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Tegan and Sara – One Second Lyrics 9 years ago
Tegan said during a concert this year at the Enmore Theatre, Sydney that this song is simply about crying.

Vanessa Carlton – White Houses Lyrics 10 years ago
Carlton said of the song: "It's about jealousy, it's about losing your virginity, it's about living on your own. It's a story that most people can relate to ... It's really the journey of one girl and her perception of her environment and how she starts out as a wide-eyed person, but everyone gets hardened by life, but not necessarily to the point where you can't feel anymore". She has also said it is about "rites of passage".

Amanda Palmer – Dear Old House That I Grew Up In Lyrics 10 years ago
What Amanda said about this song:

"i’m proud mostly because i hadn’t written a song in over a year.

so. i wrote this song in london a few weeks ago after getting an email from my mother that they were finally going to take steps to sell the house i grew up in.
i love the house. it was hard news. i was waiting for steven to come over and get dinner. i cried on the bathroom floor. it was cold. times were rough. etc."

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