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Sunny Day Real Estate – Seven Lyrics 13 years ago
Thief, Steal Me A Peach

There was also:
Flatland Spider (Single)
Sunny Day Real Estate (LP2/The Pink Album)
How It Feels to be Something On
The Rising Tide

Sunny Day Real Estate – Song #9 Lyrics 13 years ago
Sorry about being really picky, but isn't this song called "9" rather than "Song #9"?

The Beatles – Maxwell's Silver Hammer Lyrics 13 years ago
Paragraphs much? I mean, that's interesting information, but a huge wall of text.

Fugazi – Full Disclosure Lyrics 14 years ago
Maybe something to do with how so many things are screwed up today, (Guy) just wants something (the "culture") to take him over, since that would be easier than whatever is going on right now?

But then that last line: "Take me over and blow out my mind." That would explain what happened whenever he 'went with flow'. That's just my interpretation, it could mean something completely different.

The Beatles – Yellow Submarine Lyrics 14 years ago
It would seem as though a lot of people don't really like this song, but it's always been one of my favorites. When I thought about running away sometimes, I would play this song, and that helped.

For some reason, I had always thought about it this way: they were going underwater to live in submarines, with "our friends are all aboard, many more of them, live next door." So, there would be like everyone you were close to just being with you, with no worries or anything.

I don't really know or care if that's right or wrong or whatever, but that's what I've always thought about when I play it. And yes, the movie is pretty trippy. The Wall is the trippy-est, though, in my opinion.

Fugazi – Waiting Room Lyrics 15 years ago
woah, i meant i'm not sure about Fugazi being emo, but this song is awesome either way. i think it has something to do with being opressed and planning to do something about it instead of waiting around and doing nothing.

Fugazi – Waiting Room Lyrics 15 years ago
i'm sure about Fugazi being emo, but the idea and several interpretations of the lyrics could be considered emo.

also, i think it's quite possible a band called Herion 'created' the emo genre...

Sunny Day Real Estate – Waffle Lyrics 15 years ago
yeah, this song is beautiful. i still can't understand half of it, what it means or what jeremy's saying, but still, it's got to be in my top 3.

Sunny Day Real Estate – 8 Lyrics 15 years ago
Did anyone notice that the beginning of this song sounds sort of like a song by AC/DC (For Those Who Are About To Rock, We Salute You). I'm not saying that it sounds perfectly alike, but if you tone down the AC/DC song, they are similar.

Anyways, Sunny Day Real Estate has got to be my favorite band, and probably the best 'emo' band out there. I still can't understand half of the lyrics, verbally or figuratively either.

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