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Ensiferum – Wanderer Lyrics 11 years ago
Maybe this song is about Jari?

"In time bleeding wounds will heal
Unlike some which are too deep to see
Like scars in the Nomads soul
Their mending is so slow"
Maybe the guys from Ensiferum felt hurt when he left the band.

"Not a shout of a hundred enemies
Can make him feel fear inside him"
This part could be about live shows, and how the fans were like shouting enemies, but Jari was never afraid to go on stage and perform.

"But the Wanderers part is to ride alone"
Jari left the band to start wintersun, which was originally a solo band.

"But there's always a scenery in his mind.
Of all that beauty he once left behind"
This might be about how Ensiferum will always be a huge part of Jari.

Maybe I'm wrong, but I'm going with this.

Dragonland – Contact Lyrics 12 years ago
This song is about how we (the human race) finally contact aliens, and we think that they will come to save us, but in reality, they come and destroy us.

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