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Everclear – Nervous and Weird Lyrics 14 years ago
I love Everclear's early work beacuse it was so raw and I always felt like I could have written some of the songs, I mean they really struck a personal cord with me.

First, the line: Big hearted and tall enough to cover you-

Who of us hasn't longed for someone like that to give us relief from all of the stress of this life and give us security? Someone to take the pressure of the world off of your shoulders and put the weight on theirs and at the same time actually be able to hold that weight while you took a breath.

Second, I love the verse about the Oregon sun, which only shines 3 months of the year and that fact makes it all the more special to see that good ole oregon sunshine.

Everclear – Chemical Smile Lyrics 14 years ago
I think that 'she' is in a mental institution maybe from using to many chamicals and the 'chemicals' that she is using now are prescribed by her doctors.

Emmylou Harris – Evangeline Lyrics 14 years ago
This is a very powerful song about love, losing the will to carry on. One of my all time favs! Thank you Emmylou!

Emmylou Harris – Leaving Louisiana in the Broad Daylight Lyrics 14 years ago
Doesnt' get much worse than a daughter gone bad. :)

Emmylou Harris – Two More Bottles Of Wine Lyrics 14 years ago
Great song! Emmylou is the BEST!

Tom Petty – Honey Bee Lyrics 14 years ago
Well, she is old enough to have a boyfreind and kiss his 3rd cousin twice, so I don't think it's about any sort of abuse. I love the quitar riffs and bassline in this song to death!!!

Tom Petty – Here Comes My Girl Lyrics 14 years ago
This song always makes me smile and think of my daughter! :)

John Prine – Paradise Lyrics 14 years ago
I love this song. I heard it as a child and it took years to find it again. I mistakenly thought that it was a John Denver song. Takes me back to when I was a kid, paradise to me.

Sheryl Crow – The Na-Na Song Lyrics 14 years ago
Yes, materialism as well as commercialism and fear and loathing of what we as a country and culture have become. I love Sheryl Crow for her depth and scope of her lyrics and her political agenda.

Sheryl Crow – Oh Marie Lyrics 14 years ago
This song is about trying to fill a void that can't be filled. She fools herself with daisies, flowered drinks benzedrine and vodka. Doesn't work... She tries with religion (dogma) and guys. Still doesn't work. Sometimes you can't fix what's broken no matter how hard you try to ignore the broken thing. Need is love and love is need. The pervious post from the FOOLS (sunmoonandstars and meursault) should be removed as they are ignorant and judgemental (probably holly roller friends of Bush).

Sheryl Crow – Maybe Angels Lyrics 14 years ago

Sheryl Crow – If It Makes You Happy Lyrics 14 years ago
This song is ACTUALLY about Sheryl's brother who was addicted to herion. The french toast part always reminds me of MY bro. When we were kids I couldn't cook anything else, so he would talk me into making him french toast. ha, ha...

Etta James – If I Can't Have You Lyrics 14 years ago
One of the best songs! Etta is wonderful. This is a fun song sing (so much heart and soul). Yeah, yeah, yeah...

Woody Guthrie – The 1913 Massacre Lyrics 14 years ago
I am stunned that nobody has posted much in regard to any Woody G. song. They are all gold. Especially this one. It's like Rage Against the Machine from the 20's and 30's. This song is especially heart-wrenching as it is based on the true story of the hardships that early working-class Americans has to endure so that we today could have things like safe working conditions and labor unions.

Rage Against the Machine – Calm Like a Bomb Lyrics 14 years ago
This song makes me feel powerful like a time bomb. Like at any moment I could strike out against corruption that surrounds all of us. The time is coming... IMPEACH BUSH!

Otis Redding – I've Been Loving You Too Long (To Stop Now) Lyrics 14 years ago
I love Otis and this song speaks to me. Such despair is really moving.

Everclear – Fire Maple Song Lyrics 14 years ago
A freind of mine bought me a London import of a single and this song was the "B" side. It's about longing for the better days gone by that can never be reclaimed. It's also about how the longer we live, the more pain we have to cary around with us.

Everclear – Nehalem Lyrics 14 years ago
Nehalem, Oregon is a very small town on the Oregon Coast. The Nehalem River feeds the Pacific Ocean at Nehalem Bay. Great song!

Everclear – You Make Me Feel Like A Whore Lyrics 14 years ago
This song is about seeking approval from someone who is not even worthy of giving approval.

Brandi Carlile – The Story Lyrics 14 years ago
Why does everybody think that every song is about love? I agree with the poster who thought the song is directed to and about her her fans. It totally is! My wonderful boss got me tickets TODAY for the October show!!! Ha, ha!!! :)

Sheryl Crow – Hard To Make A Stand Lyrics 14 years ago
This song rocks! In a hundred ways! My fav SC song!! Although, it is not just about abortion. It’s about how Americans see and relate to other cultures and beliefs and how difficult it can be to see the world through someone else’s eyes (abortion, gun control, gays (miscreation), religion, ect) and how we tend to ignore other points of view completely at times. It is a celebration of diversity and the beauty that comes from that diversity. Not to mention the great guitar solo and crescendo when it says 'we all need a celebration'… :)

Sheryl Crow – Riverwide Lyrics 14 years ago
I agree that this is an beautiful, truthful, exceptional song. Although I don't particurlarly agree with the other postings...

In my opinion, the underlying meaning speaks of: Fear; Being overwhelmed; Giving up an IDEA of what something is once you begin to understand the TRUTH of what it REALLY is and can only be seen retrospectively, then finding the strength to find a way out and the courage to start again. (lovely and fine I could have been...)

Feeling week, fearful and alone longing for security.

It’s about living with the choices that we make and the pain that comes from them and trusting yourself even after we have made an error in judgment and/or perception.

It also deals with the way that we are perceived by others after we 'fail'.

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