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They Might Be Giants – The Greatest Lyrics 9 months ago
@[Doom:26886] Shepherd Something broke while I was editing that. 2'n paragraph should read "It's kind of like every so often when you look around and go "holy crap I'm adulting, something is very wrong here, I hope no one realizes that I don't know what I'm doing."

They Might Be Giants – The Greatest Lyrics 9 months ago
This song makes me imagine someone suffering from Imposter Syndrome, which is when I high achiever has psychological issues which cause them to believe that they are less intelligent and competent that they actually are, and they live in fear of being exposed as the "fraud" they think they are.

It's kind of like every so often when yo, I hope no one figures out that I have no idea what I'm doing.'look around and go 'holy crap, I'm adulting, something is very wrong here.'

It's basically the polar opposite of Dunning-Kruger Effect, which is where Bubba the high-school dropout mysteriously thinks that he understands science better than a climatologist or an astrophysicist.

Finger Eleven – One Thing Lyrics 1 year ago
I see a man who's fallen for a woman who is unobtainable to him. Not because he's poor, or unattractive, but because the choices he's made have led him to a way of life that she'd never be able to accept. Maybe he's led a life that wastes the light, because what he does, he does in the dark. Maybe what he does is "bad."

But now for some reason he's been completely blindsided by unexpected feelings for this woman, and it's leading him to reevaluate the path he's taken.

Maybe he could change. He tells himself he could give it all up, that whole life, for her. Maybe THIS TIME it will take, and he wouldn't be the person who 'walks on by." But I don't think he believes it.

He's to the point of imagining talking to her. How it would go, how he already KNOWS that she'd have to reject him, because she's not like him, she doesn't belong in the dark. He knows, but he hates how the conversation in his head sounds.

...or maybe that's just me.

Imagine Dragons – Radioactive Lyrics 2 years ago
Sorry, but that stuff about chemicals is complete nonsense. Chemtrails are a paranoid fantasy, GMO's have been proven in THOUSANDS of studies to be perfectly safe, and Fluoride does absolutely NOTHING to your pineal gland, which is no more a "third eye" than your big toe is. And quantum physics says NONE of the things you claim it says. Please, stop getting your philosophy from Deepak Chopra and YouTube.

They Might Be Giants – When Will You Die Lyrics 4 years ago
Somewhat over-the-top response to a terrible person. I'd like to dedicate this song to my boss's boss, (We'll call him Bob) who promoted my boss (an awesome guy, call him Dave) to do an essential job, then when Dave performed spectacularly, Bob stole all the credit and did everything he could to discredit Dave and get him fired so that one of Bob's less-competent toadies could get the job instead. Bob sucks.

Alanis Morissette – A Man Lyrics 6 years ago
I see this as an answer to "angry" feminism (as opposed to "equality" feminism), which instead of building up women, tries to tear down men. You know the type, who freak out if you so much as hold a door for them.

This is Alanis explicitly rejecting the label of "angry man-hater" that she got kinda stuck with by some people after "You Oughtta Know."

It's from the POV of one of the decent guys, who says "you know, SOME of us are working on it, not all of us are misogynistic jerks, and you're not doing yourself or your cause and favors by insisting on being offended when all we're doing is trying to be DECENT to you."

Tori Amos – Holly, Ivy, and Rose Lyrics 7 years ago
He waits for HER to find.

Genesis – No Son Of Mine Lyrics 7 years ago
While I totally agree with this song being about real childhood abuse...

I want to add that, years ago, for me, this song was also about my percieved relationship between myself and God/religion/my church. Though I'm sure it would be hard for most people without my particular experiences (not going into that here) to see that story in the lyrics, it was there for me.

Genesis – Domino Lyrics 7 years ago
This is probably just another one of my crazy interpretations, but... does the singer strike anyone ELSE as some kind of Batman-type figure?

Okay, hold on while I try to explain.

With all the talk of "blood on the windows" and "pointless violence, silent tombs" and talking about the girl who is almost there, and a couple of bits that make it look like the speaker is just barely holding on to sanity, it makes me think of a person who has lost someone else to violence.

"Hold each other near tonight, for will it last forever?"

And then he's also talking about the apathy of the "millions of ordinary people" and the "children... playing with boats" while the "river of blood" rises.

So now the speaker has decided "I know just what I gotta do" to "fight to rise from this river of Hell." He's gonna take back the night. He's probably going to die. "time is running out for me" and he's talking to himself, AND to whoever is responsible for the violence "can you see what you have done? Do you know what you've begun?" as well as to "her." "Could it be that we shall be together again?"

Like I said, just my crazy interpretation of the images this song puts into my head.

Metallica – Brothers in Arms Lyrics 8 years ago
This song is kind of an epitaph... the "singer" is a soldier who has died/is dying, and is praising his comrades, but condemning the situation that they're in.

The message if the song is that it's good to be brothers in arms... but better not to have to be, because all men are brothers, and "we're fools to make war on our brothers."

"It's written in the starlight" - we're all made of star stuff.
"And the line on your palm" - which all humans have.

Metallica – Bleeding Me Lyrics 8 years ago
This song to me sounds like it could be a theme song for The Atoner (Those of you familiar with will know what I'm talking about.)

Im my imagination, the singer is a person who has traveled a long path down a dark road, and something happened to change that, and now he is "digging my way" out of that hole. But the road back is never as easy as the road down, and some times deeds can only be repaid through suffering... through "the bleeding."

The first time I heard it, I misheard "caught on the wheel alone," instead of "caught under wheels roll." and that made me think of the idea of the Karmic wheel, that what we have done will come back to us, and maybe that has lead to my interpretation, however given the tone of the song it seems to still make sense to me.

Live – Home Lyrics 11 years ago
Yep, it's a homefront song, pure and simple, probably felt by everyone involved for as long as there's ever been warfare (with the possible exception of the Spartans and crazy "martyr" types.)

Meat Loaf – Blind As A Bat Lyrics 11 years ago
"belief" in something that transcends flesh, or pain, or life, or death,doesn't necessarily have to have anything to do with any god, dude.

Of the two, in my own life, I would trust my woman's love more than any God's... my woman is less fickle. (Also she smites people less often.)

Tori Amos – Bells For Her Lyrics 11 years ago
I'm reading a little more into this song than most folks seem to be... to me, it's not just a friendship that's been destroyed, but a life that's about to be.

It seems to me that the singer has grown up with this friend all through childhood and adolescence, and now the friend has gotten involved with someone who is abusive, and it just keeps getting worse.

Abused folks are often dependent, and the phrase "I said you don't need my voice girl
you have your own
but you never thought it was enough of" strikes me as that... someone who can't speak for themselves and so other perople speak for them, controlling them.

"Sand under his shoes" is a pretty low thing to be, and naturally, when she confronts her friend about it, they fight, "go at each other like blank ettes."

The lively friend she had is gone, so far gone that she appears dead inside... "and now I speak to you are you in there you have her face and her eyes but you are not her"

And the singer is afraid that it's going to end in tragedy. That her friend is either going to suicide or be killed by the abuse. She's like to be able to turn away, I think, but she loves the friend too much.

It's a terrible position to be in: "can't stop loving, can't stop what is on its way, and I see it coming, and it's on its way."

Meat Loaf – The Monster Is Loose Lyrics 11 years ago
Definitely about the releasing of an inner demon.

It also strikes me that this concerns making a choice (The monster's loose and now you have to choose
And prove that you can take it to the top before you fall) about what he's going to DO with the monster now that it IS loose.

I also think that the song implies that this isn't just somebody who's angry, but someobody who has a REAL inner monster. I've known a few people like that. They're usually very self-contained, introspective and controlled, often quiet and shy - because they have to be, because they have a killer's soul, and it's too dangerous to be emotional.

Sadly, that's also just the kind of person who attracts a certain class of abusive people, making it even harder for them to maintain control.

Not everybody has a REAL inner monster... but those of us who do can tell you that letting it "loose" is an incredibly dangerous thing. Especially if, like the character in the song, you've been made to suffer while you've contained it for years.

Loose the monster correctly, and you can use it for good - or at least, against other monsters. Choose poorly, and you turn it inward and destroy yourself, or out against innocents and become some useless spree killer.

Meat Loaf – In the Land of the Pig, the Butcher Is King Lyrics 11 years ago
There's a lot of ways this song can be looked at. It suggests to me that there are two kinds of people in this world... Butchers, and Pigs. Or Predators, and Prey.

This song would definitely be about how the Predators see the Prey. Or maybe one who is trying to exhort the Prey to be a little more Predatory, so that they can cease being Prey.

Based on Animal Farm? Perhaps... perhaps also on "Lord of the Flies." And even "The Three LIttle Pigs."

But what do I know? I'm a big, bad, wolf.

Kill Piggy.

Peter Gabriel – Solsbury Hill Lyrics 11 years ago
You know how little kids often have fantasies that they're actually princesses, or secret wizards, or the child of rich people, and are just waiting for the time someone will show up and tell them that there's been a terrible mistake, they were given to the wrong family, and now this person has arrived to take them away to the place they REALLY belong?

This song makes me think of that.

In fact, in this case, i think of somebody who's actually an alien, and someone from the mothership has just shown up. "Grab your things, we've come to take you home."

Silly analysis follows:

"Climbing up on Solsbury Hill I could see the city light"
Alien encounters usually take place far from urban areas.

"Wind was blowing, time stood still"
Typical alien story, the landing blows the wind, and everyting freezes.

"Eagle flew out of the night He was something to observe"
Something amazing appearing out of the darkness.

"Came in close I heard a voice"

"Standing stretching every nerve
I had to listen had no choice"
The aliens always freeze you in place, so you can't move.

"I did not believe the information
Just had to trust imagination"
Well, who WOULD believe that?

"My heart going boom-boom-boom"
fear, excitement, wonder.

"Son, he said, grab your things I've come to take you home."
We've come to rescue you from this crummy planet.

Funny, huh?

Peter Gabriel – Come Talk To Me Lyrics 11 years ago
You know, it's really weird, but every time I hear this song, I think about God and the Devil.

Now, this probably only works if you've read a lot of stuff like Steven Brust and Neil Gaiman, or even Michael Linsner, but picture this:

You've got a couple there, one that's been separated a long time due to an argument both are responsible for... and maybe one of them is tired of it, even if the other is still angry and upset.

So once every century or so, the Devil climbs to the top of the highest mountain... and calls: "Please... Come talk to me."

Yeah, I know. Crazy.

Peter Gabriel – Washing Of The Water Lyrics 11 years ago
Actually, this makes me think of "It's a Wonderful Life" With George Bailey standing on that bridge, ready to jump into the river.

It's a decision point, will he wash away his pain, or wash away his life? Water can do one metaphorically, and one literally.

What can turn a person around? Hope. Or just the decision not to jump. Sometimes, it can be harder to choose to let go of the pain, to choose to live.

Tori Amos – Sweet the Sting Lyrics 11 years ago
There's also the fable of the scorpion and the fox.

The scorpion wants to cross a river, and asks the fox to carry him across. The fox won;t do it, she's afraid the scorpion will sting her, and she'll drown. The scorpion promises not to, and she agrees, but as they reach the middle of the river, the scorpion stings her. As they sink, the fox asks the scorpion why he stung her, as they'll now both drown, and the scorpion replies simply "sorry... it's in my nature."

Tori Amos – Dark Side of the Sun Lyrics 11 years ago
That's funny.

First you say "america sends out its boys to fight on the forefront of an extremist ideal" then you say

"the americans are fighting to bring an idea of peace and security to iraq,"

When peace and security are considered "extremist ideals" somebody's entered the Loonyverse.

"That word. I do not think it means what you think it means." -- Inigo Montoya

Tori Amos – Black-Dove (January) Lyrics 11 years ago
This song hits home in a lot of ways for me...
My girlfriend was an abused child... in a tiny, kind of scary house (which is in a developed area today, but back then was much closer to "the woods.")

She was born in January, so she's clearly a January girl...

She's a brilliant, thoughtful person, but she became shy and withdrawn, and has a really hard time speaking up for herself... how a lion becomes a mouse...

And she survived partly by clinging to fantasy worlds. She's a huge Star Trek fan... so she's already lived on the other side of the galaxy.

Tori Amos – Dark Side of the Sun Lyrics 11 years ago
Yes, but it's so hard to tell who exactly she's supposed to me talking about, and which cause she really means. I mean, I don't hear any but a couple of Fundie wackjobs saying that OUR soldiers will automatically go to heaven if they die in their cause... on the other hand, that's pretty much a main article of jihadist faith, so maybe the song should be directed towards them, instead. Though I know that won't be a popular idea.

Tori Amos – Yo George Lyrics 11 years ago
of course, anybody who really studied the Civil War knows that Lincoln did a lot of things nastier than anything Bush has been accused of - suspending habeas corpus, closing down dissenting newspapers, jailing certain "peace" advocates... maybe we don't want to find mister Lincoln as much as we think we do, hm?

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