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Rammstein – Donaukinder Lyrics 9 years ago
i agree with Speak Easy.

i think it has much to do with the flood in january 2000 in Baia Mare. a dam broke and some thousand of cyanide-polluted cubic meters of water spilled first in some small river, then in Somes and Tisa, river tributary to the Danube. the cyanide concentration reached levels as high as 2mg/l, that being more than 20 times higher than what the scientists consider to be the lethal dose for humans. of course one could see dead fishes floating on the surface of the water.

i'm not making suggestions of any kind, but i know i would like to know what they could make out of the image and the mood one experiences when coming in contact with the city of Copsa Mica. the story remains mainly the same - death in the name of industry. the ways of killing differ, but the image is still very plastic...

for now i can only hope they'll make a video for this song. the story could be so rich!

Moonspell – Made Of Storm Lyrics 10 years ago
... i've percieved this song as a nice way to compliment a female.

but the most beautiful lines are "She doesn't know she's fucking with the Lord of Lies"...

Firstly, the rapture between the poetry usually found in the lyrics of Moonspell (Fernando once stated he wants the lyrics to be able to have full meaning and musicality even without music, "to stand for themselves"... and he does a great job, in my oppinion!) and the somehow oppulence of the "obscenity" - it's not like the wasn't ever used before, but it's a spurprize to find it in a song as such, and an even greater surprize to see it only enriches it.

And secondly, what first appears as a conclusion, gathers new meaning - this female is making love with no other than Lucifer; he is the Lord of Lies. And that makes me percieve her as no other than Lilith... and to consider the Lucifer&Lilith theme recurrent in Moonspell Lyrics.

Moonspell – Herr Spiegelman Lyrics 10 years ago
Well, you can percieve the end of the book in this manner - the "mirrorman", the one who knows what you desire and can make you see him as what you crave for the most. Wonderful song, by the way, another example of the major influence literature had on Moonspell lyrics.

Moonspell – For A Taste Of Eternity Lyrics 10 years ago
Oh well, it's not that hard to figure it out - this is the "speech" of someone that tries to seduce his mistress and to convince her of the beauty of sex. At least this is what appears on the superficial look. If you dig deeper (and if you ever read something written by De Sade) you'll find so much more. I particulary like this aura of darkness in perciving sex as a projection in eternity, just like immortalizing the moment. Complementary with "Ruin & Misery"

Iron Maiden – Powerslave Lyrics 11 years ago
It's clear that the song it's all about the disapointment of the pharoh (or any other person that shares the same ideas with an ancient egyptian ruler) regarding his own death.
cause the pharoh was viewed as a god, the sun of amon-ra, if i am not mistaking, therefor immortal, it's logical he was very dissapointed when the time of his death was to come. i suppose when you are used holding so much power, especially from an young age, it may seem just wrong for you to die.
and the idea of the song lingers on til this very day, cause many pepople still think they are too good to die.
in the end, we all die, we are all powerslaves... get used to that!

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