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Lovehammers – Clinic Lyrics 13 years ago
wow, first comment, my freind got me into the Lovehammers and i've been addicted ever since.
as to the songs meaning i think it's be content with how youlife is going
Im not afraid to run
I'm not afraid to fly - with you
Never giving up
I'm never gonna quit it
Cause I like the way I'm living
Never gonna quit it
but at the same time being unhappy with the bordem caused by your be content
Life in a coma - let me out
Living life in a coma - let me out

Silverstein – Smashed Into Pieces Lyrics 13 years ago
This song is awsome.
it's about a guy who had a bad break up with some chick and his hate toward herno, i wont let it go
douse myself in gasoline
so don't
save me when you come into the fire
i'd rather die
than have to see your smile
all in all its one of my favorite songs

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