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The Agony Scene – Habeas Corpus Lyrics 11 years ago
i think this whole song is a metaphore, sortof like our relationships with god...

like when were supposed to be living our lives out for god, and instead go and stab him, when really he'll forgive us, but all we have to do is love him back. and how her loving him is like us giving our heart to god.

Demon Hunter – Coffin Builder (feat. Trevor McNevan) Lyrics 11 years ago
yeah, the singer from thousand foot krutch is in this song, its funny when you first hear it because you know its not demon hunter. but yes, that is the TFK lead singer in the part that goes

"and everyday i feel like this weight's
constatly dragging me down
broken for the last time
ive got a heart of steel, but your words are
constantly dragging me down.
i'm open for the first time"

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