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Michelle Branch – Hotel Paper Lyrics 11 years ago
i heard that this song is about Michelle travelling around, and writing songs in hotels in different countries on tours. Hence the first line - 'I write mostly on hotel paper, knowing that my thoughts will never leave this room.'

Hanson – MMMBop Lyrics 11 years ago
You also can't deny, this song helped shape 90's pop culture.

Hanson – End of the Line Lyrics 11 years ago
I'd love to know more about these lyrics.
anyone have any insight at all?
'She's looking for the good
She left in her prom dress' - It's like before her prom night she was a lot more innocent. Maybe she was taking drugs and feels as though she needs to take them to stay stable 'And when she's down she'll drown this town in kerosene'
I'm sure people can give more insight though :)

Paul Kelly – Dumb Things Lyrics 11 years ago
We studied Paul Kelly's lyrics in English this year, was very interesting!
To me, Dumb Things seems to be about making mistakes, and keep on making them, even though you know its a mistake.

'Saw the knives out, turned my back'- He knew he was making a mistake, yet ignored it.

'I get all your good advice
It doesn't stop me from going through these things twice'- again, knew a mistake was being made.
Besides Hanson, one of the best songwritters around!!

Hanson – Great Divide Lyrics 11 years ago
Only 2 comments?? C'mon guys! This song is amazing!

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think my details are right, This song was recorded with an African choir and was put on itunes to raise money for AIDS awareness.

So I think this song has something to do with living in Africa, and how it can be very tough in certain areas, but there is always hope, hence the lines 'I find hope...'

I love Hanson, and I don't understand why people still think they haven't changed since Mmmbop.

Hanson – MMMBop Lyrics 11 years ago
Hanson were so young when they wrote Mmmbop and people should know this. bet you couldn't find an 8 year old (or even most adults) who could write a song better than this. Yeah I'm a Hanson fan.

Hanson – A Song To Sing Lyrics 11 years ago
This song is absolutely beautiful. It amazes me how young Hanson were when they wrote this song, because its so deep.
Taylor's vocals are heart breaking!!
To me this song is about losing everything or going through a very rough patch, but still having a glimmer of hope you will get through it.
Does anyone know if the 'glassy surface' part is actually in the song?? I've never heard of it before.

Hanson – Been There Before Lyrics 12 years ago
You're right, some of the lyrics are wrong.
I'm pretty sure this song is about music great, Johnny Cash. Johnny Cash was known as the man who always wore black suits, and he also died at the age of 71.
I also think Hanson have been inspired by 1950s/60s rock and roll, and used Johnny Cash to show this music.

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