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Jawbreaker – Oyster Lyrics 11 years ago
haha... Chastity belt?

No really.... love this song.... meaning is rather obvious... can't have everything you want without some problems arising (like trying to lock pick that damn belt xD)

Jawbreaker – Save Your Generation Lyrics 11 years ago
I hate everything.... Fall Out Boy.... the epitome of conformity and trendy for our generation... singing a cover of this awesome song? Its just wrong... so ironic that its actually killing me inside....

Not to mention that these lyrics being sung by any vocalist that didn't have a raspy, smoker-esk voice (good ol' Blake) just ruins it....

Anyways... awesome song.... bad cover... I hate Fall Out Boy... and I hate the people who think the cover is good...

Aqua – Cartoon Heroes Lyrics 11 years ago
Great song... but....

Is it just me or does this seem to sound like its being addressed to people who want to do stupid things because they saw it done by their favorite cartoon super heroes?

"We learn to run at speed of light – and to fall down from any height
It's true but just remember that - what we do – is what you just can’t do" sounds like "dont jump off goddam buildings because you cant survive the fall like we can"

"don’t take us all too serious
Be original and remember that – what we do – is what you just can’t do" sounds like "dont take us so seriously... the stuff we do you can't do"

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