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Tune-Yards – My Country Lyrics 5 years ago
Economic inequality in the US, not just from the perspective of minorities, but from the stance of an average american citizen; the wealthiest 1% of the country controls 43% of the $$$, while the least wealth 80% of the country only holds 4% of the wealth.

In one of the opening shots of the music video for this song, a child stands in trickling water... The US economic system is supposedly meant to work as a "trickle down" system, but it's really corrupt, and the extremely poor have nearly no safety net or hope of ascending to the middle class no matter how hard they work.

"At the salvation amy making us all stand in a line" shows how many people are waiting for the help they need.
"We cannot have it; Well then why is there juice dripping under your chin; When they have nothing, why do you have something" represents the greed of the extremely wealthy that refuse to spread the wealth.
"Sweet land of liberty why can I not see it" Why is the US still referred to as land of the free, when it has become one of the LEAST equal developed countries?
"How come I cannot see my future within your arms" Maybe she plans to become an expat, relocating permanently to a land with more humanitarian values.

Wilco – Jesus, Etc. Lyrics 11 years ago
when this song comes on, i simply cannot listen to it only once. i have to listen to it over and over, and then put it on repeat and fall asleep to it

:) very good, its very very good

Rogue Wave – Eyes Lyrics 11 years ago

Rogue Wave – Eyes Lyrics 11 years ago
heard this off of heros :) :)

This Providence – The Road To Jericho Is Lined With Starving People Lyrics 11 years ago
this ones okay...
although i do like the line "If loving were easy it wouldn't be love"

Under The Influence Of Giants – Meaningless Love Lyrics 11 years ago
my dad is a physical therepist, and one of his patients is the lead guitarist's mom

so she always talks about the band.
and she offered my dad backstage passes to one of their shows :D neat stuff

The Used – Under Pressure (with My Chemical Romance) Lyrics 11 years ago
a truley amazing cover.

Third Eye Blind – Motorcycle Drive By Lyrics 11 years ago
this line: And I've never been so alive

and then the melody just after it are

gives me the shivers every time

The Postal Service – Such Great Heights Lyrics 11 years ago
as a few people have already said, the first few lines couldnt possibly be more perect. they had me hooked

Dear and the Headlights – Run in the Front Lyrics 11 years ago
first d&th song i ever heard. its a good one

Dear and the Headlights – Grace Lyrics 11 years ago
i think the intro is juuust a bittttt too long, but as for the rest of the song, its incredibly amazing

Dear and the Headlights – I'm Bored, You're Amorous Lyrics 11 years ago
i could listen to this song alone, hour upon hour.

i think its about that phase in a relationship, where the butterflies-in-your-stomache have faded. and its just not fun anymore;just work.
he says her smile is losing its charm. and he says there is no meaning, not now.

pretty self-explainatory...

Coconut Records – West Coast Lyrics 11 years ago
cant get enough of this song!!
i got some of the other tracks off of itunes, however none really held a candle to west coast

Chris Garneau – Castle-Time Lyrics 11 years ago
my favorite cg song. i would love an explaination about the lyrics...

Cartel – Wasted Lyrics 11 years ago
the remix is a gift from god :)

Alexi Murdoch – All My Days Lyrics 11 years ago
i believe i heard this on the OC, which i must admit...has an amzing choice of music.

i would love to learn to play this....

Regina Spektor – Hotel Song Lyrics 11 years ago
ScorpioRising mentiopned "Her dream are not so innocent. Who ever this girl is (and even she's not sure) she's a predator. Orca whales and owls are skillful hunters who rely on camouflage and stealth."

maybe in her dreams of whales and owls (which scorpionrising said are predators anyway, in her dreams SHE is the predator, the one in control. and then when she wakes up she realizes that she is living in fear, and that she is not the in control at all. she has actually lost control of her life byt doing cocaine, and having an affair.
"so whos the girl wearing my dress"
it is HER wearing her dress, but she is leading a life that she never imagined she would. her saying 'whos the girl' implies that she cannot believe it is her

Pinback – Fortress Lyrics 11 years ago
"You and I. Uneasy. Livid."
livid, meaning bruised or strangled in a sense, is showing that a relationship is not going so well.

"Stop it's too late
I'm feeling frustrated
I see no sign of fortress"
he see's no place of security or comfort within the relationship either.

"Safe as a cootie wootie with you.
Never pretend the chill.
Too many shadows, Too many sails."
perhaps a 'cootie wootie' is not a safe thing after all? maybe he means that the relationship is in danger of ending, and he doesnt feel safe or comfortable, or secure with the other person. the 'too many shadows' is maybe refering to all the problems they have going on between one another.

"Too many fallen, Too many failed. Nobody Move."
although the relationship is not ideal (to say the least) the singer feels as if he has gone through too many fallen/failed relationships to end this one. for it would just be another one added to his list of "failed" relationships. so rather than ending the bad relationship, he is just staying put. hence, 'nobody move'

i dunno...maybe this song wasnt made to have any meaning. but i thought i'd give it a shot

whether i am on track, or completely wrong ...i dont care either way. the song is still great, no doubt about it

Camera Obscura – Keep It Clean Lyrics 11 years ago
i wish more people commented this one...i was really hoping for a better explination about the lyrics :/

but great song, gotta admit

i like this part: I wouldn’t share a bag of chips with you

Death Cab for Cutie – I Will Follow You Into the Dark Lyrics 11 years ago
i reallly love this song. its odd though, because i've heard from a few different people that they think it is about suicide. i disagree, i think it is just about ben loving someone forever, even after death.

but the other interpretation (about suicide) is interesting......

Sublime – Badfish Lyrics 11 years ago
really, really an amazing song. the cover by jack johnson is also very chill

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