!My friends used to put it on a cell phone in the middle of the street and sang along.Now they rarely do it(maybe my desperate pleads were finally heard?)Anyways I like it because it is fun.

Abertura – Pokemon Lyrics 14 years ago
Well,it is a very catchy song.I like it.It obviously speaks about Ash who wants to catch all the Pokemon of his world,and travels all around the place.

Utada Hikaru – Sanctuary ~Opening Version~ Lyrics 14 years ago
It speaks about a girl who has at last found somebody she can rely on,so she feels safe,but she asks for more(if you read the weird lines reversed,they say:"I need more affection than you know"and:"I need true emotions").
It also says that,when you are in love,everything seems new.

Bruce Dickinson – Tears Of The Dragon Lyrics 14 years ago
Always when I hear it,I feel relaxed........somehow.

Oasis – Wonderwall Lyrics 14 years ago
It is a pretty song and it brings back memories to me.A friend from the summer camp sent it to me.

Madonna – La Isla Bonita Lyrics 14 years ago
It speaks about a girl who visited a town in a tropical island and fell in love with a boy there.She wants to go back again,but she cannot.So she longs for these days she spent there.

Ace of Base – All That She Wants Lyrics 14 years ago
Well,this song talks about me and how I spend my summer days.

Evanescence – Lithium Lyrics 14 years ago
I don't really like it.It has a sick feeling to it and no deeper meaning.

Sweetbox – 1000 Words Lyrics 14 years ago
Well,I first heard it when I played ffx-2 near 4 years ago.I always got emotionally moved by it,because it reminded me of the sad story of Lenne and Shuyin,the protagonists of the game.
Then,last year,it ended up to become the theme of my own tragic story.
I was sitting alone in the beach,in the evening,playing it on the guitar.It was for this song that I learned guitar.A boy came and told me he knows the song.This is how i met the one who changed my whole meaning of life.He became my inspiration,and my greatest obsession.And now I will never see him again in my life,I will not have a chance to do so.
I sang this song for him in a contest.He is the reason I keep on singing.And if I ever become famous,every song I sing will be for him,till my last breath.
I love you,G.We are the two halves of a whole.

Green Day – Boulevard of Broken Dreams Lyrics 14 years ago
This song says about a person who is used to leading a lonely life.One who used to have dreams but sometime realised that they can never come true.
Though,he is not sad about it anymore.He has grown to accept it.Still,he has hope that somebody one day would free him from his solitude.

System of a Down – Lonely Day Lyrics 14 years ago
I like the fact that,while the song has extremely sad and depressing lyrics,the singer sings it in a rather cheerful manner,not whiny.It's not like he's expressing his pain,more like he's stating things."And if you go, I wanna go with you
And if you die, I wanna die with you"
Simply and courageous.And the finishing of the song is optimistic."A day that I'm glad I survived".Just beautifully done work.

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