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Peaches – Serpentine Lyrics 8 years ago
have to love how everyone hears different lyrics.

i tend to think:
"hair in a mullet, you know you gotta love it" and
"presqu'a, fresca, peaches so worldwide"

but i don't give a fuck

Caithlin De Marrais – the fire Lyrics 8 years ago
it`s all on the end-up site:

Jets to Brazil – Chinatown Lyrics 9 years ago
"believe everything, you'll be right half the time" -- love that bit.

I like the religious interpretation here: the 'candle blue' could stand for the virgin Mary, symbolized by that colour. And when you're sitting in church listening to the father talk about this selfless and godlike femme, you can't help but get that nagging little feeling that this woman never actually lived--they just tell you she's blue, and you've got to be a believer.

"I know the answer it's four in the morning" -- this screams self-doubt to me, those winding nights spent lying awake in bed, thinking about the future and past and direction. You think about all those other people believing everything with such apparent ease--but not you.
"I'm tired of fighting, so I'm demolished" -- you're drained and confused
"Some make exhaustion their form of expression" -- others wear stress and a busy schedule like a badge, but not you--you're deliberate and questioning.

Just the thoughts I get from this song. Not really related, I suppose. Don't know anything about the other historical/film references or whatnot.

Jets to Brazil – Starry Configurations Lyrics 9 years ago
I take this on a literal level: unrequited love.
"dear infatuation, you do not see me
die here beside you in see-through obscurity."
Maybe it's someone he messed around with, but nothing came of it
"it's written on and cried upon
and kissed once by wax."

Parts of it kind of scream obsession, but it's totally glorified so you don't mind it and just listen to the (excellent) song.

Jets to Brazil – Crown Of The Valley Lyrics 9 years ago
"swims in the pool she used to clean"--love that part.

Definitely about change.

Jets to Brazil – Morning New Disease Lyrics 9 years ago
I get the 1984 vibe too, although I don't consider it the main thing behind the song.
"for your enjoyment we've excised the dialogue
for your protection we've installed a camera
just keep thinking the same clean thoughts."

This song always makes me think about the thousands of little things we pick up then discard in hopes they make our life just a little more like that blurry dream.
"lose weight astrologically, no money down"--we'll try anything, no matter how bullshit
"love come like an axe to all this ice and set me free"--a romantic's daydreams of a savior, someone to swoop them away to a posh mansion or something
It all feels hopeful yet doubtful at the same time; it's like being too cynical to be able to delude yourself.

Kyle Fischer – Too Soon To Know Lyrics 10 years ago
I like this song--it's catchy.

'are roots growing less important? it's too soon to know'--it's very RM. clever.

Kyle Fischer – The Slow Drag Lyrics 10 years ago
every time he sings 'this night won't expire', i immediately think of Spit & Fire and the whole 'everything expires, but tonight there's no denying' bit.

it's a neat contrast.

Kyle Fischer – Should Your Way Ever Need Finding Back Lyrics 10 years ago
thrice over?

well, it is a remarkable song.
'bad nights collect on your fingers'--truth. it's so honest and simple.
'make a list of things that can't exist and write our names'--I love this, it's actually kind of romantic.

Rainer Maria – New York, 1955 Lyrics 10 years ago
to me, this is about that point in the relationship where sometimes it just doesn't seem worth getting out of bed and hopping on the subway one more time just to see the other person. you know you've seen them so many times and that you will likely see them many more.

it's a rather sweet little song, anyways.

Rainer Maria – Long Knives Lyrics 10 years ago
god, this song is ironic if you're me.

Rainer Maria – Ears Ring Lyrics 10 years ago
i consider the 'blue lady' to be the virgin mary, but i don't view this song as overly religious.
just a subtle observation, albeit dramatically delivered: you already love her and i haven't moved on.

Rainer Maria – CT Catholic Lyrics 10 years ago
i sometimes think of this one as a thematic 'sequel' to rain yr hand.
a relationship that seems so dead-ended and fatiguing when you take a step back, but you make plans that don't mean anything in spite of this. false promises must be made to keep each other in the moment.

it also makes me smile how the 'not ever again' is slipped into the for granted bit. the hidden apology entwined in the romance.

Rainer Maria – Automatic Lyrics 10 years ago
jealous, much?

Rainer Maria – Breakfast Of Champions Lyrics 10 years ago
describes the morning after pretty well.
irrational panic, followed by its supplication by tea.

this is my favourite song.

Rainer Maria – A Name Like Poison Lyrics 10 years ago
live song; wasn't recorded.

as far as rm songs go, this one seems pretty straightforward to me.
ironic, considering the song is composed of metaphors (and similes!).

Rainer Maria – Black in the Eye Lyrics 10 years ago
i like how the verses get continually shorter--

"nights navigating the ceiling"
"traveling today in circles"
"i can be lured"

i don't know.

Rainer Maria – Lost, Dropped And Cancelled Lyrics 10 years ago
c/o fin de siecle,
mit luftwaffe.

makes me smile every time.

Rainer Maria – Rain Yr Hand Lyrics 10 years ago
I love this. Perfectly describes that sweet, oblivious innocence of youth. Escaping calamity through making out.

Rainer Maria – Hell And High Water Lyrics 10 years ago
I bet this song ironically fits a load of post-relationships, mine included.

Rainer Maria – The Imperatives Lyrics 10 years ago
I've got to admit--this is the sole Rainer Maria song I don't like. I feel bad saying that. It's like I'm obligated to like all of their music. It just irritates me that they made this one shoddy song.

Rainer Maria – Thought I Was Lyrics 10 years ago
I second the call for the spoken part. I think I hear 'history' and 'death sentences'.

Rainer Maria – Portland Lyrics 10 years ago
I think I might cover this song.

Rainer Maria – Homeopathy Lyrics 10 years ago
Another older song that's blunt yet poetic.

The dying hair bit is really impressive, I think.

Rainer Maria – Sickbed Lyrics 10 years ago
I still don't know how she does that final 'go'.

The line 'my visitors smoked cigarettes and ate all the things that had me feeling unwell' confounds me, but never fails to resonate in my head.

Rainer Maria – Always More Often Lyrics 10 years ago
'my only wish is that revenge could blast me clean'--if they were my favourite band after Catastrophe Keeps Us Together, imagine what it was like when I found they had this in them.

Rainer Maria – Tinfoil Lyrics 10 years ago
I love how their earlier songs are so straightforward and accessible, yet so poetic all at the same time.

"and your handwriting's better than mine" is my favourite line just for the sheer bitterness of it all.

Rainer Maria – Feeling Neglected? Lyrics 11 years ago
fatigue suits me.

Rainer Maria – Terrified Lyrics 11 years ago
While having sex, there's always that one point that either you or your partner looks away, or closes their eyes. The other screams out inside their head, asking 'why can't they look at me?' or 'what are they thinking of?'.

That's what it's about, to me.

Rainer Maria – Planetary Lyrics 11 years ago
I sometimes get sudden revelations that this song is about fireworks, which I immediately forget but am left with a sure feeling that everything is right and, frankly, it's okay.

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